Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam? GetPaidToDraw Consumer Review

**Updated: 08.16.2018** Get Paid to Draw has shut down operations.

However, for an even better way to get paid for your art work please see the image of the WA community where they teach how to market yourself as an artist and get your art out to the masses to be seen and purchased.


Get Paid To Draw Pictures…or illustrations, photos, basically anything that you create visually…

If you’re interested in finding a new outlet to post pictures and sell them online than this review is for you.

For those of you who are artists or photographers, you’re probably looking for ways to sell your artwork or photos online. So maybe you’ve heard about this program I’m going to cover below, so read on to find out if…


Is Get Paid to Draw a scam? Does it work in 2018?

It’s a good question, one that a lot of people have. No it is NOT a scam & Yes, it sure does work. You can even learn how to draw too. After learning simple drawing techniques you can sell your creations. If you already have drawings, artwork, photos, or images you’re ready to go.


If you’re looking for ways to get paid for your artwork, then my top recommendation is for you to join this worldwide community that has free training on how to market and sell your art online… (click image below)


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The largest online marketing community in the world!


This GetPaidtoDraw consumer review is an insider’s take…

I’ll be answering all the questions and doubts you have because I’ve actually used it. By the way this works for photos, paintings, basically any images that you produce.


So when I read that Get Paid to Draw could not only help you earn money with your drawings but that they teach you how to draw as well, I was willing to jump in a not only try it out for myself, but also for your sake too. Oh and if you like taking photos, even instagram type photos, you can make money off those also.

is get paid for drawing a scamGet Paid To Draw Review

Company Name: Get Paid to Draw

Price: $74 (50% off , $37 one-time fee)

Promotion: Currently get $50 cash-back when you sell your first photo or drawing

Rating: LEGIT


I must say being able to write this review has been quite the little project for me. I have an interest in drawing and just love comics and cool drawings, but have never really learned how. And I have always had a ton of respect for anyone who could do it really well. I am intrigued just watching someone draw.


Make Money From Your Passions

I am a major proponent for making money with your passions and if that happens to be drawing, then more power to you. I always wanted to learn how to draw and have taken up some classes in the past but if you already have all the skills, my hats off to you because you can now start making good money online.

I mean come on think about it…what better way to earn some extra income than by doing something you’re already doing anyway, plus something you love to do, drawing. 


What Do You Get?

Well first let me explain why you’re paying a one-time fee. GetPaidtoDraw never takes a percentage of your earnings through their partner websites and you’re using their hosting and images storage system, etc. Your money goes toward their costs, including customer service (which is incredible, they answer questions the same day) and they are continuously updating all their quality content in the members area.


For a limited time they’ve negotiated a deal with their partners to offer a Free $50 back to you when you manage to sell your first image through the network. There is a huge demand around the world for quality images whether it is vector drawings or photos of random things and they allow you to tap into the pool of distribution channels.


This product really brings together a lot of sources that you would not find on your own or that you might not have even been aware of.


This system includes:

  • Access to the member’s area
  • A step-by-step eBook that’s over 50 pages – plus another 7 eBooks
  • Dozens of video series that walk you through exactly how and what you need to do (and in what order)
  • Direct access to a database with exclusive places that pay for artwork and photos (constantly being refreshed)
  • The best part is that you can contact and interact with all these companies and their members
  • Often times I see the owner in the memebers area directly guiding people and answering questions
  • Extra bonus guides on new age internet marketing tactics to help you with this new online business


Who Is This Product For?

It’s a really good product for those that are looking for an in-depth introduction to a career as a freelance artist or photographer. It will help to even move you into becoming a commercial professional. GetPaidToDraw is more suited towards someone who already has a working knowledge and understanding of the industry, but it is all the right information that you’ll need to get to the next level anyway, which is…yes, of course making money!


Since I’m not super into becoming an artist or photographer I haven’t come close to making the money they are claiming yet (but it’s a work in progress) on this site, which seems a little high to me, but I guess it could be possible if you are way into this sort of thing and are willing to set aside more time to figure out each aspect of what they teach.   I’m sure if you exploit every angle that they reveal to you, then succeess in this field would be quite attainable.


I just think that people who have better skills whether it be photography, painting, graphic design or drawing will naturally do better. So you still can’t soley rely on this product, you need to to have quality work and the skill set to make yourself stand out.


My Personal Disclaimer

Now here is the part where I bring you down to earth. I wouldn’t quit your day job just yet. Nothing in life worthwhile is ever easy. I do not agree with the part on their site where it says, “…just lay back and watch the money roll in.”


Yes, you can start getting residual income which means you get paid each time that someone uses your artwork, but you will need to upload hundreds of pieces to get to this level I would think. This will take time and you will need to work hard at first to set-up this side business. In fact read this, taken from their site: getpaidtodraw disclaimer So if you still think you have it in you, then by all means go for it! It’s a fun and new way to earn money online legitimately (one I didn’t even know existed). When I refer people you get a discount, which is nice. Go ahead click the image below to try it out…


If you’d like to learn more ways to market and promote you artwork online then check out the review I did on my top ranked online community with hundreds of the most helpful people I’ve come across online. They also show you other ways you can make money online, for example using social media and blogging. Check them out too! They’ll give you that extra push, you won’t regret it.


* Then please come back and drop a comment letting everyone know how everything worked out. Looking forward to reading your awesome results…


    • Hi Abhilash. Your payment will go through Clickbank, not directly to GetPaidToDraw. Clickbank is one of the most trusted vendor servicers online and they are the ones offering the 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days or your money back. Once you purchase you will get an email from Clickbank. If you end up deciding that the product is not for you, then you would contact Cickbank to cancel and you’ll get your refund the same day. Hopefully this will help in deciding to try it out.

  1. What are the chances for me to sell something. Let’s say I make a cartoon character, that looks , good. Because I think it is like this. “Let’s say there are 100 members, just 10 will sell anything”

    • Hello Eduard the chances of selling are pretty high if you are able to upload your artwork wisely into all the relevant categories, so that your cartoon character will show up for related keywords. So if your character is doing something or has a certain expression make sure you use the keyword to describe the image as best as possible. Another thing is to try to get traffic to your portfolio by using the link and promote through facebook and other social media. Also create profiles on art sites like Behance, join forums and online communities to show where your artwork is for sale. I hope this helps get you started, but there is also a guide and training on how to do all this once you get in and setup. I wish you success.

  2. Can 2 people share 1 account? Can my son and I share the account and both of us put our art under 1 name?

    • Hey there Robert. As far as I know this is possible. You can both add artwork under one account, no problem. The only thing that might not work is both of you being logged in at the same time from two separate computers. The system may only allow one person to be logged in to the account at any given time. You will have to check this yourself. I wish you and your son much success.

  3. Do I have to give the website any information to get paid? social security number? address? personal information? Can I simply give you my paypal email address and have the money sent there?

    • Hey Phil. I can understand your concern. No they do not require social security number. I can’t recall exactly but perhaps your address might be needed to check the country you’re in. All that’s required is your full name and paypal email address. I wish you much success!

  4. I tried this site a while back and it didn’t work for me. There was a 30 day money back guarantee and they didn’t stick to that. They wouldn’t even give me a reason as to why I couldn’t get a refund when I had been guaranteed one if not satisfied, which I wasn’t.

    • Hello Lakeisha, I am sorry this program wasn’t right for you. I think the problem that you encountered as far as the refund is that you contacted Get Paid to Draw directly. However, if you look at the emails you received after purchasing and the invoice they are all handled by world-class vendor ClickBank. You must contact them for the refund. There is always a no questions ask return policy with them guaranteed. You may contact them from here:

  5. Do I have to be 18 years old or older to join? I’m still a minor and I’m trying to earn money by myself, cause I’ve been asking from my parents my whole life. I want to try and earn my own money from my own work. I know there’s a fee, but that’ll be the last time I’ll be asking from them.

    • Hi Rigi…good question, I’m glad you asked. You are on the right track as far as earning money online from your own work. You can also check out my top recommended community for learning online business at Wealthy Affiliate.

      As far as Get Paid to Draw, no there is no minimum age limit. However, when/if you sell your artwork online you will usually be receiving a payment online through a payment services company such as PayPal. To open a PayPal account the minimum age is 18 but if you are under age 18, you need your parents assistance. You can contact them to see how to get an active account. You can most likely have the money you earn sent directly as a wire transfer to your bank account as well. I wish you luck in this new endeavor. Go for it!

  6. Hey there~ I was wondering that if I post my art onto the website do I lose my rights to that drawing? Like once someone buys it to use can I no longer sell that specific drawing/photo again?

    • Hi Rachel sorry for the late reply. As far as I know, your art will always be your own to use any way you wish. Others will still be purchasing the files along with the rights to use the images. Only if you sell exclusively to one entity then I believe nobody else could purchase or reproduce the image for commercial use. In that case you would remove the image from the website. But again I am not an expert in this area so please do research this topic further.

  7. Sir, I am good at drawing and willing to join here, but i didn’t have a card to pay online as it has been asked at starting to get membership. Should i pay later when my drawings getting selling out? Or payment must be required before membership?

    • Hi Sumeet, that’s a good question. Unfortunately you must pay first to get access to their databases so that buyers can see your uploaded files. So yes, in order for you to start selling your drawings you must first be a member. You may be able to pay with PayPal from your country, but please check with their customer service for alternative payment methods. Thanks.

  8. Hi, i am from Philippines and i’m really good at drawing and i draw a lot. I want to join this but is there any possible way to send my registration fee aside from Visa card? Thanks.

    • JM, yes I believe you can also use PayPal. Contact the support and they will provide you with alternative payment methods for your country.

    • Hey there Roy, you get paid when your artwork or photo is purchased from their database. They have multiple payment methods to send you your earnings. Remember try listing your art in different categories to get the maximum exposure. And use any of the links in the review to get a discount when signing up.

  9. hey lev, just also wondering if i am an amatuer artist everyone telling me to draw/paint for a living would i make good money with this program?

    • Hi Jan, thanks for writing in. This program was actually made mostly for beginners originally, those new to the industry, and is packed with resources regarding getting started and will help get you on the right track towards earning money. It’s a small investment for those serious about getting exposure for their artwork while earning some money. As far as “good money” it depends on a range of factors; your dedication, your diversity, the amount of art you upload, the genres you choose to provide work too…the demand for that type of art, etc. I wish you good luck!

  10. Hi Lev,
    I prefer shooting photos than drawing. Is it compulsory to use handphone to shoot the photo? Can I use camera?

    • Hey Karen, good question. Yes you can absolutely use any camera. The higher the quality the better. They mention the phone camera just to show how simple it is to shoot & upload. But the cool thing is that you can actually use almost any image file. Thanks for asking…now get creative;)

  11. hi lev,
    i wana ask you are question, when you are with getpaidtodraw, did they pay according to the photos or drawing you sent? and what do you think about those sites as dreamstime, livestock, are all this also scam or what?

    • Hi Joel,
      The sites you mention are not scams and are all good places to have your artwork available for sale. GetpaidtoDraw also shows you how to market and setup online stores (lots of resources) as well as provides you the right outlets to sell your artwork and puts you infront of the right buyers. You get paid when people download your artwork, not for uploading. Try putting your artwork into different categories to get a feel for the demand. It’s a bit of a numbers game, the more images you have and the more categories you are in, the better chances you’ll have. Give it a little time & effort. Thanks for writing.

    • Hi Sem, unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will sell a drawing. Perhaps you will need to see what type of artwork is in demand and fill the need.

  12. Hi Lev, I just wanted to know, once you pay for that one time fee, and your in as a member and all, is there any other cost of services that I will be paying for. Im really interested in this services, but to tell you the truth I’m just a bit jumpy because of several bad experiences. Thank you for taking the time to write out this review.

    • No problem Emmanuel. And no there are no other costs after the one time fee. If you use the link on this page you will receive the discounted price and remember if you are not satisfied with their service you can always ask for a refund if you decide it is not for you. Some of the programs within their services may deduct a small percentage from your sales price when you sell your artwork through them.

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