How to make money from a blog? How much do bloggers make?

After knowing the answers to these question, wannabe bloggers and youtubers usually ask…

How do you start a blog? What do I blog about? How do I make my blog or youtube channel popular?

Today, I’ll answer some of these questions on how to earn money from a blog and through affiliate marketing.

How much do bloggers make?

How much do bloggers makeLet us start with this. After all, you’re in it for the money, right? And yes, you most certainly can learn how make money from a blog. A lot.


I know there are many people, who just blog for fun. However, at the end of the day, you have to pay the bills. Thus, if you will be dedicating a significant amount of your time to blogging, you’ll eventually want to earn an income.


According to a report by GlassDoor.Com, average blogger earnings range from $19K to $79K a year. A survey by Blogging.Com found that 17% of bloggers sustain their lifestyles and family with blogging. According to a survey by Problogger.Com, 9% of bloggers make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month.


The Highest Earning Bloggers in the World Are:

1. Michael Arrington- Founder TechCrunch.Com- Earns $500,000- $800,000 per month from blogging. The main topic that TechCrunch.Com covers is technology.


2. Peter Cashmore- Founder Mashable.Com – Earns $560,000- $600,000 per month from blogging. Topics covered by Mashable are technology, social media, business, and entertainment.


3. Mario Lavanderia- Founder PerezHilton.Com- Earns $200,000- $400,000 per month from his blog. Topics covered by Perez Hilton are fashion, entertainment, celebrities, and gossip.


4. Vitally Friedman is the founder of SmashingMagazine.Com. He earns $150,000-$190,000 per month from his blog. Smashing Magazine is a blog for web designers.


5. Timothy Sykes- Timothy’s Blog, TimothySykes.Com majorly focuses on finance, investment, stocks and life improvement.


What do These Five Multi-Millionaire Bloggers Have In Common?

1. Their blogs are very popular

2. Their blogs rank highly in search engines making them get organic traffic.

3. They also rely on paid traffic.

4. A big percentage of their blogging income comes from affiliate marketing.

5. They have the right blogging niches.


whats my niche

The number one secret of top earning bloggers is having the Right Niche (to see what I mean click to the left).

***Hint: WA also teaches how to make money from blogging for free.


Well then, you might ask: What Do I Blog About?

The best part is that you’d be blogging on subjects that you’re already into; your passions, hobbies or basically anything that you’re knowledgeable about. Sharing your thoughts, providing helpful info to people with similar interest.


You’d need to pick a niche that will also have relating products or services that you can recommend or promote. Basically matching your interest with available affiliate offers.


With a simple Google search such as ‘your interest + affiliate program’, you’ll find programs to enroll in. They will give you a special link to place on your blog and when clicked on, the sales will be tracked back to you. The commissions from these sales will be paid out usually through PayPal. You can then transfer the cash to your bank account.


So, most importantly you should find a niche that you will enjoy. You should be somewhat informed on your niche of choice and be willing to share content to your audience on a fairly regular basis.


• Some popular affiliate programs are Share a Sale, ClickBank, and Commission Junction. Type your topic in the search bars on these site to find relative offers to add to your blog.

• One of the best and most known is the Amazon Associates Program. As a member you can promote anything from their catalog relating to your blog.

How Do I Make My Blog Popular?

To make your blog popular:

• Your blog will need to have proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps Google and Bing crawl your website and list your site in the search results when someone is searching for a related topic on your site. Most WordPress themes have this built into your site anyway. There are plugins that help with this as well. I’ll get into this later.


• You may need to build a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and social media networks. You should always share your articles and blog posts on these social media platforms.


  • The below lesson contains a thorough video lesson about social media marketing tips, tactics, and techniques, that will help get you on your way to blogging success.

Mastering Social Media Engagement


• To gain popularity for your blog, consider having a YouTube channel and creating videos related to your blog and posting them on YouTube.

• You will also need paid traffic to increase the popularity of your blog. Join Google Adwords and Bing Ads to generate paid traffic. Here’s How to Earn Money with Pay Per Click – PPC Marketing

Guest blog posting and reaching out to influencers in your niche is a great way to get more exposure.


Do You Want To Get Free Organic Traffic For Life?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you to get free organic traffic for life. It will also increase the popularity of your blog. Here are some basics on how you increase the search engine ranking of your website:


• Have high-quality content on your blog that has the right keywords and post regularly (atleast once or twice a week). Also, post relevant videos on YouTube. You can even embed others’ popular videos on your blog.


• Build links to your blog by publishing high-quality content on other high-ranking websites and having links that point back to your website. This is usually done by putting your  website adress in your profile when posting a comment.


• Share your articles on social media.


• Install an SEO widget on your blog for proper optimization of headings and titles. The top two are:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All ın One SEO

Become a Paid Blogger with Affiliate Marketing

Yes, affiliate marketing will unlock the door to blogging income. If you’re asking, what is affiliate marketing ?


Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays a commission to a blogger for generating sales or traffic for the retailer. Joining an affiliate marketing program that will connect you to merchants who are looking for sales and traffic.


I recommend learning from the best, join Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community for free here. This where I got my start in learning how to blog for a living.

Also, check out my full review here: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does it Really Work – 2017 


With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get 2 income generating blogs with free hosting, hundreds of WordPress templates to choose from. Top-notch world class training, free step-by-step videos and courses. Plus the community is full of helpful members available to help with any questions you may have.  Be on your way to earning a full-time blogging income in a matter of months, if not weeks.


Start a blogging career and start building a steady income stream with Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t miss this opprtunity to join free. You will not regret it. So hopefully I’ve answered your question of how to earn money from a blog, enough for you to at least take some action today.


P.S. please come back and let us all know what you thought of Wealthy Affiliate and how your experience was after joining. Thanks in advance.


  1. It’s crazy how much some bloggers make! They are an inspiration and motivation for new bloggers who want to earn an income online. Of course, it’s not easy to make that kind of money and most people fail to make any money at all from blogging. That happens, because they have the wrong mindset towards this. Everyone wants to make money within their first day or week and that kills the possibility of succeeding…

    • Yeah bud, thanks for your insights. I totally agree. If you’re in it to win it you gotta be willing to stay with it for at least a year. While learning the tricks of the trade, I didn’t make my first dollar online until like over 6 months later. But once you put in the work and you get traction, the earnings start growing exponentially. That’s when the big bucks start rolling in. It is a process, but I learned everything I know from WA and they’re the reason I was able to create a sizable online income. If your interested, I did a review of their online community here: Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community Review

  2. It appears that while bloggers do make a lot of money, only about 10-15% make a lot of money. I however am not discouraged. I tell myself a lot that I have at least until I die to make this work. It is worth it however, because If I can make this work, I will probably make more money within three years then I ever would at a job.

    • You definitely have the right attitude Jacob. Stick with it. This is not a get rich overnight thing. If you’re treating it just like any real business, you’d expect it takes hard work and a good amount of time to become profitable and to start earning substantial income that can really make a difference in your life. If you take it seriously, consistently work at it, you will get there. 3 years is a good time frame. I got into blogging just so I could quit my job, not to become a millionaire. Although I’m seeing that it is really possible now, because once you’re successful at one thing, you can grow it exponentially.

      Thanks for sharing with us…oh and let me know if you have tried the Wealthy Affiliate community. That’s where I learned everything to eventually be able to quit my day job. There are thousands of high achievers there who are helping people achieve their dreams. I am one of them. Find me there and connect with me, search for ‘Lev’, message me on my profile page. I’m offering free mentoring. Just join from one of my links in this review I did on their platform, in case you’re interested: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does it Really Work

  3. Hey Lev:

    Thank you for this post about blogging. There are days when I do wonder…tell me again: WHY am I doing this? You’ve helped me answer that Inner Skeptic very handily with your statistics!

    I am still building my site and working on learning about how to handle SEO and social marketing issues.

    The social part’s pretty straightforward word-of-mouth marketing which has been expanded exponentially, but that SEO stuff! Whoo! What a lot of brain-cracking that is!

    • Haha…Yeah Netta I hear you. Blogging does take patience, especially as you’re building out your site.

      Speaking from experience, the toughest part is waiting for the search engines to take notice of you after putting in the work.

      To be honest it can take up to 3 months, sometimes a bit more, to start ranking for certain topics.

      Social media can help boost things too. But for you to get traffic quickly I suggest paid ads using Google AdWords & Bing.

      My only regret is to have not mastered the paid ad skills sooner. A small daily budget (min $5) can be a complete game changer. Believe me.

      Check out this blog post to get you in the right mindset: How to Earn Money with Pay Per Click – PPC

      Hope it helps!

  4. I too have heard the same questions about blogging on Quora. It certainly seems a popular topic these days.

    Blogging for fun sounds, well, fun! lol. But it is pointless if it’s not a part or even a full-time income. Those blogging stats are also phenomenal, especially learning about the bloggers generating upto $10K per month. That would be some achievement!

    I wouldn’t mind earning what the top bloggers make, though! 😉

    I really appreciate your help with choosing a niche market and actually getting a blog set up for my new affiliate marketing journey. And of course, many thanks for the recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate to acquire the resources I need for building a successful online business.


  5. Hey there! I found your article very interesting to read. I’m a student and planning to do blogging to earn money. I heard that wealthy affiliate is a good way to start. Even though I’m down on trying it I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. Also I’m on a budget so money is a little bit of problem. Do you think that this is a good job for me to try? Thank you for your response.

    • Hey John, I’m happy to hear the information was useful. You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to start. In fact, its the only place I’d recommend anybody go to learn for free. And yes, absolutely try it out. Just sign-up and go through Lesson 1, watch all the how-to videos and interact with the community. Everyone is super helpful. You’ll see how easy it is to get up and running. As a student, having an additional income to offset your expenses can be a life saver. And once you feel more comfortable moving forward you can then go premium at anytime. Wishing you success!

  6. Hello!

    Many beginning bloggers would love to read this article. This practically answers questions regarding the ways on how a blogger can make money online and how much they can get out of their own writing compositions. This is an interesting article to read especially if one wants to know more about making money by just writing blogs and the like.

    The article also contains ideas about the things that one might want to blog about and it even gives tips as to how the blog can have a huge scope.

    Great assistance, indeed!

    • Hey Chanan, I appreciate the kind words and thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

      I’m glad you found this post interesting, and hopefully you are thinking about implementing some of the suggestions. To get started learning more about creating an online presence, head on over to Wealthy Affiliate (my top recommended online community). They have the most thorough walkthrough video lessons (showing actionable steps), not to mention their world class active community with thousands of helpful members ready to help get you going. I suggest getting in there and giving it a go. Hope to see you there; you can contact me on my profile page by searching under my name, Lev. Take care.

  7. Hi

    Great advice on how to make money from a blog.

    One of the things most wish to find out before they put their time and effort into blogging is how much can you potentially earn. You have covered this well and the potential is generally up to you.

    I find the Wealthy Affiliate program great to learn the basics of how to start a website and how to leverage you website to potentially make money blogging.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    • Chris hey, thanks for stopping in and glad you got something out of the post.

      The sky really is the limit as far as earning online. Like anything else you just need to acquire the skill-set to set you free. It’s great that you see the tremendous value that Wealthy Affiliate really represents. It is the most comprehensive education you can get and is presented in a clear, easy to learn format with over-the-shoulder videos showing the exact steps to take.

      Plus the thing that really seperates them and makes it special is the unlimited help available from the community. It is incredibly invaluable when it comes to getting instant help, inspiration, and encouragement.

      And as you know blogs/websites are just one of the ways they teach how to create on online income aside from social media, PPC, landing pages, local marketing, ecommerce etc. Hope to see you active in the WA community.

      Cheers Chris!

  8. Hi there Lev, I have been blogging for a while now, focusing mainly on organic traffic but my visitors growth has been quite slow. As such, I am not making as much as I hope.

    I heard that paid marketing will get me more targeted audience and hence, more conversion. When do I know if I should start on PPC besides the fact that I need to allocate some money for it? Thanks.

    • ​Hi Cathy…glad to see a fellow blogger write in. I do understand what you’re going through… not sure how often you post and on what topics but some things to consider would be posting more often (preferably weekly or twice a week) so that the search engines crawl your site on a regular basis.

      How much engagement (how long they stay) and comments you get on your posts is also an important factor for ranking and for gauging the demand for the type of information you are sharing.

      If you can afford to set aside a small monthly budget (say $50-$100), that would be great. Obviously for PPC you have to be careful and track that your ad is converting so that you’re not wasting money. This has to do with how relevant the ad copy is to the landing page, the keywords you’re targeting, and making sure the page the visitor lands on is relevant and is what they wanted to see after clicking. If they then take your desired action of clicking through over to your offer, then this is considered a conversion. There are tracking pixels for this.

      Sending traffic through to your post using PPC can provide a boost in ranking but only if it is consistently done. If you can create an ad that converts well you can leave the campaign running indefinitely because essentially you’ll be paying dimes to earn dollars.Plus you’ll be getting the added benefit of more traffic = higher rankings. Please see the free training from this PPC article: How to Earn Money w/ Pay Per Click – PPC Marketing

      Happy profitable blogging!

  9. Great post, your correct having the right niche will make the difference. People have to be looking for what you have. Content is king and will pull the readers to you. I really like that you point people to free resources for training and not trying to sell them. Question I have is how long does it take the average person to start seeing some income?

    • Thanks Bob, I’m glad you’re in agreement that successful bloggers provide people with similar interests the information they are seeking. It’s a simple concept, but not easy and requires some work. As you know blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Though it can lead to great riches in time with the right approach.

      There are many various ways of doing this. The best teacher of these skills by far in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I got my educational start online. If you have not already, you must take their free video courses. This is the best advice I can offer.

      Now to answer your question; personally it has taken me about three months to start earning and up to six months to start getting real traction. A small amount of time invested has resulted in an income that has allowed me to go full time at this. If I can do it anybody can. My recommendation for the average person is to get involved with the Wealthy Affiliate online community, full of successful bloggers, who are eager to help newbies because they were once like them trying to learn the ropes. Hope this helps.

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