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After searching through all the low quality YouTube videos, watching and hanging on every word in the hopes that you’d find the answers, also commenting and not getting answers, purchasing training programs and constantly getting mixed messages when trying to figure out which direction to go without a affiliate marketing coach can be frustrating, in fact infuriating to say the least. Am I right?


Online Affiliate Marketing Mentor CoachI know because I went through the daunting gauntlet of bad advice, out-dated material, overwhelming information overload and misinformation altogether. And on top of that, not having anyone to turn to, to ask a simple question made me almost want to give up.


In the internet marketing world, sometimes referred to as online/affiliate marketing, having an affiliate marketing mentor and an online community that offers free training, can mean the difference between success or failure. It’s that simple. I know I would have been a lost cause for sure.


I am super lucky to have found the community that I did (link below), right at the moment of despair, which then led me to a gentleman that offered to mentor me as a way to give back. I thought “Wow, what a gesture!” And I promised myself that if it worked and I was able to earn a living online with the help of this mentor, then I would do the exact same when the time came.


So now I feel the same sense of obligation to give back after all the success I have achieved. It’s only right and I want to help as many people as I can to feel the extreme sense of joy you get when you see your 1st dollars trickle into your bank account:)


Well, Lucky for You, That Time is Now.

internet marketing mentor coaching

Having a internet marketing mentor can help you grow your online business exponentially.

I am currently accepting members and offering free (for a limited time) lifetime mentoring. I know some would say you’re crazy not to charge for your services. I am on a mission to show people the way and help them get to where I am now, because I was so fortunate and because anybody can do this. They just need the right support from the beginning.


The importance of having a mentor cannot be overstated. It is an absolute necessity. Thinking back now, there is no way in hell that I would have gotten through the first couple months of training, not seeing any money for all the efforts I put forth. Let alone, I had the top notch training and a community of expert affiliate marketers willing and able to help. But with a little extra help from mentor I was able to become a success story rather than another statistic. And I believe that without a doubt, it was the most important factor


Trying To Go It Alone or…

online affiliate marketing mentoringDon’t do it alone. Don’t put yourself through it. Trust me, it’s just not worth the heartache and emotional distress. Trying to figure out how to earn a living on your own is now unthinkable for me, as it should be for you too, and I couldn’t imagine learning all the steps and staying focused without a mentor.


By having a mentor you will cut down your time to success by at least 5-6 times in my opinion. Meaning, that what you could have accomplished in 3 months will take you over a year or more. I’m not kidding.


I know this because I struggled for over a year with no results, until I found the best free affiliate marketing training program and most helpful online community I have ever been a part of (also mentioned below). And to this day I am still a member and going strong and thriving. It is my 5th year!


So if you join us for free through the link below, you’ll have me on standby as your mentor (at no extra cost to you). You’ll truly have peace of mind. Think about it, whenever you have a pressing question, need advice, would like to brainstorm and bounce ideas around, vent, or just need a little push, motivation, inspiration, proof of success, testimonials; whatever it will take to get you moving in the direction to earn your first commissions online, I am here for you. You’ll get instant feedback.


I Look Forward to You Taking Me Up On My Offer

what is wealthy affiliate aboutWealthy Affiliate Online Business Community Free Membership + Free Mentoring Included 

You’ll also have access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course! + classrooms and live chat room, private coaching, webinars, step by step training videos, and tons more…


** After clicking above you’ll be sent to the free sign-up page. Once you create your account, I’ll be contacting you on your profile page. My name is Lev and you can view my profile page here.


Some of the Benefits a Mentor Can Provide Are As Follows:

  • Help you reduce mistakes
  • Shorten the time to success (earned commissions) by more than 5 times
  • Better help planning out your online business for the long term
  • Eliminate the stress of feeling helpless and on your own
  • Get instant answers to questions and concerns
  • Get advice and ideas that you previously would never have thought of
  • Be held accountable and feel motivated in a positive environment with other successful marketers
  • Follow in their footsteps and not have to reinvent the wheel
  • Get moral support when feeling down and able to get help with exact tasks needing to get done
  • Grow your online business much larger than you thought and in much less time
  • Having someone being able to break down something step by step so that you understand
  • Able to see real-life example of what was done and how it was achieved


Need I go on…I think you get the picture that having a mentor every step of the way is invaluable. So don’t waste any more time thinking this over and searching anymore. Just go for it! Click the link above and get going right now. I genuinely look forward to meeting you.


Final Thought: A Life-Changing Opportunity

Having an affiliate marketing mentor was instrumental in changing my life and giving me the confidence to move forward without all the anxiety and doubt. Get in touch with me today! Having an affiliate marketing coach in your corner makes all the difference in the world. Hopefully, I can be of service to you!


Please don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Some opportunities only knock once! Or if you feel you are not ready yet, then you can bookmark this page and come back when you are. Hope to see you on the inside…

Your (hopefully soon to be) mentor,



  1. Hi Lev,
    I live in a foreign country where online banking is not an option. However, I used to live in the US and still have a running US bank account.
    I’ve applied to a couple of big affiliate marketing websites such as Legendary Marketers and Click Funnels, but I was faced with the fact that my country of residence is not among those who they work with. So, I was rejected.
    I’m just starting out and I know a very basic info about affiliate marketing, but no idea how to start and sustain a business. On top of that, I got seized each time I start up with the same problem above.
    Any advice, help?

    • Hi Mahmood,

      I understand your concern and wanted you to know that you can join from Iraq, no problem. Iraq is not on the list of banned countries.

      First, you can sign up here: WA starter membership (free),

      Then later, you can upgrade to premium if you want with credit card.

      Sign up with link above and I will contact you once you set up your profile.

      I’ll be your mentor and be there to guide and answer any questions.

      Looking forward to helping you learn & earn a living online.

      Kind regards,

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