What Is Product Launch Jacking About – Method Explained, Video Course, Case Study

What is Launch Jacking About - Product Method CoursePeople tend to think that the launch jacking method is used by advanced affiliate marketers and that you have to be an expert to do it. I’m here to say, that is not really true.


So, what is a launch jack? It is simply a way to promote new affiliate marketing products when they are launched, usually training material or tools. You begin marketing activities prior to the launch of the product. If you’re able to learn the strategies well enough, you can also win extra prize money, cars, trips, etc. when you can place yourself in the top 10 leader boards for the particular affiliate program. Other than the high commissions being paid out to affiliates, a lot of perks come along with performing well during a product launch.


In this post I’ll discuss what product launch jacking is all about, along with my top recommended high quality launch jacking course that has step-by-step examples and a real launch jacking case study. I have researched and tried various educational material as far as launch jacking is concerned, and I have found, in my opinion the most comprehensive and detailed training I have ever come across, which I’ll mention below.


It really is the best course the teaches the most profitable strategies if you are serious about making six figures a year. And it’s taught by one of the most successful affiliate marketers that I personally know and can vouch for.


Doing Really Well With Launch Jacking Is Not That Difficult

Some tend to think that this an advanced technique of some sorts. But in reality, if you know the exact process and techniques used to select products and then to actually promote them, then it is a repeatable process and your earnings can multiply with each product launch. This could even lead to JV partnerships and email list swapping, and of course ultimately recognition from fellow marketers. You will get invited to conferences and events and meet the best in the business, mostly get VIP access and insider info on upcoming launches. You’ll be in the ‘in’ crowd.


You see…if you are successful with launch jacking and your name is seen on the leader boards, people will want to work with you and collaborate, which could lead to even more lucrative opportunities because you can partner with other marketers to combine your sales numbers to place in the leader boards again and split the proceeds and prizes.


Once you are well-known in this small tight knit community, that you’re good with traffic generation, seo, social media, etc. other companies and marketers will choose you to partner with and you will get a larger portion of the commission. Your commission rate (%) will be higher than normal affiliates.


It All Starts w/ Buying the Right Domain Name

This is critical to your success and is one of three things that is absolutely necessary to get conversions & sales.

  • Only purchase domains ending in .com, .net, .org
  • Buy the domain as soon as you hear the name of the product (this helps you rank higher for the main keyword)
  • Use Namecheap to buy the domain quickly without all the upsells. Clean & easy process.
  • The domain name can be the product name including the words review, bonus, product owners name, if necessary.
  • If all variations are taken you can add a letter ‘s’ in between the names
  • Watch for trademark issues before hand (just ask the domain manager if you can use their name in the domain)

Here is where you can find my top recommended course on Launch Jacking within the Internet Jetset training system. It is a 17-video series. Each video is like 20-30 minutes long and shows the exact sites and steps to implement to get you earning the same day. I honestly haven’t seen anyone go into the amount of detail that this video series does.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where to find the product to Launch Jack and how to pick them
  • The product selection process to Launch Jack the top converting offers
  • The installation process of your WordPress blog/site including all the free plugins
  • How and where to go to outsource your content
  • How and where to go to outsource you backlinks
  • They show you live link buying examples
  • Also, you learn how to Do-It-Yourself, (free) Backlinks
  • You’ll learn in depth about retargeting campaigns & Facebook ads
  • Once you have a successful campaign training on optimizing for even more sales
  • Pyong Kims shows you his own live real launch jacking sites that he’s built


Launch Jacking Course & Case Study

That’s Pyong on the Left!

Training is done by Pyong Kim a top affiliate marketer for over 10 years who earns 7 figures a year utilizing the launch jacking method. He usually does not share any of the details to his methods but this is the only training that I found where he goes into every little detail and walks you through everything step by step. He also explains his thought process and marketing angles.


  • You’ll see where he goes to pick products to launch
  • why he picks the product he does, his train of thought
  • how to effectively launch jack and be profitable, the numbers have to make sense
  • video launch jacking

The training is available as a part of the Internet Jetset training and is included when purchased. If you follow Pyong’s guide and go through with 2-3 launch jackings yourself you could be very profitable, beyond expectations. I believe you can do really well, as I have, thanks to Pyong.


There is enough money to go around for everyone one, trust me, plenty. There really is no limit, it literally is up to you of how much you want. If you do launch jacking the right way from the beginning by following the videos in the course mentioned above, you’ll have built up a system of how to set-up your launch jacking business, back links, outsourcing, and picking out the right products, etc..


Full Review of the Internet Jetset Training Platform + Community

You can repeat this process over and over every year. I know a lot of people in this arena making 6 figures for the last 6-7 years without having to do a lot of work. If you understand the system all you have to do is literally duplicate the process whenever you want.

Also, read the full review I did on Internet Jetset. It shows you everything you’ll be getting when joining the community.


Final Thought

The final thought I want to leave you with regarding launch jacking method, is that the information being taught within the launch jacking course within Internet Jetset is truly invaluable and pays for itself over and over more than the cost of this program. This stuff really is gold. You can really make something out of this, I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to sell, just trust me, I’m a true believer in what they’re teaching and a successful student. Hopefully I answered your question, what is a launch jack thoroughly enough. Give it a try and you won’t be sorry.

So, no more excuses. You and I both know that this is where the money is being made by affiliate marketers. Time to join them.

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