Is PaidViewpoint Legit or a Scam? Insider’s Paid Viewpoint Review

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Oh the lure of making money with a simple click of a button. Don’t we just love the idea? Here’s another good read…

Is PaidViewpoint a scam or legit?

*Alert: After testing for over 6 months we are not seeing the types of cash that we were hoping. For this reason we have lowered its score. 

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PaidViewpoint  has not really delivered on all their promises.

However, we are not classifying them as a scam at this time because you do not pay anything. You have nothing to lose except your time.

Their service may be worth it to someone who has a lot of free time on their hands. But really how lucrative can it be? Well…not so much. Again we are warning you this could be a waste of time when there are better ways to make money online. Company Review

paid viewpointSo the only gripe I have is that taking online surveys might not really be worth your valuable time because in my opinion there are much better ways to earn money online. Okay okay, I guess you can tell I’m not a big fan of surveys, even if it’s with a legit company.


Yes, with PaidViewpoint you are guaranteed a payout when you are actually invited to participate in a survey. So the best part about this company is that they pride themselves on the fact that you will never be disqualified in the middle of the survey and will receive your first dollar right off the bat when signing up.   I think that’s pretty cool. And I might add that what they have you do is not as boring as other survey companies I’ve tried.


*BONUS*: You also get up to $25 for every friend that you invite! So your payouts can really add up if you let all your freinds and family know about this opportunity.   Paid Viewpoint also respects your privacy and I respect them back for that. They don’t even care if you register with a fake name and don’t ask for your whole physical address either. I know, I’ve never seen that before.


So all in all, they’re unique and a quality operation.   One thing I always hated was being almost like 15 minutes into a survey only to be kicked out for not qualifying and on top of that not getting rewarded for my time. Here you won’t have that problem, which is a HUGE plus.


If You’re Invited – You’re Getting Paid

So another positive is that after completing a survey you will be getting actual cold hard cash. Not gift cards or points or whatever. The only drawback is that you have to wait to rack up $15 before you can get paid. I wasn’t able to get that high yet so I’m not sure exactly how long it will take you.


The Only Security Check

In order to withdraw your cash you will need to call them which then verifies your phone number along with ensuring that you’ve created only one account and that nobody else can access your winnings. I know it’s not ideal to give out your phone number, but it’s only to verify your account. They make it very clear and vow they’ll never use or share your number.


Final Verdict

My overall experience with PaidViewpoint is ok. I have no problem recommending them, however I have not actually been paid yet. So if you want, go ahead and sign up and you’ll see it really is a pleasant atmosphere.


Now I mentioned earlier that taking a survey is not my favorite online activity.    The reason is that when I was first looking to make a little extra cash online, I too started doing surveys and researching to find all the legit sites that actually did pay. But after a while I realized there were much better ways to use your time to make much more money (read my recommended review below).


*I want to let you know about the real opportunity online (which we all know is not doing surveys). Surveys for the most part are a scam and very time consuming.   But if you must… With every review I do about a survey company I try to include the following tips also as a guide.

Please take heed:

– You should never have to pay for taking a survey. There are some legit survey companies that are 100% free

– You never want to share your credit card information or your Social Security Number (SSN). If a survey site  requests this you know it is a scam.

– If you choose to spend your time doing surveys then you should not join just one company. I suggest you join multiple websites because the legit survey companies don’t invite you to surveys very often. The more sites you join the more surveys you may be eligible for thus allowing you to earn more money.

– Here is a service that I reviewed where you can use their software that has all the legit surveys integrated right into the interface so that you can keep track of all your survey invites all in one place. You won’t have to log into each company website separately. Give it a try here Get Cash For Surveys.


– To find legit surveys, visit my List of Free to Join Online Survey Companies. There you can find information on how to find legitimate surveys that actually pay.


However, if you are serious about earning money online, not just with surveys, but other free opportunities please read my review on the #1 rated community that shows you all the different ways to earn extra income from the internet.  


I hope this has been helpful. If you have tried other survey companies and feel you’ve been ripped-off please report this or comment below, negative or positive. It helps everybody who visits here. Thanks in advance for contributing.

Reviewed by: Lev


    • Everyone’s experience is different, David…please also see the other comments. Some people have answered your question. But if you’re looking for a better way to make more money than just taking surveys, then please see my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

  1. My Trait Score is 8427. I’ve been paid once, and it was in my PayPal within 2 days. I get anywhere from 1 to 8 surveys per week, usually $0.10 each. So you won’t get rich.

    Now, I started giving these surveys more thought when they asked me which bank I used and it had my bank listed in the mix (which is not a typical Wells Fargo, Chase, BofA, or credit union.) Then they ask what social media sites you belong to, what type vehicle you drive, how many siblings you have, listed 5 states asking which one I was born in (and it listed the five states I have lived in.
    When you couple that with them listing your possible age and career together and then asking seemingly innocent questions, I start to wonder if they are trying to build a profile of me in order to be able to steal my identity or fool someone into believing they are me in order to gain access to my accounts or something.

    I’m not a paranoid person, but I’m not sure it $0.10 is worth exposing so much personal data.

    • I agree, it does make one think. I’m under the impression that they are profiling you in order to send you relevant surveys that fit their vendors needs. It’s almost like the more info you give the more they weed you out and you don’t get as many surveys sent to you.

      But like you mention surveys are not a good way to make money online anyway. Please take a look at the review I did of my #1 recommended way to learn how to earn commissions online. I’m sure you’ll make a lot more money this way and a lot less wasted time also. Good luck Dan and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. Paidviewpoint is is the first survey site that is marked legit by all the reviewers. It is really simple to use too. I just love it

    • I joined in 2013 and have yet to make it to $15. The closer I get to this amount the further apart the surveys are.

      • Yeah, I agree it takes too much time to see any real earnings. You’d also have to get a lot of referrals that are also producing and get paid when they reach certain levels. Which is why I say that this is not they way to go if you are looking to make a true income online. Have a look at the review I did here of my top recommended online affiliate training and community. This is where you’ll learn how to set up an online business with just a blog or social media account and start earning life-changing money consistently.

  3. paidviewpoint is 100% legit, and you can easily qualify in all the surveys they provide.

  4. I signed up for paidviewpoint on December 10th 2016, i’ve already cashed out once putting $17.59 into my paypal. And i’m about to be 4 dollars in towards my next. I check like 3 times a day. I’m on a computer anyways, cause i’m a music producer and sell beats and audio engineering services for a living. My traitscore is at 4985. You don’t spend much time at all on their surveys. It’s really easy, and if you don’t use this site. You’re pretty much ok with your financial standings. #Everydollacounts

    • Thanks for your honest review and shedding light on the subject. This will help other visitors a lot. Much appreciated. I hope the music biz is treating you good. Take care Trapside.

      • it’s an ok site i cashed out once using my paypal i just reached $15 again 2 days ago the only issue i have now is cashingout because i changed my number. that’s the only part i don’t understand if you change your number you have 2 choices 1. freeze your earnings and not be able to do nothing for 6 months or option 2. burn your earnings so you wont have to wait 180 days. which means if you earned $15 or $20 or $30 to cash out more if you use option 2. you lose all of it zero nada zilch. And you start all over again so if you moved to another state changed your number just to have that states area code or if you changed your number because of harassing telemarketers or because an annoying ex you can’t cash out. so at the end don’t change your number which sucks.

      • I already joined and my 21 referrals joined but when I tried to get the bonus they said any referral $25, is this true, give me details please

        • Hi Shita, not quite clear on your question, but you need to have $15 accumulated before you can cash-out through PayPal. Same goes for people you invite. You can earn up to 20% bonus of your referrals earnings each time they cash-out. They have to cash-out for you to receive the bonus. Total maximum per referral is $25 per friend you invited. Hope this clears things up.

    • hey trap side i just wanted to know,since im new on this site what do you think is the reason behind your traitscore being 4984 and if you dont mind sharing how much are you making on that score per day or rather how many surveys are you getting per day.thanks

      • I think what she wants to say is getting the $25 as referral credit right away after the person she referred joins paidview coz that’s also my question.

    • Mahfuz this varies from user to user. Depending on the answers you give when filling out your demographics and other info about yourself when signing up. They’ll then be sending surveys based on your user profile. The amount you can earn is dependent on how many surveys you receive. You can’t really know until you try it out. I believe also depending on how truthfully you fill out the surveys is a factor they use. You might also want to try out my top recommended company (Our #1 recommendation – link at top of the site) to learn other ways to earn money online.

    • Thanks for letting us know Sudarshan. Did you reach the cash-out threshold of $15? As I recall you need to reach this before they release the other $25. Also you must resides in a Paypal-acceptable country to receive your earnings.

    • You people are misreading the part about being paid 25.00. You get paid UP to 25.00 for each friend referred that joins. I’ve seen this mistake on many sites. Here is the exact wording on their site:
      “EARN UP TO

      • Thanks for the clarification Dana. The people you refer have to earn in order for you to earn. I appreciate you taking the time to point that out. Take care.

  5. How do they pay their employee? Im from the philippines and I would like to know if I really have to continue with answering their surveys or will it go down the drain?

    • Hi Janet. All payments will be made to you through Paypal only. Paypal permits sending money to Philippines. You must first open a PayPal account in your country. Once your earnings from the surveys equals a minimum of $15, then you can cash-out your money to your PayPal account and then transfer the money to your bank.

  6. You won’t get huge payouts, but if you stay at it, you will reach the cashout limit. The surveys have a good design which makes filling them out easy. It’s quick too. At first I was getting like 3 surveys a month, then after a couple months it started to increase. This allowed me to cash out more frequently and now my average cashout time takes about a month and half.

  7. I’ve been using PaidViewPoint for a while now. Coming up on 2 years. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve made it to $72.72 lifetime. I like it because I don’t even have to think about it anymore. I just automatically do it, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wasting my time. It’s just part of my routine. Legit like brushing my teeth. Yes, they do pay out. I’ve done the math, as of the date of me typing this, I’ve done exactly 377 surveys in approx 2 years that’s on average roughly a survey every other day. The time commitment I would say on average is 2 min approx. on average. So that’s a grand total of about 12 and a half hours of total work time, approx of course. $72.72 / 12 hr = $6.06. Values approx. No, this isn’t going to make you rich. Yes, this is less than minimum wage, but I do it at anytime. I actually did a lot of the surveys at work believe it or not. I can do them as long as I have my phone on me. I just like free, incredibly easy money and I see through it that I get paid for minimum work. It’s lazy money, but I like it. Stupid money. I’m just the kinda guy that likes guaranteed money with little to no work. And I haven’t even tried to get people to join so I get the referral. That’s when the real work starts because then I would have to persuade them.

    • Brian your detailed account is much appreciated. I still do think by spending a little more time though, with the other recommendations on the site as well (such as our top 3), then you can end up earning much much more. When you have more time I urge you to give the others a try too. Please first read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I’m sure you’ll see the difference immediately. Take care.

  8. I am very annoyed at Paid Viewpoint not only has it taken me over 18 months to earn my 15 dollars! I went to cash in and I am told I have to phone them to confirm a number? I live in the UK! And have cancelled paying daytime calls because Talktalk was charging a fortune for calls I never made! Now I am worried how much it will cost me to phone the USA??? No other survey company makes you phone them up? They know I am me when I log in? And give my password! It think its disgusting! What with Tickbox vanishing off the internet after me spending 2 years with them and earning 6000 points to which I wasn’t told they was going to shut down, of another famous company to which I earned £18 and lost it because it had to reach £25.00 for a payout? There are only 3 absolute legitimate companies that pay without fail! And that is out of 20!

    • Hi Rosina I totally get why your’re frustrated. I wasted quite a bit of time with surveys and such when first learning how to make money online. Until finally one day I came across Wealthy Affiliate. It was like a breath of fresh air I swear. There is a better way to make not only more money but more consistently and in a fashion that you are in control of your earnings. If you want to know what I mean then check out this video of my #1 recommended free online community of people earning a living on the internet at Wealthy Affiliate. See how they’re doing it and how you can spend your energy online way more effectively to earn a residual and passive income online. No more hassling with surveys and lost payouts, period!

  9. I joined up with PVP last year in October (2104) and at first I was invited to a gazillion surveys – most of which paid 10 cents, occasaionlly a bit more. Then I got It took about 10 months until I actually made it to $15 and actually got paid. I just looked at my dashboard and counted how many survesy it took to get to the $15: 67 – most of them being “Traits Surveys” supposedly the way to boost your earnings by showing how sincere and truthful you are. After that it dried up. My “trait score” is quite high (8401) and yet I rarely get invited anymore. (The documentation says the higher your score, the more surveys you’ll be invited to do and the better paid you will be.) So, while not an actual scam, it’s certainly not a money-making venture (for me anyway).

    • I agree Annik. There are better ways to earn an income online rather than taking surveys. I suggest to everyone who is looking for ideas about how to make money online to head over to the free community over at WA. The lessons and free videos offered by Wealthy Affiliate are my #1 recommendation as far as getting started with a real money-making venture.

  10. I have had no issues with paidviewpoint. I have actually cashed out quite a few times and Its usually in my paypal the very next morning. I do tons of earning sites and I do happen to like this one. Mostly because I hate surveys as well and these ones never last long. It does take awhile to cash out but on the same hand you dont have to spend your entire day there. So I check in about 2 or 3 times a week complete the survey and go about my day.

    • Thank you for your insight Ashley and for sharing with the rest of us. I agree, this is what I am seeing with others as well. I appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Happy earnings:)

  11. I joined PaidViewpoint approximately a month ago with high expectations and have taken their surveys almost everyday for that stated period.My present earnings are $1.09. I received $0.70 for signing up and $0.03 per survey.I do not intend to waste another minute of my time.

    • Hi Alecia, thanks for your feedback. Yes I agree; even though it is not a scam, it is still not the best use of your time. This is why I always suggest that everybody take a look at my reviews of the top 3 recommended legit opportunities under ‘THE GOOD’ section in the top menu. This is how you will really learn to earn money online.

  12. hello friends
    i have join this great site i have complete trail score above 9000 but have not get more money from survey i have contact two times but have no reply get
    please give the best advise
    thank you

    • Hello, I found that you will earn about 3 cents for every 3,000 or so trait score earned. And you need to accumulate $15 in order to cash out. This could take some time. And you probably need to invite a bunch of friends so you can earn from them too. Anyways, you may want to check out our top recommended community to learn a more reliable way to earn a second income online. Hope this helps everyone.

  13. Have had the same bad experience that I see everyone else posting. I have done quite a few of the trait surveys, in fact my trait score is at 10000, which is as high as you can go. I have been able to cash out once in two years. I am almost up to cash out again, and as stated by others, no surveys, not even trait surveys. They get you to a certain amount and leave you hanging. And by that time they know absolutely everything there is about you (from filling out trait surveys). Will definitely drop them after this cash out, and avoid any that look similar to this one in the future. If you contact them about it, their blanket statement is:
    We do not set any expectation for a specific schedule of surveys. Since we are in the market research business, the surveys are all built around our client needs, so there is no timetable to receive surveys or to get to cash out.

    We are sorry if you had expectations beyond the scope of our site. We are a site perfect for people who want to share their honest opinions and get paid in cash instead of points. We are not a good site for people who are trying to make money to pay bills, or make money fast.
    They are the ones making all of the cash. Not the ones who fill out surveys for them.

    • Thank you Keith for taking the time to post this in depth explanation along with their email response. Your account status with them is the best it can be and still you haven’t had good results with payouts. That is what we needed to see. We are getting a lot of the same complaints and have put this company up for review once again and will most likely be removing it from the Legit list at this point.

  14. I’m also frustrated with PaidViewpoint. I was getting several e-mails a week to let me know there was a survey to fill out. As my earnings went up, the number of surveys started declining. My earnings are now $12.25 (and I only need $2.75 more to cash out! – per them), and I haven’t had a survey to fill out since mid-October. Hmmmm, I say. Is their normal method of getting surveys done – have people fill out as many as possible until they’re close to cashing out and then dropping them like hot coals? Not satisfied with them at all.

    • Hi Ann we appreciate you sharing your experience with the rest of us and this is worrying indeed. Have you tried to contact them regarding the issue you’re having? If you do get a response I would like to post it here for everyone to see. Thanks again for taking the time to help.

  15. *Disclaimer- I am an emphatic gesture-y person in person so please don’t be offended at my “yelling.” Thank you.
    I call SCAM on Paidviewpoint. When a give and take AGREEMENT is made, and one party does not fulfill said agreement, THAT is a SCAM! I define scam as ANYTHING which TAKES ANYTHING from you and NEVER delivers on their end of the bargain. After 3 more emails in the last 2 days from them asking me to spend 5 minutes of MY time GIVING them MORE of MY personal information, I decided to investigate. Yes, they hooked me in on the damn “instant dollar” but that was TWO months ago and I’m up to a whopping $2.45! Also, they CLAIM to pay you for EVERY question, which is yet another appealing quality, however, you get “paid” ONE CENT per question, with TEN questions per personal info “survey” AND you don’t get “paid” your cents unless you COMPLETE the survey… It seems to ME that they are more interested in “PAYING” you (crediting that they will never pay out) for your REFERRALS. THEY are using your info for SOMETHING! And since you sign up under the guise of getting paid REAL money, you feel obligated to use your REAL identity. And now you’ve gotten your fRamily and family involved. So long SUCKERS! (Homer Simpson voice)

    • Heather, thank you for sharing your experience. Our audience should find your comments useful. We can all agree that the real opportunity for earning money online is not in doing surveys. Please check the Wealthy Affiliate Review here to learn how people are creating online businesses through blogging and social media.

    • Yes it is legit I have gotten paid once and it went straight to my pay pal account with no hassle I was amazed, because it was in my account by next day

    They only pay out at $15 and i have beenat $14.95 for 5 months without one survey. My trait score is over 9000 andi u sed to get 3-6 surveys a week until i hit that number!!!! I emailed them and they said rudely, well not arre problem you shouldof done your research!! Whoever says it is legit works for them, they do not payout

    • I hear you George, we experienced the same let down as far as earning money and have received similar complaints. We have lowered their score and revised the review. To learn better ways to earn extra money online legitimately…again try this free online community and their lessons, not surveys.

  17. I have invited a lot of friends who have signed up! . The $25 hasnt been paid and it reads you can earn up to $25.. but i have had at least 8 people sign up and my balance is under $5 .. I like paid viewpoint but the $25 isnt accurate so I dont know why i’m not seeing this !

    • It can take some time, it all depends on how much time your friends are spending and how many surveys they’re doing because you will only make money (20% of their earnings) once they cash out, and the minimum to cash out is $15. Like I said before there are better ways to make money online. Click the “Good” tab, either of the top two will get you going in the right direction. Hope this helps.

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