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(old picture btw) No need to wear a suit & tie to work anymore!

Ever since high school (circa ’95), I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make money using the internet. I remember being obsessed with the domain name craze! (I still kind of am:) Searching for hours trying to come up with the best website names that would be worth money in the future, compiling list after list. Buying some of these domains trying to sell them to interested companies for big dollars was honestly how I got my start in the online world. It’s a tiring endeavor…thinking back now, had I spent my time and money focusing on other ways to make money online rather than just domain names, I would have been more successful online much earlier.


When names like Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay etc. started popping up, I quickly realized that pretty much any website name can become successful (even made up names that make no sense), which is still true today. Hint: Google & Bing. So I’m glad I eventually gave up on that futile guessing game. I have since learned sure ways to making money online and domain flipping is just one of many, which I’ll be sharing with you in this site.


Pie in the Sky Dreams…Do Come True!

Back then another way I could actually earn money online was to sell my own stuff that I didn’t need any more on eBay. I also tried buying items cheap from swap meets, flea markets, garage and estate sales to make a profit, however this was way more effort than it was worth. But at least it wasn’t a complete loss because I did learn a lot by setting up an online storefront and all. The problem remained though: I had to physically sell something of mine just to make a quick buck. I kept thinking there had to be a better way. There sure was and boy were things about to change for me in the not too distant future.


So, after selling everything of mine that was worth anything on eBay, I then moved into something that actually had some substance. I created a website with a concept (an online business) in my first years of college with a buddy of mine. Taking those website design night classes at the local community college, trying to learn HTML was torture (which luckily is not needed at all anymore, you’re in luck – video: how to make a website in under 30 seconds 🙂 But at the time I was even closer than I thought to reaching online success because I actually had a niche idea and wanted to help people using the internet to reach thousands. Thankfully I never gave up that dream.


I always knew there were endless opportunities to make money with an online business, I just didn’t always know how or where to look. Nowadays there are even more ways to make money online than there were back then. But all these opportunities don’t come without a lot of opportunists, by this I mean the scammers out there. Hopefully I didn’t reach you too late. I guess if you’re reading this right now it could be fate.

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So…Beware of the SCAMS!

So fast forwarding to today, after all the time & money spent, scams I’ve fallen for and ways I have learned to make money online throughout the years, I finally decided to start this site to prevent you from getting scammed, plain and simple. My goal is to save you money and show you how to actually earn an income at the same time. If you start off here & now the right way, I’ll be sharing all the knowledge and resources that you’ll ever need so you can very easily make enough money online to upgrade your lifestyle and even quit your job for good. Your added bonus; you won’t waste time or money going through the same mistakes I did and you won’t have any regrets like I do.


All that I ask is that you hear me out and focus on your specific areas of interest, be willing to help others and be patient. Oh and never give up on your dreams. Deal? As you explore the site further you will see exactly what I mean. If you have trouble understanding anything please ask for help using the ‘Contact‘ page or you can email me directly at: lev@internetscamstoavoid.com

I will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way!

Wishing you much success,