What Is Wealthy Affiliate About? Member Reveals ALL

Okay, so first off you’re probably here wondering if making money online with affiliate marketing is really possible or were searching for how to get traffic to your business website. Either way, you came across sites mentioning how great WA is and would like to learn once and for all; what is wealthy affiliate program and is it a scam or not.

Wealthy Affiliate - Online Entrepreneur Certification Course


What is Wealthy Affiliate All About…

and What does Wealthy Affiliate do?

    • It is a free community and forum w/ over 1 million internet entrepreneurs, online business owners, and marketers of all levels all interacting, sharing knowledge and tips. (It’s been likened to being the Facebook for internet marketers).
    • Ambassador members and experts (including Kyle and Carson, who owns Wealthy Affiliate) are all actively helping and personally coaching newcomers and newbies to internet marketing.
    • It is also perhaps the most robust and professional training and website building platform for those who want to learn how to create a blog or website that generates online income through commissions (monetized niche sites). Not necessarily e-commerce sites.
    • They teach how to bring more visitors (website traffic) and social media followers to your local or online businesses.
    • Courses and lessons for those wanting to start an online business using the affiliate marketing business model.
    • Classrooms, Live Webinars and Events, Affiliate Bootcamp, thousands of lessons on every aspect of online business.
    • SiteBuilder using WordPress.org self hosting, 2 free websites.
    • Best on market keyword search tool with rank tracker and much more.
    • The most robust state-of-the-art hosting with SSL certificate included.
    • Help Center. Including SiteSupport (Hosting and technical issues) 24/7 Live Chat, Ask a Question (near instantaneous response from community ambassador members).
    • Private messaging of any member including the owners, Kyle and Carson.
Wealthy Affiliate Support Help Center

24/7 Support Always Available – All the Time. Whatever the Issue Is You Get A Response Within Minutes.


Actually too many to list, I’ll stop here.
Sign up free w/ link below & Login to take the guided tour.


Well, I can tell you that you’re on the right path if you’re wondering the best way to start gaining more traffic or earn more income online and that I have now personally created a substantial monthly income from their teachings. You can definitely rest assured that the answer to; is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate, is emphatically yes! With WA you’re in the best hand, here’s why…


It’s understandable to be weary, because I was worried too, which is why I decided to join the free starter membership back in 2013 in order to see if it could live up to all of the hype. I literally tried to find negative things wrong with their platform, their teaching approach, the services offered, etc. and was amazed at what they have created with this program and have remained a member ever since.


If you’d like to see first hand how I was able to create an online income from Wealthy Affiliate, where I’ll also show you my personal results, actual $ earnings; then you may join my free mentor group here. Upon signing up I’ll be contacting you on your profile page.


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Take the Tour & See It To Believe It!

This training platform is something that you must see inside Wealthy Affiliate & test out for yourself to grasp just how quality and professional everything is. There is nothing else on the market that comes close, believe me; I have researched for years and continue to and still nothing compares. Just click below to experience their clean, smooth interface, not to mention all of the extra services they provide.

Wealthy Affiliate 2.0 redesign

*Take a sneak peak above and you’ll see that as of May 2018, the platform has been completely redesigned from the ground up.  


What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

what is wealthy affiliate about

In this updated 2018 Wealthy Affiliate review, my ultimate aim is to provide you with a proper users perspective and inform you on exactly what you’ll be getting as well as all the benefits for joining, all for free


Well here is my insider’s take on the whole thing. I was hesitant about joining at first, it’s only natural with all the scam products out there. So you’re in the right place to find out once and for all if…


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?

Wealthy Affiliate Home

* Click To Wealthy Affiliate’s Home Page and Scroll Down to See How It All Works


Overall Ranking: 100 out of 100

Owners: Carson & Kyle

Cost: Membership is completely FREE (click image for bonus coaching)

* Premium is $47/mo. and is not required for training, community, and two free website (WordPress templates, including hosting and support)

Testimonials from real current users

Let’ get right into the heart of the matter. I have been a member of this online community for several years now and I am here to tell you that it IS absolutely where you need to be if you want to learn how to create an income from home or online.


The members come from all walks of life, from students to stay at home moms, to retired professionals, to some of the most successful online business owners there are. If you have a passion or hobby, basically any interest, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to turn it into a money making online business. This is also currently still my #1 recommended program.


WA at it’s core:

… is a free online community of people learning and helping each other create blogs/websites that earn income

… offers free video lessons and courses that show you step by step how to get an online business up and running

… is an easy to use platform that provides access to create free websites and ask questions to the forum

… offers an affiliate program to invite your friends and earn money as well while messaging anyone that is a member.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training Classrooms

It is much more than that though. It is like the Facebook for online marketing people who started out just like you, asking “How can I make money from home” etc. It is a very social place with the ability to “like” other peoples posts and comments. You can “follow” people who are helpful to you. People will follow you back when they see you are active and participating.

Wealthy Affiliate weekly webinars

When you hear about making money on the internet, you probably automatically think it’s too difficult/technical and that anybody claiming you can is trying to scam you. At least, that’s how I used to think. Thinking this way prevented me from taking action for years…and boy do I humbly regret it. Don’t let this type of thinking turn you off.  


You don’t ever have to worry about getting scammed ever again if you use Wealthy Affiliate as a guide. My personal take on WA and my comprehensive review is below. I know it’s hard to believe that you may have actually found the ONE source to help you get going, especially if you’re looking for something to get you out of the rat race, making money from home or earning extra income after retirement, etc. Just click below to get started with the free video lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificatio

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification – Dashboard


You most certainly can earn a full time income online with just a few steps actually. That is…when you have personalized help.

I am also offering free mentoring (for a limited time)


So what better way to get proof that this works than to go ahead and ask people within the community who are already earning a full-time income online. Ask what they did to start making money online and how the Wealthy Affiliate training courses helped them.


Don’t waste precious time trying to figure it all out by yourself. It will take much longer and more importantly you could be doing it wrong. Trust me I spent countless hours researching how to make money online, eliminating all the scams and finally came across the best training available.


It’s a no brainer when choosing Wealthy Affiliate as your online money making guide. I still an active member and wouldn’t trade it for the world. You get help from experts and other active members who are already earning residual income from the internet. You won’t have to repeat the same mistakes that we did.


The Best Part About It Is…You Have Nothing to Lose!

I did it absolutely free and with an abundance of real live people at the Wealthy Affiliate online community helping me each step of the way. One thing I couldn’t believe was that setting up a profitable business online would be free and that there would be tons of helpers at your disposal 24 hours a day.


Communicate Directly with the Owners and with Top Earners Online

This is huge and is so valuable in and of itself that you should give it a try just for this reason alone. Even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are there to answer any of your questions personally. What’s amazing is that they will usually get back to you the same day and they encourage that you ask them anything you want. Every training video is so thorough that you rarely even need to ask anything.


They literally show you each and every click you need to perform in order to finish the lessons. You check off your progress as you advance through the courses. The beauty of this teaching method is that you are building your business as you go along through the training. You are never left to wonder what to do next.


Kyle and the other instructors have a very carefree, calm and professional style and delivery of the information which make it super easy to take in. When you start to discover all the ways to generate income online you will be so excited, I know I sure was! All you’ll want to do is share what you’re learning with everyone – or keep it as a trade secret, it’s up to you 🙂


The Power of Community

The daily interaction and relationship building within the platform is truly priceless. It really is a great place to just hang out and chat, exchange ideas, motivate each other, and constantly seize endless opportunities. I am not going to get into how this is done here because all the professional courses are at your disposal all for free…

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

24/7 Live Chat Feature

So give it a try and see if it’s something you’d like to get into. Either way you will have gained knowledge and met some cool people. But my guess is that you won’t want to leave. There truly is nothing like it anywhere.


PROS: $0 Membership fee
– Joining is free
– Access to Video courses, tutorials and training are free
– Access to 14 Interactive Classrooms free
– Access to Certification Courses free
– Access to Live Video Classes free
– Thousands of community members to connect with
– Live Real Person Help
– Access to Industry Experts
– A strict, spam free environment
– They give you 2 free domain names
– They give you 2 free websites including state of the art hosting

– You may get overwhelmed by the amount of resources and information, yet it is laid out in a seamlessly in a logical format. So as long as you take your time and do not rush through the modules, you will do just fine! 


There is an enormous amount of quality information in there and can be overwhelming at times. But just follow the lessons in order and pop in to the 24/7 live chat area to ask all your questions and get instantaneous answers.


Final Opinion

I highly advise joining the $0 starter membership. You won’t be sorry, I promise. You can come back and write negative comments if you don’t like it (I’m that confident). In fact please join and come back to let us know if it wasn’t every bit helpful as I said it was going to be. Hopefully, this Wealthy Affiliate review helped you understand what is wealthy affiliate all about and that it is as legit as it gets. No scam whatsoever.


Also, please take me up on my mentoring offer, there is no extra cost, so there is no excuse not to get started. It is included if you sign up through this page and also please see why having an affiliate marketing coach is so important.

*I look forward to teaching you everything I know and personally helping you earn your first dollar online.


  1. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over ten years and can attest to the fact that it works! The community is absolutely brilliant and the level of support, phenomenal.

    Everyone, who works through this wealthy affiliate training is successful because they have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want and get help from some of the best internet marketers around.

  2. Hey Lev, a Very informative article on Internet Scams and how to avoid it. You said it right, research is helpful but consumes a lot of precious time which can be utilized in building the business online. Secondly, there is always a doubt on the new programmes whether to believe them or not. I joined few of them and the story was all the same. Their presentations were ultra hi-tech and so attractive that I immediately joined them but just to know that I need to pay a little extra for the Premium Membership, then a little extra to pay for Elite Group and then a little extra for Supreme Life Membership. Though the lesson was costly but it was a lesson indeed. I LEARNED IT.
    When I landed on WA page, it was somewhat different. Soon I had confidence that it is not the scam and ask for certain dedicated and consistent time during which anybody who is not even very smart on technology can learn.
    I would say it is the Best Learning Platform I have seen so far. But as you mentioned in CONs that information is so overwhelmed that you get distracted. So how do to handle this issue. I literary get confused at some moments. The BIG amount of information is so great that I wish to acquire all at once and this creates a hurdle. How to cope up.
    Thanks for the informative article.
    Regards, Gaurav.

  3. I remember taking a look at this platform a few years back. I was thinking of getting into affiliate marketing then, but didn’t take things any further at the time. Now I’m considering seriously giving it a try.

    After reading your review, Wealthy Affiliate looks like it’s changed a lot. Everyone seems to have good things to say about it too.

    Is it really free to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, and can you really make money with affiliate marketing?

    • It’s never too late to get started Darren. This reminded me of a Michael Jordan quote I once read: “My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.'”

      They’re couldn’t be a better time to join, as Wealthy Affiliate just recently did a huge system redesign and major upgrade. The updated platform is now easier to use as far as getting everything set-up and running, as well as accessing the training courses and classrooms (not to mention the ease in which you can interact with the community and support staff anytime you need help). They’ve integrated everything together, the hosting, ultra sleek website builder (SiteRubix), keyword research tool Jaaxy (review) + too many features to mention.

      Anyway, to answer your question. Being a starter member is free (I know it’s hard to believe everything you get for free, includes the training, support, community, two free websites with hosting, keyword research tool, live webinars, live chat, etc.) and this membership package will definitely teach you enough to get you started earning money online. Just get in there and start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Lesson 1 through 10. You’ll see what I mean. Affiliate marketing is the best business model out there for creating a high income generating online business. One reason is the low start-up cost (practically none) with the least amount of risk. Read this post I did that goes into more detail on How to Succeed In Affiliate Marketing – Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer.

      I hope this gets you moving in the right direction and taking action. Wishing you success.

  4. It’s always so difficult to know what you\’re getting into when you’re starting out…especially looking online when there seems to be so many opportunities and avenues! I can personally vouch for Wealthy Affiliate – I’ve been a member for 18 months now and it’s literally changed my life. I’ve given up my old job and am working hard on my site – all thanks to the brilliant information, training and community on WA.

    • Very nice of you Louise to share your experience with us. Fantastic! It will definitely help the newcomers see the value in this program. So folks, don’t just take my word for it, Louise is a 18-month member and going strong! Congrats on being able to quit your job and for running your own online business now! I wish you continued success. And like I always say, if you can add WA to your lifestyle, it will change your life. Take care.

  5. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i knew WA was the place to be just after 2 days of joining and then i went premium. I was actually about to join another program until i did research on it and thats when i discovered wealthy affiliate. I still have a lot of work to do in order to get to where i need to be.

    • Hey Justin, it’s always nice to hear from fellow WA members. I’m glad you liked the review, if it helps even just a few people, it’s worth it. I’m sure you remember the relief you felt when finally stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate. Good thing you did that last bit of research! Take your time with the learning process, don’t rush through the course work. The principles they teach are solid, tried and true, if you can manage to actually take action on what you’re learning. I’m living proof that you can have multiple successful businesses online all bringing in passive income monthly. If you can consistently work on it, completing the tasks in the lessons, you’ll be well on your way to creating the lifestyle you imagine. Nobody said it was easy. Just like any other real business it takes work and time to mature. But once it does…boy does it feel amazing as your efforts, literally, pay off (big time:)

  6. I actually wonder a lot about hosting and I never tried with one of my education sites with it. It has a lot of presentation slides and that site normal has a lot of spams. Does this platform do a good job for protecting the site from spams? What is your experience?

    • Hi Furkan, thanks for the question. The ​SiteRubix brand at WA is actually a suite of product services for all website related features, including their state of the art hosting. SiteRubix includes 2 free WordPress sites with free hosting for starter members and unlimited hosting for unlimited sites for premium members, yes I know it’s crazy!

      To answer your question about spam; they have built in SiteProtect (Spam Blocker). This is just one of many technologies you get with the SiteRubix platform from WA. I have many sites and I do not receive any spam comments whatesover on any one of them. Also adding reCAPTCHA on your Contact Page helps.

      They provide a managed WordPress experience that no other company has. They have SSL security(https) built into your site, daily automatic backups run in the backend so you don’t have to worry about that. Their hosting redundancy, speed and 24/7 live support is unparalleled in this industry. You get all of these service for a nominal fee or free depending on the type of membership. Just click any link on this page to set-up your account for free.

      Free starter membership includes everything needed to build a high income earning website. WA prides itself on you not having to rely on any external services – you shouldn’t have to pay for any other services once you’re a member. Plus, once a member at WA you’ll also be getting comprehensive training on monetizing your sites and an active community of over 1 million helpful online marketers guiding you every step of the way.​

  7. Hi Lev, I’m from the Philippines I understand that we are not allowed to have the free membership. My question is, if I take the one year subscription do I have to pay another amount for the domain and hosting? Can I get commissions if I let someone to join WA? I’m so interested in this.

    • Hey there Vans, no you do not have to pay for hosting at WA when you become a premium member, it is included. If you use the SiteRubix domains (yourname.siterubix.com) those are also free. The WordPress templates are also included. If you would like to own your own .com domain name, it is only $10 per year. Once you sign-up contact me on my profile page, search for me under ‘Lev’ and we can connect. I will mentor you, also free of charge:). See you there Vans.

  8. Hi lev, I noticed that sign ups From Nigeria are not allowed(not listed in country list), could you let kyle and carson know about That, and is there a way around that. I really don’t mind paying 1 month/ 1 year premium, or could you help me with their email address. p.s I opened a ticket with them, but no response.Thanks

    • Yes, some countries are not available to select from. However, a work around solution is to select an available country, such as U.K., and use a valid email address. I hope this answers your question.

  9. hi lev! can you please tell me the real potential of a free account and if you can actually make money out of it? what i think is that to see some money you must have a premium account which is 49$ per month. Please enlighten me!!! thanks!

    • Yes, you can start earning money on the free membership account. But generating money in the 1st week or month as a Starter is like taking an introduction course to becoming a surgeon and expecting to perform surgery within the first month.

      The first month is typically your foundation building stage. In order to build an online business that earns you consistent revenue, you”ll need this foundation. Then after this, you’re going to see that there are many different ways in which you can generate revenue.

      Personally it took me into my 3rd month of hard work to make my first dollar online, by month 6 though I was making consistent income and by the year mark, I was pretty much full time.

      But just think what would have happened if I had quit during those first two “trying” months or had instant get rich expectations. I would not be where I am at today (going on 3 years full time!). I hope this puts things into perspective for you.

      Remember, I am a part of this journey with you, so are the members in the community over at WA. If you get started, in the beginning work hard, take action, and work consistently and you’ll go far.

      By finishing just the first 10 lessons of the ‘Getting Started’ training and videos, you will be prepared to begin building a very successful business online. With the Premium membership you will then go on to accomplish even more earnings. Register and write back to let us know how you’re doing. We’d all appreciate it.

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