Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does it Really Work 2018 Review Complaints

I signed up for the free starter membership to conduct this thorough review and to give you a sneak peak of everything they got going on inside. They recently did a complete redesign of the site, so this is my Wealthy Affiliate review 2.0!


I was completely blown away by how professional and how clearly the site was laid out with all the different classrooms, courses, archives of video webinars, tools, website builder, free hosting…and the list goes on. I feel like with so many features, I can’t list them all.  So if you’ve searched online looking for information on Wealthy Affiliate scam complaints, then read on…


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Let me just start off by saying,  there’s the “feeling” you get when you login that you’re in the right place, it just feels like a breath of fresh air. There’s a genuine feeling of productivity and positive energy with thousands of members interacting in real time via live chat and liking comments, commenting on discussion boards, etc. Everyone is motivating each other to reach their earning goals for the month…I was dumbfounded. You must see what I mean…


Join the community today with the ‘get free membership for life’ link below and you’ll see why I never felt alone there while learning how to earn an income online.


is Wealthy Affiliate worth it does workIt’s important to always have someone there to ask questions if you get stuck and get feedback, ideas, and advice. With all the other programs I’ve reviewed, this aspect was sorely lacking. The best part of this training program is by far the highly active community. Even the founders Kyle and Carson, along with hundreds of ‘Ambassador’ members are in there answering questions practically instantly. It really is unbelievable!


And I must say after an exhaustive search I could not find even one instance of a scam or any Wealthy Affiliate negative reviews and could not believe it so I joined just to see if it was too good to be true. It’s no secret that the internet is now host to a good number of online scams that claim to make you rich in no time.


I would say that 90% of programs out there are a straight up scam, which I intend to reveal most on this site. However, this statistic should not prevent you from achieving your life long goals through genuine and legit programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, which I have come to find has enjoyed a solid record of success over time.


So here goes my even more in-depth insider’s member review of Wealthy Affiliate training and it’s burgeoning online business community.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2.0 redesign

  • Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Price of Wealthy Affiliate Membership: $0 Member Account
    (get free membership for life)
  • Premium: upgrade to premium member for $47/mo.
    * To access training and community, upgrading is optional and not required.

(For differences between regular & premium, see comparison chart at the bottom of this review)

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificatio

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification – Dashboard

After using their services myself and digging deep searching only to find positive review after positive review, I can tell you with utmost confidence that a Wealthy Affiliate scam is definitely NON-EXISTENT.


In all my years since, I have yet to come across any negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. Once you get started you too will realize that it actually is possible to make money online because they make the learning process fun and simplified.


If you get the right advice and  mentoring, especially from them or myself, you will increase your chances of success 10 fold.


Unfortunately, most people learn the hard way, getting scammed along the way, trying to learn by themselves, becoming disheartened. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. Almost all the other programs attempt to milk you dry by demanding membership fees and monthly subscriptions yet they do not offer you the 1-on-1 support you need, especially when you need it.


We all know how frustrating it can be to pay for something that does not really add value to your efforts to build an online business. At a time when formal employment continues to be just a dream for many citizens, working from home can be the solution that you need to get that much needed break to turn your financial situation around.


How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy affiliate can be described as an online business community that strives to encourage personal and business growth among its members and any other interested party mostly through developing a website or blog that utilizes the monetisation business model of affiliate marketing. It is a program that does not entertain jokers but aims to help serious individuals make money over the internet and get tons of useful and relevant information that will go a long way in helping them succeed.


Unlike other programs whose founders do not participate actively in the day to day running of the programs; Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of Wealth Affiliate, can be seen participating in the discussions and forums frequently. It is not rare to find them helping out members run their campaigns and other businesses in the wee hours of the morning.


Kyle and Carson are not only interested in growing the community, but their primary goal is to help people achieve success in attaining financial stability and freedom. They are probably one of the very few founders who take the time to respond to every posting on their website and it is evident they have your best interests at heart.


Most people are curious as to what exactly they will be doing to make money through Wealthy Affiliate. The truth of the matter is you will use your own talent or passion to make money. This is arguably the best thing about this program, as it allows and encourages you to follow your own passion and convert it into a financial gain. Watch a quick video from the 1st course below…

Click to watch all 10 lessons absolutely free!

WA Getting Started certification

However, if you have not identified or recognized your passion, not all is lost. This business community will help you go through various options until you find your niche. This is done through an affiliate boot camp that will help you start from the bottom and build towards what you are comfortable promoting.


This is a good change compared to those boring marketing programs that require you market products or services that you yourself would not even be remotely interested in, just so you can earn a commission. Chances of success in these programs are limited and you may end up wasting your time.


WA live chatAt the end of this program you’ll have identified your niche and ways of making money through the same. You will also be assisted in developing your own website or blog that will provide you with the platform you need to market yourself. Extensive training on social media marketing is also available.


This community platform offers an interactive program that exposes you to business discussions which you can relate to or even learn a few things in the process just by eavesdropping on conversations.  Members are allowed to talk to each other, share their experiences and inspire each other as well.


Turn Your Passion Into an Income Generating Adventure

Working in a field that does not really fulfill you may lead to burn out or boredom soon enough in the course of your career. The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate enables you to pursue your own interests and earn some income at the same time. So try it out if you’re looking to make a career change, there’s nothing to lose. This can also be done part-time, as most members are able to balance both a regular job and their newly created online business.


It goes without saying that you are likely to succeed if you do what you love. The goal is to be able to earn a full-time income and quit your day job within a year. There are thousands of high achievers who do just that. There is nothing stopping you from joining them in this accomplishment.


However, you need proper guidance and expert advice on what to do so that you do not end up regretting not following through after spending a good deal of time learning while creating your online business . If you make use of the video training within Wealthy Affiliate you will be in a better position to make money from at least one of your passions. If for instance you know how to play a certain musical instrument, you can use your talent to earn some income. This is just one random small example. There are many more in Level 3 of this Online Entrepreneur Certification Course below.

Click to access all 10 lessons without paying a dime!

WA making money online level 3

The first thing you need to do is develop a website or blog (some can just use their social media accounts) so that you can reach out to other that share your interests. Fortunately, this business community will help you create an attractive website using ready made templates. Absolutely no previous expertise is needed. You get the tools you need here, and step-by-step instructions at no additional cost. There are other ways to make money without an actual site, but by far hands down the most successful members have their own simple websites.


You can start by telling your family and friends and recommend products to visitors and other people who may want to learn more about the particular topics that you are knowledgeable about. Eventually you will get general inquires, comments and sales through the affiliate links that you are promoting. All you need to do is share information the way WA teaches and you’ll have a large audience in no time.


Once your website becomes popular enough to generate considerable traffic, you can also have advertisements about different products and services that brings an additional revenue. Every time someone clicks on a particular advert (or even just views it), you get paid. It really cannot get easier than that.


You can also sign up for all sorts of quality affiliate programs from companies such as that allow you to market their discounted products on your website and pay you every time a visitor clicks on the advertisements or buys something from the vendor company.


Benefits of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

One of the most fascinating things about this community is the absolutely free membership. It will literally cost you nothing to open an account with Wealthy Affiliate and start the training and community interaction.


You will have unlimited access to the following:

•        A reliable support system that is available around the clock

•        The ability to contact the support center any time of the day for advice.

•        Interactive discussions among members


The wide business community frequently interacts online and shares their secrets to success in a bid to encourage each other.

•        Video tutorials and live training


You can easily watch tutorials on how to succeed in your venture any time you want, from the comfort of your home or on your mobile phone. The tutorials are regularly updated so that the material is always current and relevant. There are also new live training sessions added every week (hundreds are archived).

•        Get experts opinion on any subject in almost every field or area of expertise from ‘Ambassador’ members.


Depending on what sector your interests lie, Wealthy Affiliate has certain experts on board to share their experiences and advice with all members.

•        Private one-on-one mentorship with the co-founders and expert members.


You can communicate with the two co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate if you have any concerns or queries. They offer reliable support and usually respond in person very quickly.


Wealthy affiliate provides a nurturing environment for you and never lets you feel alone as you walk down the path to success. You will get help from other members and even the founders will take you through the process step by step if necessary. You’ll be surprised just how much attention and warm welcomes you’ll get even on the first day when you join.


How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

*Price of premium membership is $49 per month if you decide to go ‘Premium’ in the future, but the 1st month will be only $19 if you do upgrade. If you pay yearly there is another discount which comes to $359 per year.


As you can see above, joining the program is now absolutely FREE. This is a great opportunity for those who want to join now considering the initial cost of joining use to be $49 per month.


However, the Wealthy Affiliate Premium is now offered instead as a separate package that requires the monthly subscription of $49. If you are seriously considering starting an online business and want every tiny detail taken care of, then this is the package for you.


Being a premium member will enable you to focus on your business and not worry about things like dealing with a separate hosting company, buying extra software for keyword research or other expensive website builders. You wont be spending hours searching for answers to questions on the internet, which will most likely be unreliable and outdated. Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithms so it is important to be a part of a community that has their ear to the pulse and that can give you the latest and most relevant training.


Once you become a premier member you will not need to buy endless books about how to succeed or pay for those expensive online tutorials. You are sure to get everything you need all in one platform. And being able to communicate live with hundreds of members, ask question 24 hours a day and get instant answers is a huge advantage especially when getting started. So hopefully I’ve put all your Wealthy Affiliate scam notions to rest.


*Special Bonus*

First, join as a free member account, for $0. Many people have benefited from this program and continue to grow for many years thanks to the support they receive here. It is definitely a worthwhile venture for individuals who want to earn an income and still be their own bosses. I mean you have no excuse to not try it out. I did mention it was free, right?

$0 Starter Member, Join Wealthy Affiliate Here!


Once inside one of the owners, Kyle or Carson will get in touch with you the same day, they make a point of welcoming every single member personally. Just promise me that you’ll set-up your account, it’s fast & easy and you’ll be walked through the process upon joining. This will give you the best shot at getting started off on the right track.


Steps to Claiming Your Bonus

After you have joined & opened your FREE Account, you will get a bonus offer sent to you. If you decide to claim this bonus and upgrade to a premium membership you will need to do so within the first seven days. This way you’ll ll get a 59% discount, plus additional training material.


It is simply amazing how much fulfillment you can gain by using your own talents to make a living, and still enjoy yourself in the process. There are so many attractive perks when joining (too many to mention) and the Wealthy Affiliate community includes 15+ full years of experience and 1-on-1 mentoring! HECK it’s free to try, what have you got to lose. No more excuses, get going today.


Well, hopefully this Wealth Affiliate review was thorough enough for you to start taking some action today, while clearing up any doubts regarding Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Oh and by the way, I still have not come across any Wealthy Affiliate complaints regarding this program, community, or any of it’s members for that matter.


Any questions? The best way to contact me is on my profile page at WA here: Lev


If you have experienced WA yourself and would like to provide your review or any feedback, please do so below, it may help others when deciding to go with WA. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask away!


  1. I really appreciate you for this break down on this affiliate programs, though I’m just getting to understand the real meaning of the word (affiliate market) but I’m so interested in this business. I’ve tried a lot of ways to get financial freedom, but most time I loose the little I gathered to try them,
    And now I’m so rich (meaning there is no money now ). But what I really like about this is the aspect of learning for free. And still earning, I hope by the time I will be through with the free training I’ll be able to gather enough money for the premium.

    And I will really appreciate it if you can be my personal mentor, I must be sincere here, I don’t understand things so easy so please I’d like you to be patient with me, and try to teach me in very simple ways so I can quickly understand.

    With the way you respond to people’s comments here I know you’ll understand me. I really need to get better than I am (in knowledge and financially)and I know that this is the right platform for me and I’m joining instantly through your personal link. Thanks, God bless you for this.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and writing in. It does take work and dedication but it seems as though you have the determination. I look forward to seeing you inside the community and I’ll be contacting you once your profile page is setup there. And I’d be glad to mentor you. Take care Aremu.

  2. Hi dear LEV, at the moment I am a student in a foreign country, with high monthly costs and no job so far but I am very eager to experience WA. My main question is : what happens when my 1st free week expires while I have not became a premium yet? Can I still get benefit of my free account and its limited services? I ask this becouse I may not afford the monthly 49$ as a student.
    and the final question please : How many minimum daily hours will I need focusing on WA, to earn at least 50$ per month?
    Your help is highly appreciated.

    • Hi Hamid, good questions. Your free membership to WA never expires. Only the discounted offer to become premium expires. So you do not have to upgrade right away and can stay as a starter member as long as you like, and complete the course and still have access to hundreds of training and the community as well as two free fully hosted websites w/ SSL security and site support.

      I would say when starting it is advisable to set aside an hour or two a day. The best part is you will be building your online business simultaneously while you learn. The thing is to be consistent and try to make it a habit to login to the community everyday. Instead of wasting time on Facebook or watching TV you can create an online income for yourself with very little time commitment. Of course the more time you work on it the faster you will see results.

  3. Hi Lev…am a nigerian,.I really appreciate how to took time to explain this business
    Please I have the following questions
    1) can Nigerians participate I’m this business
    2) How often can one withdraw it earning
    3) I need proper mentoring on how online business works, cos I’ve seen a lot of scammed website s…once again, I say thank you for this.

    • Paul hello there, thanks for your questions. I understand your concerns. The free membership is not available to some countries because of constant fraud and spamming coming from these countries.

      But of course you may still join if you are from the following countries; Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nigeria. However, you have to commit yourself to a premium membership. If you join with my link here WA Mentorship w/ Lev I will personally coach you and be a properly mentor to you. It would be my pleasure for you to join our group and I’ll do everything in my power to get you earning your first dollars online.

      To answer your other question…Earnings are usually withdrawn once a month, however there are more and more affiliate programs now offering bi-weekly payouts. So once you sign up with the link above I’ll be contacting you. Hope to see you there. Take care.

  4. Hi Lev! I have been stuck in a job that I hate for years now and am only 27, have already taken small business course and have been interested in working online from home for a long time. My current job that I’m trying to get rid of is only part time and I only make about $1200/month Canadian so I don’t even need to make much to replace this job. My question to you is, I am very passionate about nature/outdoors/adventure/conservation. Is this passion of mine something that has a place in the Wealthy Affiliate Program?
    Thanks for you time!

    • Hey Kayla thanks for writing in. I wish I was lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliate when I was 27, wow so young. Well, good for you for starting to think of ways to get out of the rat race. You can make it a reality in around 3-6 months tops. Perhaps double your current income. You already have the right mindset. All you need are the lessons, tools and support to start generating an income large enough to quit your job. There is nowhere better to get started than the WA community. Your passions are ideal for turning them into a substantial income and the Wealthy Affiliate program will walk you through how it is done. You’ll be creating your online business as you are going through the course material. Also, I am currently offering 1-on-1 coaching at WA, I am mentoring those who join from this link: WA free mentorship w/ Lev

      So, you’ll never be alone on your journey to earning your 1st $ online. I hope you’ll take me up on my offer. See you @ WA.

  5. I know this is a hard question, but how much money do you roughly make just starting up? I have no job right now and am home all day, so I do have significant time to devote to it right now. I am wondering if you have any rough estimates of how much people have made starting right off the bat. Thank you!

    • Yeah Teal no problem, good question. I was wondering the same when I first started out. I can speak to my own experience and from what I gather, most people in the WA community usually experience the same trajectory. Obviously it depends on how much you can consistently work on your online business and how quickly you learn the strategies within the lessons and implement them. I would say conservatively that within the first 3-6 months around $50 a day is the first goal that most have achieved, including myself. Then its just sky’s the limit after that because your income grows exponentially. It isn’t a get rich quick thing, it is real work just like any other real business and takes time & effort. Ok so I hope to see you in the WA community.

  6. Hey, thank you for this amazing review of WA. Am blogger from WA and everything you mention here is true about the system I just I should pass by and say hi but please would you mind telling me the name of the theme you are using for this website? Cos looks simple.

    • Thanks for stopping by Solomon. I appreciate the feedback about WA and my review. The theme I used is Hiero. Hopefully things are going good with you. See you in the community!

  7. I want to register for the first time for wealthy affiliate, how do i for the best price???

    • If you click any links on this page you’ll be able to sign up for free and get access to 10 lessons at no cost. Then later on if you decide to become a premium member (which is optional) you’ll get the %50 off deal. Just get over there and sign up to try it out. Interact with the community members, post in the forum or 24/7 chat area, you will learn a whole lot. Everyone is super helpful, you’ll see…

  8. I have a question. See I am deaf and I was wondering if there is captions for the videos or a way I can read them it’s just a difficult thing if you can’t hear and wondering if I am just waisting my time trying to be in affliate marketing

    • Hi Edmond. The videos haven’t been created with close captioning as far as I am aware. But if the videos don’t have captions, just read the attched lessons to help you understand, because mostly what is said in the video is the same words that are written out in the lessons and some have photos that show the steps, to help you find the icons that you need to use, etc.

      I hope you won’t give up, you can do it. Join as a free member and go through the detailed lessons and you will see for yourself how thorough and easy to follow the written lessons really are. Find me in the search area under ‘Lev’. Send me a message and I can help you from there. Take care.

  9. Hello
    Does free membership work in Japan?. Also, can I work in English even being in Japan (not in Japanese language, I mean)?.

    • Hi Amila. Yes, the free membership does work in Japan. And yes you can be located in Japan and work in English. When you start earning money online you will most likely be getting paid through PayPal, also available in Japan. And there are a lot of other members from Japan within the community. So get in there and meet them:)

  10. Hi Lev,
    I first heared of WA from youtube while searching for best homebased online jobs. I’m from the Philippines. However, sad to know that free starter is not available for our country. Can you do something on this? I want to try this and it would be inconvenient for me to jump to premium. Thanks buddy.

    • Sorry Alwin, it’s a WA policy. The reason is they have received a lot of spam and hacking attemps from certain countries. The only way they know you are a real person is if you go premium I guess.

      But if you still want to get started learning for free, I suggest trying a similar program. I can offer you a free membership to Affilorama, click here and you will also get a 30 day trial of their Premium plan for $1.

      Hopefully this gets you started and on your way to earning an income online. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  11. After week of searching about genuine online business websites i just found what? Wealthy Affiliate finally thank you so much now would love to join WA
    but i have just one question how they will give us guidance regarding online business is it possible through mail because i don’t have BEST facilities called Laptop or tab i just have my smartphone

    hopefully waiting for your reply 🙂

    • Hey Kishan…a friend of mine (and most bloggers) use their smartphones. I use my phone a lot and it’s very convenient. Wealthy Affiliate training and community is completely mobile friendly, so yes by all means go for it! Blogging and social media promotion through your phone is totally possible, nothing should be holding you back from learning and creating your online business. You should also go through the free email marketing training at WA. Use the links on this site to get the discounts. See you when you join.

    • Yes Arra this program works worldwide. However, only premium membership is available in your country.

  12. I know this site is for the English community. How about for the Spanish community? Will it work if I join. Also I am a teacher. I wish to promote educational products. Will I be able to succeed in that area.

    • Hi Edwin, you most certainly can promote educational products to the spanish market. I think it’s a great idea and as a teacher you’d be the best person to recommend the quality learning material. Also, your English is great but there are hundreds of Spanish speaking members within Wealthy Affiliate that you can connect with.

      Also, do a quick search in google: Productos educativos + la comercialización del afiliado.
      You should be able to find a lot of programs to join and promote. Also, as an Amazon Associates member you can promote any product through Amazon Spain – ( and Amazon Mexico – (

      The best advice I can offer is start your education by joining the free community at Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to get started by going through Lesson 1 + the video lessons. Also, you may find me on my profile page by searching for ‘Lev’ in the search bar once you are logged in. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me. Take care.

  13. Thanks for the review.

    I remember coming across Wealthy Affiliate a number of years ago. I didn’t follow up with creating anew account, as I was not interested at that time.

    However, now that I have recently started blogging my journey of (re)discovery from the perspective of a recent empty nester setting off on nomadic travel, I am interested in eventually monetizing it and developing other blogs of specific interests.

    This has led me to look at affiliate networks and Wealthy Affiliate popped up in my searches.

    Thanks again for sharing your perspective.

    • Thanks for sharing your story with us. It’s nice to hear that you have re-discovered the laptop lifestyle. Wealthy Affiliate really is one of a kind when it comes to learning how to monetize your blog. It gives you peace of mind knowing that everyone is in it together helping and motivating to accomplish their online business goals.

      Also, creating real relationships with the other members through the community is a huge advantage and acts as an additional support system
      whenever you have questions or just want to socialize. It’s the facebook for bloggers and online marketers / entrprenuers.

      Anyways hats off to you. Happy travel blogging!

  14. Hello,

    When picking a niche… does it have to be something we are generally very knowledgeable in or just something we enjoy? For example, I love all things fitness/health but I am by no means an expert in this field. Is that okay? From my understanding, we are creating a blog based on a niche of our choosing .. hoping that it will get popular so we can promote products correct?

    • Hey there Laura, thanks for writing in. Great question. You’re right, you don’t necessarily have to be very knowledgable, preferrably pick something that you enjoy because you’ll be spending most your time around that topic.

      Taking your interest in fitness as an example, you could post about your exercise routine, health products you use and update it like a diary. Just be yourself. People will take you seriously because they can identify with you and your influence will grow. As you document your progress, recommend what’s working, which workout programs, gear, accessories, vitamins, etc. that help you reach your goals. There are affiliate programs for anything you can imagine in the fitness niche.

      And no you’re not hoping it gets popular, you’ll be learning how to make it popular through various internet marketing techniques (which Wealthy Affiliate teaches in depth). It can be done without spending money on advertising. Some do this through social media and others through a blog or both.

      I highly suggest you join the free starter membership to learn the entire process, watch the video lessons. So, hope this helped and hope to see you in the WA community. Once there, search for ‘Lev’ for further guidance and contact me personally through my profile page.

  15. Hi Lev thanks for the information. I do have my own business website (for Virtual Assistant) can I just add an affiliate link in my resources page? It is a WordPress site or should I create a new one.

    • Hey Damaris, thanks for writing in. You absolutely could and should promote WA through your site as it does tie in with your services. Another great approach would be to go through the training yourself as well. They’ll teach you how to market your own current business site to its fullest potential. As you gain more clients they would also sign up with WA, then you could partner with them to assist them in building their online businesses utilizing your VA services. A true win win. You can also eventually create a seperate business site promoting WA after going through the Bootcamp program. So, once you begin your starter membership, contact me on my profile page here: Lev
      We can then bounce more ideas around. See you there.

  16. Hi Lev,

    I tried to go through most of the comments to see if you addressed this issue already. I need to get into Affliate marketing and other resources. So hungry right now. With WA, does it locate to possible affiliate programs or suppliers? If I get to see that inside the free program. I’ll sign up my money.


    • Hassan hello, sorry about the delayed response. I appreciate your enthusiasm for affiliate marketing and getting started. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does recommend affiliate programs to participate in. In the free lessons everything is explained to you step by step with video. First I suggest you get signed up to the starter membership asap. The material covers a lot of different aspects. As you progress you can upgrade later when you feel you’re ready. See you inside the WA community. Take care.

  17. Hi Lev,

    Saw your replies. However, sad to know that the free starters pack is not available for the Indians. Can you do something on this, as without experiencing the product, it would be foolishness to jump to buy it ?

    • Hi Piyush,
      People from India can definitely join WA.
      I’ll get admin to create your account and have them send you an email with your login info.
      You’ll receive an email letting you know your account is up and running and how to login for the first time.
      Thanks for writing in. Take care.

  18. Is there any cost at all to start earning income under the free membership like domains or hosting anything at all before income can be achieved

    • No Louie, not at all. With a free membership, you can host up to 2 websites on the domain. For example, ‘’
      However, you may not host your own domain name with free membership. But this does not take away from your ability to rank your siterubix site and begin earning an online income. Later on you can transfer this siterubix site’s contents to your own domain if you ever feel the need to. But as a free member you will have everything you need and more. Just get in there and start with Lesson 1 and you’ll begin to see all the possibilities.

      Okay then, once you’re inside the WA community…search for me by typing ‘Lev’, then message me and we can go from there. Take care and thanks for writing in.

  19. Hi Lev,
    At the outset, a huge thank you for giving your insights, suggestions and inputs to users with a variety of queries around WA. I followed your advise and registered a NEW email id with UK as my country. I then registered myself using the NEW email id with WA. Guess, what it detected the country (IP Address, I guess) where I registered from and directly asking me for a paid membership.
    I have TWO Qs:
    1. Any idea how I can register and avail their free services. I do intend to be a paid member after I am convinced.
    2. WA Shows paid membership at $49/month. Any coupon code required for $19/first month?
    Thanks in advance.

    • GKrishna,

      I’ll have admin create you a free account based on the name and email you have provided here. They’ll be sending you an email with your login info, letting you know your account is ready to use and instructions for logging in.

      If you later decide to go premium and want the discount you can click this link:

      I appreciate your kind words and feedback. Thanks and take care.

  20. Hello Lev,

    I’m very interested in starting a online business. I would consider myself to be a newbie in this field. I’m a Pastor, Life Coach, Author, and I have my own Motivational Speaking Company. I’ve looked at a few other businesses like Aspire, Eben Page, Online Sales Pro, and a few others. I haven’t made a decision yet but I won’t to know which would be the best for me. Can you please help me out with this. It’s getting a little overwhelming and I just don’t want to be burned.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for writing sir. I understand your concern as I was once there too. I know the feeling of being burnt so many times searching for legit companies to work with online. And it sounds like you have a ton a very valuable information and life experiences that you could share with the world. Your impresive resume would also suggest that you are in a perfect position to create an online brand and business.

      I suggest doing yourself a favor and stop searching. Forget about the rest. Hands down by far the best thing that you can do for yourself is to set up your free account at Wealthy Affiliate. You will immediately see that they have everything you need. It’s a one stop shop and I promise you will never look elsewhere after joining. You’ll learn all the techniques and steps to promoting yourself, your companies and whatever other products or services you wish to pursue. Their step-by-step video lessons are very easy to follow and the customer service as well as community is immensely helpful. Not to mention the 24-hour chat feature and all the tools plus ambassador members you will have at your disposal. You will never feel alone at WA.

      I will be there to personally help you as well. If you would like to discuss further what all the benefits are or just want to bounce ideas around you can leave me a message on my profile page by clicking here: Lev

      I look forward to working with you and getting you all set up. See you inside.
      Best regards,

  21. I signed up a year ago. This program does work if you put effort into it. And it does take time. Good write up.

    • Hi David. Thanks and I appreciate you sharing your experience. I’m glad to hear everything has been working out well for you and you’re seeing results. That’s great and another testament for new commers that WA does deliver on it’s promise that: “We can teach anyone how to build a successful online business”. Looking forward to connecting inside the members area. Hope you have a nice holiday season.

  22. Hi Lev, thank you for your post and i appreciate your comments for all the queries posted. I am just graduated and have limited budget to join premium member. As the economy in my country is looking bad, I feel that purely rely on active income is not reliable anymore. Thus, i am eager to learn and practice to achieve passive income to support my family daily or even achieve financial freedom in the future. I am keen to join WA but it would be appreciate if you could enlighten me for the following issues:
    i) As mentioned, I am eager and willing to put effort to take my action into this online business. As a fresh graduated with limited income at this moment, is it possible to achieve a steady income as a free member, and make enough money to cover the cost for a premium member? If this is possible, normally how long would it would take to achieve this?
    ii) I love cooking and willing to share. Is this considered a niche?
    iii) I hope i could get a nice mentor in my journey. If I join WA, are you willing to be my mentor? Although it may take me sometimes to join the premium member.
    iv) If i give myself 1.5 year to focus on the online business with the help of WA, is it possible to get a steady passive income?

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words Koh. I appreciate you explaining your situation and I admire your drive to reach a better financial situation for your family. Learning the skills taught within the Wealthy Affiliate community/university is a sure way to get you there. It has helped myself and thousands acheive their income goals. Also it’s great to hear your enthusiasim regarding getting started right away.

      1. To answer your first question; Yes, it is totally possible to create an income as a free member. There is a ton of free training videos, lessons, courses, etc. to get you up and running along with free tools, website, hosting, templates etc. Going through it all does take some time. But learning anything of value often does. In fact this is what I recommend. Sign up for a starter membership and go through all the training and take action. If you follow the plan laid out in the lessons you should see results in about 3 months, atleast that is when I started to. It depends of course on how consistently you are able to work on you online business. Everyones work ethic is different. But I think you have the right idea about upgrading to premium after you have seen some results and have gained more confidence.

      2. Cooking is a great niche that does get alot of attention and is considered a competitive niche.
      For this reason I would recommend not going too broad, but perhaps niche down into a sub-niche. For example,low-carb cooking.

      3. Of course, I will be glad to be your mentor. I am available anytime. Just reach out to me within WA and just leave a message on my profile page here:
      Lev’s Profile

      We can get into more detail later. I look forward to bouncing ideas around and getting you all setup. See you inside.
      Take care.

  23. Hi Lev, I am from Norway and live in Thailand. I have bank accounts in both countries. How is the income paid the the members?

    • Hi Magnar, most affiliate programs payout their affiliates via check, PayPal, and/or Payoneer. WA offers payment via PayPal or check. See you in the members area…

  24. Lev,

    I have started training of WA – just about to jump to Premium membership.
    There is no FAQ page on WA that I can find. And no Terms and Agreement page. This is unusual in any business setting.
    Since I need to know just what terms I am operating under, I have a question. Suppose I put up several websites within WA, and then for some reason I find that I need to do business outside of WA and terminate my membership – what happens to the sites I developed in WA – coult they be moved out off SiteRubix and become self-hosted? Or would I lose the sites and have to start over.

    • Glad to hear you started off on this journey Kathleen! There is a Terms and Agreement page and FAQ, you can also just type your question in the search bar there and a ton of answers will appear. Well by now I hope you’re enjoying your membership to this one of a kind community and have found what you were looking for.

      I’m sure all your doubts/questions have been answered. You’ve probably have noticed the community is super fast in answering any questions, as are the owners of the company Kyle & Carson. So there should be no problems there. And please if you can write back here and let us know how it’s going. It would help everyone out a bunch.

      To answer your question: Eventhough I hope you will not ever feel the need to terminate membership but for some reason if you wanted to host elsewhere this is not a problem. You have 30 days to transfer them to another host. If you purchased a domain like a .com, since you own the actual domain and the content, your site would remain as-is with the new hosting company. There are tutorials on exactly how to do this.

      If you are using Siterubix domain, then the name is not transferrable. The name would stay with WA. However you can keep the content. You may still transfer your site content over, but would then have to pick a new domain name and host to move everthing over to. Sometimes the formatting gets a little out of wack but that’s about it. Nothing is ever lost, no worries.

      Hope all is well and I hope to see you inside WA.

  25. Hey LEV!

    I’m really impressed you have all these answeres and you responded to everyone. If the community works similar it has to be awesome and I can’t wait any longer to join it. I’m really eager and highly motivated jump into the world of affiliate marketing. Moreover when I found affordably priced and well reviewed community. You were writing above it takes about 3 months to see some results If I work hard enough. I’m just wondering how high budget I need to begin with? I cannot picture If within that 3 months I will be already using paid advertisments and how much it will cost me all in all approximatelly? I know its probably very individual but I would like to have some idea.

    Thank you man!

    • Hey Mario! Thanks for the kind words & taking the time to write in. I hope by now you’ve been able to see first hand just how helpful not only the community is but just how much and how fast you can learn how to create an online business over at WA.

      Like you said the results vary per person and depends on how much you are able to consistently work on your business. By the way you don’t need to do paid advertisements. Actually most of the training is focused around getting ranked in the search engines and social media organically, which means for free. This is the best way. If you want to try pay-per-click ads or display ads, you can always set the budget yourself to a daily limit like $10/day or whatever you can afford. It’s up to you but depending on the type of business and traffic you want to get, paid ads can enhance exposure and conversions if you can master it. It is something that needs to be studied on its own. Wealthy Affiliate has an unbelievably awesome training series on this topic and goes into a great deal of detail in the step by step videos.

      Man I’m excited for you; just get out there and try it all out! I’m here for you if further guidance is needed, find me in the community over at WA. See you buddy.

  26. I admire your response to people, pls I don’t have any on idea on blog, website creating and hosting , most terms or language are strange to me but I only know how to surf the internet, my question is can I learn and be successful in WA or do I need a fundamental knowledge before I can flow with teachings. am really new to it. secondly can a newbies like me grow faster in it. thank

    • Thanks Francis…creating a blog or website is not the only way to create an income online, in fact some people don’t have one. Although WA teaches newbies how to use WordPress and provides free hosting and templates, this is just one avenue to earning money. WA teaches all the other ways there are to create an online presence and business. Whether through social media, video, audio, services, products, affiliate marketing, landing pages, advertising, reviews, local marketing and promoting anything you want. Just get in there. It will all make sense once you start going through the easy to follow lessons and videos. So…I’ll see you in there. Take care

  27. Hi Lev,
    I’m in Northern California. After reading your WA review and reading your responses to everyone, I’m ready to at least give the free membership with WA a try. But first, questions:
    I already have a website through wix, and another one through Shopify. When I start the WA courses and follow along, must I still create another website through WordPress?
    I already have an online store and a physical product. But they’re new, still a baby, and I haven’t begun to market or advertise so I have zero sales right now. I still want to explore affiliate marketing. Plus I’m thinking of digital products to create as well in the future.

    • Hey there Aileen. Great question…the answer is; you absolutely do not have to have a WordPress site. The marketing and promotion portions of the training offered at WA are aimed at any web property whether it be your own Shopify site or physical products online store, digital or whatever. So no worries there. Premium members do get free WordPress templates and hosting at WA. What you’ll learn is invaluable and will help all aspects of your activities to earn an online income, such as the endeavours you mention. Good luck and I wish you success!

  28. hi LEV!free starter account is not available in TANZANIA,for this time i do not have money to pay for premium,help me please to start with the free starter account

    • Hey George…ok try using a different email address now and sign up as in a different country such as in Europe or United States. Worst case you may need to use a proxy of some sort to mask your ip address. Hope this helps, let us know, thanks…

  29. Lev. I became a free member of WA mid-August 2016 and am considering going Premium because I like them all so much and have learned a lot, created my own website through Rubix and am just waiting for it to go “live” on Google. I feel I am ready for the next stage and I would like to know if you can cancel your membership with WA at any time or are you “locked in” to a yearly subscription just in case I change my mind. Thank You.

    • That’s great Julia. Thanks for sharing with us and glad to hear you’re loving the communinty and all the value you’re getting form WA. Since you’re ready and on a roll with SiteRubix you can go with the monthly plan and of course cancel anytime. Although I hope you’ll never feel the need to change your mind. The yearly subscribtion is not necessary, it just comes with a discount is all. I wish you continued success! See you inside. Take care.

  30. I am considering to join WA. But there are some doubts that I would like to clear and it would be great if you can help me with that.
    I’ve read a lot about WA and I know that they can show you the road-map to success and also teach you the know how of affiliate marketing and after that, it depends upon you how much time you put in and how efficiently you work to reach your desired goal.

    My question is actually related to Premium account, since Free membership is not available in my country (India).
    It says that you can have 50 websites, what does that exactly mean?

    I mean does that mean that you will have 50 domains and hosting included in the package or is it just that you can host upto 50 websites but you have to buy domain names separately??

    Also, if I purchase a premium plan, are there any restrictions related to my use of the website that I’ll be hosting?

    And the last question is, the hosting that they are providing, is it limiting in some sense? I mean if website starts to receive a lot of traffic or starts to consume a lot of resources, do I have to pay more for an upgraded hosting environment?

    • Hi İqbal, good question.

      As a premium member you are able to host up to 50 of your own domain names. These are domains that you would purchase separately if necessary. I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by restrictions, however the site must be a WordPress site. There are thousands of templates to choose from. So basically, WA hosting is based on WordPress. You can use hosting somewhere else if you have a different type of site, as some WA members do, and still follow the WA training, and keep in touch with the WA community…

      As for your last question, No there is no limit as far as traffic and no you will not be charged extra. There isn’t an upgraded hosting as it is not need. All you will ever need is included. Give it a try and you may also ask tech support more detailed questions. Hope that clears things up. Take care.

  31. Hi,
    Thank you for your review.
    That sounds interesting but I have a few questions about reviewing the products.
    What’s the process exactly in here? Checking the hot and potential items on Amazon(and other affiiliate stores) and reviewing them? And by reviewing, it means writing a whole article about each item, describing the pros and cons etc? If English is not my mother tongue and writing is not my best skill, is that a task that can be outsourced? How can anyone write about an item if he or she never owned it?
    How many reviews in the website there should be on average?
    I understand that this is not a business model that makes people get rich overnight but do you think such a business is enough to make a decent living(for 1 person) or It’s better to think of it as a side project.
    Finally, are there any existing websites of specific niches that I can see? Sometimes, real examples are very encouraging to move forward.

    Sorry, I asked so many questions, but I’m just a little confused.

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Ahmed sorry for the late reply. Hopefully by now you’ve logged in and have given WA a try.

      Internet marketing (making money online) consists of many avenues. Affiliate marketing is just one way of doing so (using your site/blog to provide useful information in the form of recommendations, articles, reviews, etc.) There are many other ways to generate an income using the internet without having a website. WA teaches these other ways as well.

      If English is not your first language there are writers available over at places like who can write original articles for cheap. You’ll be learning the details regarding the content needed for reviews within the training video lessons over at Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can start it off as a side project then once you reach your earnings goals you can transition to more fulltime. But the best part about this venture is that after you put all the work in upfront your income can become passive, meaning you spend even less time while earnings increase over time as you go. You can definately earn enough to make a living and then some. After all that is the goal! If you can stay disciplined and work consistently you will suprise yourself. I know I was. There are thousands of us within the community that have made this a reality and now we’re able to share what we know and help the new comers achieve the same for themselves. Like I always say: If you can integrate WA into your lifestyle, it will change your life!

      For examples of successful websites I suggest going to the profile pages of Ambassador members over at WA, they list their websites there or just ask some members within the chat to share. There is even a section where everybody is actively sharing their sites and getting feedback daily. I wish you luck and success on your journey. Search my name Lev within WA, message me and I can help get you on your way.

  32. Hey there! I currently have a sub-domain that is provided to me by my MLM company, On this page there currently isn’t a “contact me” option, just a enroll for free option. What sort of websites (they say you will get 50) will we be provided with as a premium member and are there ways to generate leads and free enrollments outside my domain without naming the company? Have you seen awesome results with sub-domain, mlm’s such as this? Look forward to trying it out!

    • Hey Britney! Glad you found us along with the WA community. As you know, Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM company. WA is a community/forum of internet marketers also offering top-notch training on starting an online business. They offer an affiliate program as well. As a premium member, WA can host your own domains as WordPress websites for free. However, as a free member they’ll provide WordPress Siterubix sub-domains for free. Obviously you may promote anything you’d like on your own sites. You may NOT promote your own stuff directly within the WA platform, but you’re allowed to post your website links on your profile page.

      Hopefully you’ll get in there and try out all they have to offer. Take care and happy marketing:)

  33. Hey Lev,
    I just joined WA and am needing a buddy to guide me on my journey to building a profitable and successful online business. Can you be that person?

    • Absolutely! Sure thing Kent…it’d be my pleasure. Btw congrats on joining! Way to take action. Now once logged in search for me under ‘Lev’ then go ahead and send me a private message or you can email me at Let me know what stage you’re at in the training. From there we can start generating ideas and an action plan. I look forward to guiding you through, sharing tips along with my experiences…let’s do this!

  34. Hi Lev, I’m very eager to begin learning about affiliate marketing. I have 3 questions for you. I have read a great deal about WA and understand it is not a get rich quick program. I am unemployed and as a single mom dependent upon my income alone, I need to earn an income quickly. I must start with the free package until I find work that will sustain my household.
    Question #1, if I dedicate 4 hours per day educating myself through WA, how quickly may I see results?
    Question #2 Must I have “many” niches/websites in order to bring in more income or do you recommend focusing on one area?
    Question #3, your article states “Once your website becomes popular enough to generate considerable traffic…” how in the world would I generate traffic on my website?, Is there a training module for that?, If so, is it Advertising that would generate traffic, and if so what is the additional monthly cost to expect for something like that?
    THANK YOU (that last question had 3 questions in it all by itself 🙂

    • Hi there Lisa. All great questions:)

      From my own experience you should start seeing results within three months or so. But obviously this varies depending on the individuals discipline, motivation, etc. and how much time they can set aside to work on their online business. Starting with the free package will do just fine. You must go through all the training, I recommend going in order and then implement the steps as you go.

      Take your time, do not rush, be thorough and if needed repeat lessons to make sure you understand the concepts.
      While learning the best part is the helpful community where there’s always someone there to answer your questions immediately, whether in the chat or by posting you question.

      The more you stay active and the more you interact/participate the more you will get out of your free membership and I’m sure you’ll make some friends along the way too.

      Check off your tasks as you move forward. The training system is very intuitive and easy to understand. Just do what the lessons say and you should have no problems achieving your goals. Also, keep in mind there are ways to earn money online other than just creating a website/blog, which you will learn as well.

      Now to your questions:

      1.) From what I can tell you are willing to put in some good time and if you can be disciplined you will be well on your way. Not giving up right away and working on your business consistently is key.

      2.) I definitely recommend focusing on only one area first. Once that is successful you can branch out much easier. Don’t spread yourself thin. Choose a topic that truly interest you. This could be something you already know about, a hobby etc. It could also be something you wish to learn about and by documenting what you learn into a blog you could build a business around that as well. The point here is that you will be helping others with your knowledge, insights etc. You’ll be providing value in some way.

      3.) You will learn all about generating free traffic in this video training. You can access it here:

      Basically you are going to try to rank in the search engines organically, paid traffic is also an option but not necessary. You will learn all the different techniques to get visitors. Don’t worry. Getting people to your site is easier than people think.

      Stay eager and hungry, and by using this world-class program you will bare the fruits of your labor. Thousands of us at WA already have.
      Stay the course and take care. Hope to see you inside.

  35. Hi Lev, i signed WA today but understand that, free membership is not available for India. Before heading to pay the premium annual amount $359, would it be better to try for one month by paying $47. Let me know your views. Since i do not have experience and knowledge in this domain, checking with you. Please help me.

    • Anil hi, hope all is well over there in India:) I first started with the monthly payment then went premium a few months later. But you can upgrade to premium anytime and I believe they will pro-rate (deduct) the cost the month you switch. It’s a lot more advantageous price wise to pay annually upfront and I think after trying it for a month or two you will see that it is way worth it!

  36. Hi Lev!
    I tried joining WA after reading your great review but i was told i already have an account with WA and today was the first time i tried to open one. Can you please help me fix this problem?

    • Hi Ntsiki, great to hear you’ve taken action. Unfortunately this glich occasionally happens depending on the country you live in.
      Go ahead and use my contact form to send me your full name and I will request to have your account opened.
      I’ll then send you an email regarding accessing your account. We’ll be in touch…

  37. Hi lev.
    Can I start making through the free membership trainings or do I have to go premium in order to start making any money?

    • Hi Rii,
      I had the same question when first finding out about WA too. The good news is yes, you can absolutely begin to earn money with the free membership as well. I urge you to get in there and start learning how. Go through all the available training as thoroughly as you can, take action and you should be well on your way to earning an income online.

  38. I’m from the Northeast part of the USA and I have been searching for Affiliate Marketing programs since the late 90’s. I’ve always been skeptical, and with little or “0” zero start up capital, I’m always hesitant to jump into any program that comes along the pike. However, I’m at a point in my life where I am looking for a pot to p–s in – for lack of a better phrase. My main questions are as follows:

    1.) If you join with the “Starter” package, and move to premium, is it a monthly charge of $49.00, or do they charge you for 12 months at one time, which is close to $600.00 US?

    2.) When looking for a “niche” – I can literally think of 50 to 100 different niches that I could dig into and promote, how is that possible with a limit of 50 websites?

    Like you, I’m not satisfied with just “making an extra dollar or two” – I would want to make this my second job (IT professional by day here). My wife and I are struggling financially and I want to make sure I’m making a sound investment before I say “go for it”.

    I’m also of the “never give up” mindset, and I know that I could succeed at doing this, I just want to make sure I’m making the right decision for me and my family. I’ve researched the Wealthy Affiliate program and have not found much negativity other than the typical people who want to down play and be negative themselves as a whole. I don’t need those type of people in my life and I try to put those negative comments aside.

    Live and Prosper Brother and Be Blessed

    • Thanks Ken I appreciate your thorough comment brother. Okay so let me start by saying I can tell you have the right attitude and will power to see this through. With WA you have found the best community to learn everything you need to get your online business started. You can go through a lot of material as a free member, there is no need to rush into premium either. Yes they do have a promotion if you join premium within 7 days or whatever but you do not need to do this right away if you do not feel comfortable.

      This link explains it all:

      Now to answer your questions:

      1. You always have the option of paying monthly when you switch to premium, which is $19 promotional first month and then $47 monthly. If you pay for the full year in advance it becomes less expensive. You would save $120 per year by purchasing the annual one-time payment.

      2. You will not need nearly 50 websites. Once you go through the first lesson in the training you will realize this. You will initially be sticking to one niche then possibly branch out to a few more. Some people are even making a living with online marketing without an actual full blown website. There are many paths to success which you will learn in the videos.

      Just get started and you’ll get a feel for all the possibilities, then choose what’s right for you. I look forward to seeing you in the members area. Take care and if you need anything else contact me on my profile page at WA. Wishing you much success.

  39. Hi Lev! Weebly has been my website host of choice for many years. Would it be detrimental to use Weebly instead of WordPress? And can you use an existing passion project website to start making income? Or does WA generally want you to start one from scratch?

    • Hi Judith…I understand the ease of use with Weebly and no it would not be detrimental to use Weebly instead of WordPress. It is true that most of the training at WA is geared towards WordPress, which is also very easy to use, however a majority of the courses and lessons apply no matter what platform you decide to use.

      I am not sure if there is an advantage as far as showing up higher up in the search engine rankings if you have your own domain name w/ WordPress vs. a weebly extension name. Might have to look into that and I think you cannot do advertising with google adsense and other networks without your own domain name. I’m pretty sure this is still the case. Anyhow, you also do have the option of transferring your Weebly site over into a WordPress site without losing any data. Just google for ‘weebly site transfer to wordpress.’ Hope this helps.

  40. Hi, Lev, can the website (s) be created in another languages for instance the in Russian and Uzbek which are my first and second languages, or does it have to be only in English?

    • Hi Aziza…your blog or website can definitely be in your native language. The information you’ll be learning can be applied to any language because you can target any market/country that you wish. Let me know if you need further guidance. Thanks.

  41. Hello Lev
    I have to say I am amazed how you reply to each and every comment here on this post. I myself have been looking an awfully long time for a great opportunity only to be burned time and time again. I feel like Ralph Cramden from the honeymooners.
    WA I have heard of many times over the years and really haven’t given it much thought to try it. Reading your post has peaked my interest. I’m willing to work hard to reach my goals in making money online. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope that this program is not a scam.

    • Eric its definitely not a scam and it is also not a get rich quick scheme either. I appreciate your comment and hope you have tremendous success with this new endevour. Please give it your best, it all begins with believing in yourself. The members in the community will be of immense help, not only regarding the set up of your online business, but by motivating you as well. If you can put aside at least a few hours a week or more you will see results sooner than you think. Make WA a routine part of your life like checking your facebook or email. Let me put it like this; if you can integrate WA into your lifestyle then it will change your life. It has for myself and for thousands inside the community. ‘Ambassador’ members and I will be available to help you every step of the way. I’m glad you came back around and are actually taking action. You’re half way there…See you on the inside buddy.

  42. Hello Lev, I am still in starter account and the last time I logged in to create a website, I got a blank and white looking screen page to fill in with details. I am not Web designer and the process was intimidating so I stopped. Is there a procedure to create a website/blog in WA, please help?

    Another question is that can I log in my account and do updates using proxies and cyber Cafe computers ?

    Thanks for the information.

  43. Hi lev,
    Your review on wealthy affiliate was great. As i live in India there is no free membership available. And i am a complete beginner when it comes to blogging. I am still a college student, so I don’t have a lot of money. But I am hell-bent on blogging and willing to take the risks involved. What i wanted to ask is do you recommend getting a wordpress blog and learning through different sources online or just joining wealthyaffiliate?

    • Hey there Saad! I appreciate your enthusiasm. I’m glad you got something out of the review. If you do not want to lose anymore time I definitely would go with the monthly membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you will ever need is in one palce. You won’t have to search all over the internet for info, which most times is not accurate and not current. Your membership will not only include the most up-to-date detailed video training, along with classes on how to monetize your blog. After all, you want to earn money while doing what you love. You get free hosting and free WordPress blogs with hundreds of templates to choose from.

      There is no way I would be where I am today if it weren’t for WA. The best part is the community of members who are super helpful, we keep eachother motivated and make sure we advance through all the courses until we are all earning from our blogs. There is a chat section where you can ask questions 24/7 and ‘ambassador’ members that you can get detailed answers and help anytime as well.

      Try logging in with this current email again. It will create a record eventhough you cannot login. Leave me another comment here when you have done this. I will then have the account opened for you and send you an email with the details.

      Then once a member, I will personally help you along. Just find me under my profile page by searching for ‘Lev’ in the search bar at WA. I’ll get back to you asap.

      • Hi lev,
        Thanks for the fast reply. I had already tried to sign up to wealthy affiliate befroe i knew that it wasnt available in India,using a different account(the one I am using to reply). And many companies have a strict policy against signing up using multiple accounts from the same ip address. So will i still see you on the other side if i use this email id?

        • Saad no problem. I put in a request to have your account opened. However I have used your previous email, not the one from this comment.
          Go ahead and try signing up again using your yahoo email. It may not let you however it will still create the account in the backend, which I will then have authorized. Once this is done you will have access. Let me know when you have done this. Also, if you can go to my contact page and send me your full name from the contact form. Thanks…almost there.

  44. Hi Lev, Understand that, free membership is not available for India. Before heading to pay the premium annual amount $359, would it be better to try for one month by paying $47. Let me know your views. Since i do not have experience and knowledge in this domain, checking with you. Please help me. Is there a option to try with $19 for the first month by any chance without changing any network options from India. What is the reason for not including India for free membership, please let us know.

    • Folks from India can definitely join WA, but there are a number of countries where they experience a TON of spam and hacking attempts from and unfortunately India is one of them. This is why they require folks to go Premium before they join. I recommend going monthly until you get familiar with the community and after going through a few of the courses. You can pay the annual amount anytime and will be pro-rated the months you’ve already paid. I will send you an email now regarding setting up your account.

  45. Hi Lev. What is the name of the website to get started and look into this further? How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around? I have been reading all the comments about this and many of them are very positive. I do not have a product or service that I can think off to show my talent on a website though. How does the website get created? Thanks.

    • Hey Scott – the name of the actual website is
      They have been around since 2005. When I started, as well as a majority of members, we did not have a product or service. In fact as you will see it is not required. Once you go through the free lessons everything becomes much more clear. And everything will begin to click when you spend a little time in the community. As far as website creation, you can use the free WordPress (or siterubix) templates along with the free hosting (one website limit), which are accessed right on the Wealthy Affiliate site itself, under section marked ‘Tools’ -> Websites and Hosting. There are also step-by-step video tutorials to get you up and running. Those are accessed under the ‘Classrooms’ section. Thanks for your enquiry. Hope this helps.

  46. Hi again. I tried to log in 3 hours later I tried to register (with no success) with the details I registered and I could log in. After that I received welcome email (before login no email). I upgraded immediately of course. All is good now. Thanks
    Regards Hans

    • Great Hans! I had put in a support ticket for you with Carson. Anyway, glad we’re connected now and congrats on joining as a premium member. Please share your successes with us as you move forward. Let me know if you need anything. See you inside.

  47. Hi Lev, thanks for your review. Sounds great. However it’s impossible to signup, I get this message: “Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!” Never signed up before, tried 3 different browsers. Tried to login= no such user. Tried forgot password, but won’t recognize email. Tried signup with another email ( No way to sign up. I’m in Europe, Denmark.

    • Hans, I contacted support regarding this issue. I’ll get back to you as soon as they reslove it. Hang in there…thanks

  48. I don’t have Internet service on my desktop anymore. I have iPhone 6S+ and iPad Air- can I use this or would I have to get internet on desktop computer again.

    • Hi Kathy, I also own a iPhone 6 and do most my work from it. You most certainly can use your mobile devices to not only go through all the video training at WA and use all the functionailty including live chat messaging, but also I used my tablet to build a web property using wordpress. Luckily we live in a mobile world and don’t have to be stationary in front of our PCs anymore. This is also what makes all this so easy and fun because you can learn and grow your online business on the go. So give it a go!

  49. I joined Wealthy Affiliate 2 months ago as a starter. While I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is Legit, I was not able to find my passion that is really the key to operating any successful business. If it isn’t something fun and meaningful that you really love doing, I think the effort that goes into running a successful and profitable business makes it hard to sustain.
    That being said, Wealthy Affiliate does offer a Premium Membership which is quite low for the first month and little bit more every month thereafter. Because I couldn’t figure out what my passion is, I never signed up for Premium. There are some articles that Kyle and Carson and other members have to put together that discuss passion and tips on how to come up with a niche.
    Every once in a while WA will send out an email encouraging me to go Premium, and every I respond that I am having trouble finding my passion. And every time no one gets back to me. Kyle and Carson really aren’t available unless you go Premium. I’ve posted questions on my profile site and theirs, but they’ve never answered them, so I ended up removing them.
    I’m really disappointed that they never reached out to me.

    • Hello Joe. I’m sorry you feel this way about WA currently. I will try to change your mind because I think you are worth it and I think you deserve to see your results improve. It’s unfortunate because it seems you did not exhaust all the ways to get immediate help. In order to get help you do not need Carson or Kyle. Also Keep in mind that Kyle and Carson are the owners and there are tens of thousands of members like you. They may not get back to you right away, but they will get back to you eventually. Anyway, this is not an effective way to get real help and you should not judge the program based on this.

      If you were not aware, there are also hundreds of ambassadors, designated with “ambassador” next to their name. They are the most experienced and capable of answering any question you might have. They’ll also offer advice, ideas and work with you one-on-one. Just follow any one of them and ask for help on their profile page or private message them directly. Or you can respond to any of their posts to get a reply.

      I know you might not have found your passion or niche just yet. That is ok. If you go through all the lessons and even the bootcamp, eventually something will click. I am sure of it. In fact I will challenge you by being your personal mentor. I’d like to bounce some ideas off you and understand what interests you.

      I want you to get back into WA as a free member and wite a message directly on my profile at WA, type ‘Lev’ to find me or email me at:

      The only thing I ask is that you actually do the lessons in order and do what the steps tell you. Start at the green tab “Get Started Here”, top left of the site. You might have already started, if so great, we will continue where you left off.

      If you do exactly what is suggested and check the tasks off your list, then you will make immense progress. The trick is to stay motivated and not give up. The way to do this is to stay engaged with the community so that they can help you whenever you get stuck. Even a few simple exchanges within the live chat box does wonders to get you going.

      Also one more thing, I advise you to ask your specific question in that particular lessons’ comments section where you are having trouble. You will be surprised at how quickly and how thoroughly your question will be responded to. I’m pretty sure you already know how helpful the people in the community really are.

      Listen Joe, you do not need to go Premium, you can begin to learn the basics of earning online within the community. Nobody is trying to sell you anything. But you do need to go through with learning process with the initial lessons and take action. And you already know what the benefits of eventually going Premium are and how much more it can help you. But first let’s just get you consistently working on this stuff so that you can earn your first $. Again, I will personally help you. I look forward to you reaching out. No more excuses, no more blame. Just results. Contact me. We (the WA community) are here to help you. Give us a try.

      Take care,

  50. I am thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. Lev says to
    contact him inside the message system and he will walk you through the process. If I joined as a free member, I would want to be able to get ahold of Lev within reason. I do not know how to do this. Does he have a email address that a person could send a email to?

    • Hi Jeannie thanks for writing in.

      And I’m glad to hear you’re interested in joining us. Once you sign up over at the Wealthy Affiliate community as a free member, just type “Lev” in the search bar. Once you click on my name you’ll be sent to my profile page where you can send me a private message or comment directly. Join here.

      You can also e-mail me directly at:
      Whichever way you wish, either way I look forward to helping you along. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Best wishes,

  51. Hi LEV

    I’m from Thailand, just wondering if WA available for Thailand? AND if my English is not good, will they understand my questions? I understand English,but i can’t speak fluently.

    • Hi Sarrin, Yes WA is available for Thailand. The community is full of very helpful and understanding people (and lots of Thai people), and they’d be glad to work with you. I will also personally be helping you, no problem. You can just use Google Translate to convert the text. Use Google’s Chrome browser. Also you can write your question in Thai in Google translate and highlight & copy the English translation text, then in Wealthy Affiliate paste your question into the empty ‘ask question’ field.

      Go ahead and try to create an account and if you have any trouble please write back here and I will have your account opened. Sometimes there are problems with loging-in right away. I will take care of it for you, just bookmark this page and come back here and write another comment to let me know what happens. Hope this helps get you started.

    • Dinesh I will help you if you agree to first help yourself. I will point you in the right direction. You’ll then need to go through some of the free training and step-by-step videos here. HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE – The Process Explained

      Once a free member at Wealthy Affiliate you can private message me and I will be glad to help you along the way, no problem whatsoever. Once you start learning the steps you will be suprised at how much you can earn and how quickly. The best part is that there is a huge live community of earners that are willing to help 24/7. You will see what I mean once inside. Hope to hear from you shortly Dinesh.

  52. Hi Lev, could you tell me if WA accepts MasterCard debit card? (I just joined through your page here and I would like to go premium).

    • Hi there. It’s a pleasure to see you amongst us! You can pay any way you wish. If you need to, send a private message directly to Carson regarding this. I hope you are learning a great deal from the training and most importantly are enjoying yourself. Let us know how you are doing…

  53. Hi,am annah in south africa i just created my free account today.i would like to know how should i remain on that level because premium to me is expensive am earning rands,after how long will i start to earn from WA,because am good when coming refering new people but i think they wil need to see prove that i really earn something,thanx in advance for helping me to have clarity about this

    • Hi there Annah,

      Great question. You should stay with the free account for as long as it takes to go through all the materials and videos. Everybodys learning ability and discipline level is different so it is difficult to put an exact time frame on when you will begin earning money from referrals and from everything that is shown in the classrooms. Though I will say that if you put forth an honest effort consistently and interact with the community and ask questions when you get stuck, you should see results within a few months or so. It is all about taking action and actually completing the tasks one by one. It will take some effort on your part but you will get back much more than you put in, that is for sure. There is no excuse for not trying and once younhave the formula you can keep on creating multiple passive incomes. Keep in mind there are thousands of us at WA living our dreams thanks to the information that we acted upon. Now it is your turn. Please find me once you sign up and contact me if you need any further guidance. It would be my pleasure to help you get going. See you there.

  54. Hello!

    I am from Philippines and I am very eager to look money online and I came across with wealthy affiliate. I just wanted to start as free membership but it can’t access within Philippines. So sad, just wanna have a try first if it will work for me coz I badly need to make money online. What can you suggest then?
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,
    Filipina 🙂

    • Hi Nanette,

      Unfortunately currently WA is not available in your country but I can suggest a few things so that you can still get access. To try again you now should use a different email address. Before you click over to their site try switching your browser to incognito or private mode. This will mask your ip address and thus your location. Then when registering select a different country such as UK or Germany perhaps. This should work, if not then also change your VPN settings to route through another network provider, and then try all over again with yet another new email and the rest of the steps above. Hope this will be of help to you. Good luck.

  55. I didn’t get any option of selecting country? And in my country free account is not available.

    • Hello Ammar, you will need to use a different email to try again, if you dont have one get a free gmail account for this. When clicking over to WA make sure you are in private browse mode. This will hide your ip address and location. Then when signing up use a European country or the US. This works but for whatever reason you cant get in try changing your DNS setting to a open network. Then repeat the steps above. Let me know if you still have trouble signing in.

  56. The following is something you mentioned in your post….but after reading your post (unless I missed it) I didn’t see you address this…You said:

    “It’s no secret that the internet is now host to a good number of online scams that claim to make you rich in no time.
    I would say that 90% are a straight up scam, which I will reveal on this site”

    I didn’t see where you revealed what the online scams were….You continued to promote WA….I mean that’s o.k. but you really should address what you claim you will address…that looks fishy when you don’t…

    • I can see your point Jordan and can also understand your skepticism as well. If you look under ‘The Bad’ category in the menu you will see some of them. I was once where you were too, questioning everything. But you will have peace of mind if you go with any of my recommendations, especially WA if starting out and just want to learn more. It is free, you can learn a great deal as a starter member, no need to pay either.

      It’s the safest place to be actually and you get to interact with a community of real members just like yourself, get in there and ask anything you like in the chat area and you will see for yourself that there is nothing to lose. And don’t feel like you’re missing out on something else out there because there is nothing that compares. I hope you will take me up on this and if you try it out and don’t agree with everything I’ve explained please come back and tell us about your experience here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  57. hi LEV,
    i would like to join WA premium member please suggest how would i avail that discount you are offering59%. do i need to pay full upfront then balance will be credited to my account. or need to pay discounted amount only, n please tell how in case on monthly payment if i choose to make. thanks, give me your affiliate link to follow.

    • Hey Vipin if you sign up as a start-up member it is completely free and you can still learn a ton of stuff in the step by step videos and training courses. If you would like to then upgrade to a premium membership, which I highly recommend, then you will get the first month discounted and thereafter be charged monthly at the regular rate. You don’t need to pay upfront; most members prefer monthly billing, but if you decide to pay for the full year of premium membership you will get an even bigger discount. I hope to see you as a member either way.

  58. Please Lev, may I know if Wealthy Affiliates works in Nigeria.

    I am Nigerian & I live in Nigeria.
    Educate me on how to go about becoming a member if it works, or recommend a credible alternative if it doesn’t.

    Christian Ken.

    • Christian hello. To fix this problem just choose a different country when registering, like UK or Germany. Any European country will work for you. If this does not work on your first try, then you must use a different email that you have not used to register at WA before. Let me know if you have any difficulties still.

  59. hello sir,
    i’m gopal from india.i’m a graduate and currently doing agriculture,i’m from a very poor family monthly income is 5000 rupess (75$),within that we have manage our needs.47$ will be easier for the peoples earning more than 500$,but for peoples like us,we have to work day and night..i’m really interested to join hands with you,but i’m quite afraid,because i’m a begginer,i don’t have any idea about affiliate marketing..i’m ready to pay,because my family is ready to sacrifice their needs until i make money and lift my parents..please help me sir..i’m a person from a family who are living below the poverty line..i’m ready to do what ever u say..i need your help sir..please..i’m a fresher to this field,can i make money?am i eligible?,sorry for asking you this because once i pay u the money of 47$ and nothing gained,i have to work harder and harder to regain that money and give it to my parents.please help me sir..i want to join and make money.can i??

    • Hello S. Gopal, you are definitely headed in the right direction regarding helping yourself and your family. Also, I commend you for researching and finding the path which will lead you to prosperity. The way thousands of us in WA and myself included have found a better life is through learning affiliate marketing. And there is no better place on Earth than the training and video lessons given at the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      I can understand if you are in a tough financial situation. So, I suggest you start as a free starter member and go as far as you can. You will still learn a great deal and enough to start earning money if you actually do apply what you learn. After you have gained some knowledge and feel more confident after seeing your progress and what is really possible, you can then join at that time. But right now you just need to get involved in the community for free and watch the videos ask as many questions as you have. Find me under ‘Lev’ in the community and message me directly if you need any one on one help. I wish you luck and I believe you have the motivation and skill to carry you through the learning process. See you inside the members area.

  60. Hi, so I am a college senior who is a poet spoken word artist, and have interest in journalism and editing. If I sign up for this, would that be a good idea and how would I make money from only making a website? Also, I can’t afford the premium membership right now, so do people make money with the free one?

    • Hi Serina, yes people do make money as free members. I suggest you sign up as a free start-up member and take in all the information that’s available. The community is very helpful in answering any questions you may have. You can post a question for all the experienced (ambassador) members to answer you. Also, using the live chat feature will get you instant answers from real members that are also logged in.

      The fact that you are a student willing to learn, are hungry for knowledge (knowledge that will earn you an income, i might add), and enjoy writing and sharing puts you way ahead of the crowd. Get involved with the community, ask as much as you can and you will be surprised at how many ways you can start to make money online. I hope to see you inside and if you do join please message me (@Lev) so that I can follow your progress and help with anything you might need. Good luck Serina.

  61. Hi lev! I’m thinking on joining WA, but it seems like you need passion on something or you’re best at something to make money on it. The problem is, I don’t have anything to teach or something. Then How could I get Income by not having any passion to share or etc in WA?

    • Christian I understand your concern. Here’s my advice: do not worry too much about the fact that you think that you don’t have a passion or have anything to teach right now. I have seen members get started in the community that say the exact same thing you just did. As you start to watch the step by step videos and go through the lessons you will get many ideas and get excited about the possibilities you did not know existed before. This alone will serve as your launching pad to begin sharing what you are learning. I know many people who have made money just by discussing their learning experience at WA. For example, you could do a blog that’s like your online journal showing you progress to earning your first dollar online.

      I suggest joining the free membership and then start asking the community for ideas. You can also private message me from there. Also use the 24/7 live chat feature to get instant answers from experienced members. Trust me, once you get involved you will be well on your way to discovering your potential. I hope you give it a try and I see you over at WA Christian.

  62. Hi, my website was created with WordPress.
    I also use WordPress as local host. If I was to join WA, would I be able to use WordPress local host to create new websites?
    John B

    • Hey there John,

      Google loves WordPress sites with original content that are updated regularly. Meaning you will get indexed automatically quickly and higher up in the search engine results for your related keywords. There’s something about the structure and code within WordPress that makes it much easier for Google to crawl your site, rather than sites that use Flash foe example.

      Another important factor that Google and the like take into consideration is the speed of the site. This is based on your hosting service. All of WA’s training is based on using WordPress, so you’re good there. Also, you can have your sites current hosting pointed to their DNS services to take advantage of their state of the art hosting. Premium members can host unlimited sites.

      You must also make sure your WordPress theme is mobile enabled. If not WA offers hundreds of WordPress templates and training videos on how to change your theme without using the contents. And I believe the admin will actually do it for you.

      So in short, your answer is YES. See you over there.

    • Hey there John, thanks for your question.

      WordPress is by far the best platform for creating your online business, you made the right choice. Google loves WordPress sites that have original content and are updated regularly. Meaning your site will get ranked higher up in the search engine results for your related keywords. Another important factor for Google and the like is making sure that your WordPress theme is mobile friendly.

      All of WA’s training is based on WordPress, so you’re good there. If your site currently is not mobile friendly make sure you choose a theme that is immediately. WA offers training on how to change themes without losing your content. In fact their admins will do it for you, just ask. There are hundreds of mobile enabled WordPress themes to choose from over at WA and they offer state of the art hosting services as well. Premium members can have unlimited sites hosted practically for the price of one, not to mention the vast knowledge regarding generating traffic found in the training materials and from the members available in the community.

      So in short, the answer is Yes. See you over at WA, this link shows what I mean…
      Perspective on WA Hosting (and Comparisons)

  63. Hi
    I am from India and after going through reviews, I really wish to join Wealthy Affiliate but it says Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!.
    Is there any way to get a free training?

    • Sangeeta you may need to try again with a new email address however, this time select a different country like the UK or Germany. This should allow you access. Let me know if you have further trouble.

      • Hi Lev,
        I tried with different id’s thrice but system says that ..”Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!”
        Pls help me to get out of this.

        • Try using a different computer. The ip address is probably the same, that is what is causing the error. Also create a new gmail that you haven’t used before. This should work, if not let me know.

  64. Hi, I’m a visual artist. I’m wondering if other creative have been successful using WA to market their own work?

    • Hi Kim,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Yes ofcourse WA will definately help get eyeballs to view and hopefully get your audience to then purchase your artwork. There are a multitude of ways you will learn to create a large following using social media, blogging, and internet marketing techniques. There are many members that are artists in the community, you can post a question to the entire community and many will answer giving ideas about what has worked for them. Also the chat feature is an excellent tool to get instant answers. I wish you good luck and fortune with this endevour.

  65. Hello Lev! This was a great review. I am thinking of getting started with Wealthy Affiliate. My passion is my music, as I am a hip hop artist/producer. I would love to be able to use what they teach to be able to sell my music, and merchandise that I will be creating as well. I wonder if there would be anyone within their community that could possibly give guidance on this. I have read numerous reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, and they all have been positive! I hope that they can help me!

    • Hey Vincent thanks for reading, im glad you found it useful. Hopefully it gets you going in the right direction. You have yourself a great niche and your passion is highly marketable and sought after.

      Once inside WA post your question to the community and people with similar interests will respond within hours. You can also get instant answers using the chat feature. Also search for the ‘ambassadors’ which will know who to put you in contact with. You may contact me by private message and I will help you with ideas to attract more traffic and visitors to your products. See you inside. Wishing you success.

  66. Hi,
    I tried to start a free member but i coudn’t bcs i live in Egypt …. pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase can u give me a soultion …. bcs i can’t afford 47$ bcs i still study 🙁

    • Hi Hamed. Please try to sign up using another country like UK or Germany. This should work, let me know if it does not. You might need to try it with a different email too.

  67. Your WA programme may be free but what other costs are there. For instance, advertising on google and ad words or all those other incidentals for keeping a blog or website active?

    • Hi Rhys,

      When starting out you do not need to worry about advertising on google adwords or other sites. The focus is on getting consistent organic traffic, meaning visitors that arrive on your site or social accounts, by clicking over from the search results page in google.

      As a free member you will be learning how to naturally appear on page one of the major search engines results pages. Advertising can be used later to enhance your presence online. A minimal budget can be set aside for this if desired.

      WA provides you with a free blog/website, hosting, training and access to the community to ask as many questions as you may have 24/7.

      There is no reason you shouldn’t give it a try. All the tools are available to you as a free member to become successful online. No excuses, see you in the community. I assure you that you will not be disappointed one bit.

  68. Thanks for the review. I have been searching all over, I have been scammed a couple times but I keep on trying. I have a good job which I hate but I can’t quit cause my family needs. I know this is legit however I wanna know a couple things: What is the difference between the free and the premium accounts (real issues like if you gonna get more traffic and how is it gonna short your road to profit) and how long did it take to make real profit for you with this?


    • Jose it definitely is legit and thousands of us in the community have transformed our way of thinking and we now live much more comfortable lives. You can get there too. It is not a get rich quick type of thing, it takes some working at. But with the help of all the friendly members and ambassadors, everyone keeps eachother held accountable and motivated to advance on. We are in there waiting to help people like you. Because we were all once like you. Just need to take the leap of faith and start with the free lessons.

      The free membership might be all you need to start earning online. I know of people like this. Differences are that some of the classrooms and private messaging is restricted to non-members. With the starter membership your allowed only one free website for example and if you decide to participare in their affiliate program called ‘bootcamp’ (which I highly recommend to everyone), not required but your payout percentage would be less as a free member.

      I wont give you actual numbers but I will say I was able to go full time a little over 6 months in. Some prople acheive success sooner some later however the majority of people start seeing results in less than 3 months. It depends on a few factors such as how much time you can spend working on it, your technical abilities, your motivational level, etc.

      Get in there and get involved. See you on the inside Jose.

  69. Hello – saw the reference to WA on some other site and decided to research deeper which led me to your posts. I’ve been reading through the reviews and also seen your advise to those from unsupported countries about signing up using a different country. I’m currently in Nigeria and while I’ll like to join sometime this month, I feel rather grey about the non-inclusion. Signing up as from a different country seems like an easy fix, but wouldn’t this impact the payouts? What are the options for receiving payments?
    P.S: PayPal is out of it because Nigerian PayPal accounts only support debits on the account, no credits

    • Daniel thanks for your question. Unfortunately Wealth Affiliate uses PayPal for payouts. One of my other program recommendations is ClickBank University. You might want to give them a try. I know that if you sell any of their products through their affiliate program they can send you an actual check or they send payment to a Payoneer debit card, which will also be sent to your address.

  70. LEV,
    I’ve got to say this does sound too good to be true, there are many many scams out there and I’ve fallen prey to a few. It takes away any faith one might have and hurts the pocketbook but, the bottom line is that one must keep trudging relentlessly to reach that which they want to achieve. So after reading your expertly written review, tonnes of other research and finding naught but technical complaints, I’ve decided to take a leap so to speak, and join Wealthy Affiliate.
    You’ve got me excited and at this point i’d like to tell you why.
    I played an awesome game called WarDragons on a team called ShadowFlames we started in bronze and were soon tops in platinum league with a 98% win ratio and heading to diamond fast, the highest league available and, this may seem irrelevant at first but let me explain. Before i was invited to the team i was on another and we weren’t doing so well we could not surpass silver, i had no idea why, we were all great players. Only after did i realize what it was. Communication. Active communication and participation. I see that here and i see that in WA, so i’d like to say thank you and i’ll see you on the other side.

    • Thank you Bernie for taking the time to share where you are coming from. Glad you got the point, just dive in otherwise you will spend forever wondering and searching. I promise no more scams for you after you try WA. It is by far the best place to begin. No risk whatsoever. This is where you prove to yourself you really want to get create a new life and get ahead because you have all the tools. You have unlimited support from the founders, experts (ambassadors) in every topic.

      If you have questions just find them, send a private message and you’ll have your answer and some extra advice, most times the same day. Find me in there. I will personally help too. So no excuses, you just have to make time to execute. You’ve already found the missing ingredient, which is a tight knit community to help motivate you through to the other side. Communication and actively participating are key because this creates a bond with people to hold you accountable. Congrats on joining! Your timing couldn’t have been better.

  71. I have been thru the whole saga mentioned above, but can I ask u a question? Why isn’t the website url : have a https: at the beginning???? Isn’t that going to give more security to the other people!! If i’m not wrong (S) stands for security

    • Hi Mayur. I can appreciate your concern regarding security. WA is set up using highly sophisticated servers and hosting is state of the art, high quality and is currently setting industry standards.

      You’ll notice an “https” once you login.

  72. Hi! I’m from Philippines, I got so interested when I saw the reviews but unfortunately WA is not available in my country. I’m a restaurant owner but I’m in deep debt right now, WA may be the key to my every day concerns and in paying my debts. I would like to try the Free starter account but can you find a way of making it available to my country? Thank you!

    • No problem Benjo. Glad to see you’re interested and once you get started you’ll definately be on your way to changing your situation.
      As far as your country of residence, this is not so important. You can choose any other available country such as France for example. This will allow you access, you can then send a support ticket once logged in explaining your issue and they will let you know what you can do.

  73. hi, I was a member when I started years ago, and can confirm that this is no scam-it’s a proper education that you have to implement, and yes, I made about $600 a week just with 6 page Adsense sites, then googles panda showed up and all went haywire and I stopped. Does WA have detailed advice on how to appeal to google in the light of their algorithm changes? Thanks

    • Thanks Nigel, I appreciate your comment as it touches on an important subject regarding Google algorithm changes. All the training is in there regarding this, just type the subject in the search bar and you will see the lessons and videos on the topic. Plus you’ll learn everything else you need to know to look good in Googles eyes, no matter what updates they make:)

  74. Hi,I was reading all reviews,and I really find it interesting,but,I tried to register,aand seems like with every single mail o try to register,it says,you are already registered,I’m not,this is the first time I search for smth like this,I tried with 3 direfent mails,and it gives me the same problem,I’ve tried maybe to recover my account if I was already register,recover password,then it says,you have no account,but when you sign up,its like this,oops seems like you already have been registered,help

    • Hi Amaro. That’s weird. I sent a support ticket with your email address just now. They will contact you with your login info or else I will. It should take a day or two max to get cleared up. Look out for an email from us. Take care

  75. Ok, so it sounds great. I am a stay at home mom of 4. If I designate one hour per day to this will it be worth it? I am really interested in natural health. Can I build a website on that?

    • Stephanie of course! Actually there are a ton of stay at home moms in the community and they are very successful. The important thing is to consistently work on your site. All the tools are there for you including access to the members (and myself) who are always there to help guide you. Your topic is very “evergreen”, which means the information you share is in high demand and highly monetizable. Go for it, you can create a sustainable income this way. Find me in the community and send me a private message and I will personally help you with ideas. See you on the inside.

  76. Is it possible to do this & make money if I don’t have any talent or particular interest in something marketable? How does one find a niche?

    • Rubin good question and I understand where you’re coming from. The best thing is to watch this video on finding a niche and I bet you will be surprised at what you will come up with. I hate to end this with a cliche but, where there is a will there’s a way. You may not think something is marketable, but after looking at it from a different angle you see the possibilities. The community is also there to help you generate ideas. So get in there and ask away, after all it is free and people (such as myself) are willing to help. At least go through the first lesson to get your juices flowing. You can private message me after signing in. Look forward to hearing from you. Talk to you later.

  77. Hi there, thanks for the review its just perfect. I started with WA 2 days ago. iii absolutely love iiit..The WA community are just aaalll amazing..Once i completed my profile and goals I had an influx of messages and comments. People dropping in to say hi, welcoming me to WA, offering me links and advice for beginners and offering their support. Its pretty overwhelming..It feels like we are one big family, it builds momentum and motivation knowing that theres people out there to walk through everything with you if you get stuck. The information, the tools, the step by step lessons, the videos and even the tasks with the little box that you tick individually when completed, at the end of the lesson iiis juust soooo aaamazing aaand freee. But im definitely going to upgrade to premium. Sorry everyone i better stop so excited about this that i can waffle on forever..To anyone who gives WA a try i wish you all the best on your journey. Have a great night or day wherever country you may be in everyone.. WA rocks

    • Ritia, thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us. It means a lot especially coming from someone who just joined. I still feel the same excitement as you do now. Keep at it and you will go far. I wish you continued success. To those of you who are still skeptical, so was I and I’m sure Ritia too. But my advice is to not approach WA with apprehension, but rather an open mind to gather a new skill that can dramatically change your financial situation as well as your outlook on life. Try it out and chances are you’ll feel the same way.

  78. I was wondering if this would help me with tips to build more traffic to my zazzle store eternalized. I have made a few sales using Facebook paid ads and making a facebook fanpage.

    • Angela what you are doing is great but it is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to traffic generation. It seems you are ahead of the game with your zazzle store. There are numerous step by step videos that show you how to increase your sales. Get in there and check them out. You will gain actionable knowledge not just with social accounts but for you actual storefront as well. Wishing you much continued success.

  79. Hi I posted some questions a while ago to wealthy affiliates and I didn’t get a reply but I looked on the website and one was answered. My other question is if in the future, I make over a certain amount and needs to be reported to the IRS, how would that be filled on the tax form?

    • Hi Peggy, you will receive a W-9 tax form at the end of the year which reports the income you made for the year and add this to your other tax forms. As you make more income, then talk to a CPA to see how to better create tax shelters and account for business expenses just like you would for any other business. Hope that helps!

  80. I’m skeptical. I’ve read through almost everything but then find that free accounts get deactivated why is that? Is there absolutely no one that has made money through doing just the free account? I’m running out of options on what to do with my life and am going to join the Navy soon enough but I want to be able to when available at home to be able to get involved with something like this. Its logical in the description that it is plausible. I have been dealing with online scams forever especially someone named Jack Clayton who’s a very sneaky rat who feast on the desperate. I am trying to get away from factory work as its unreliable and will be attending college when I can officially and financially support my son and myself as I am a single parent. So to the point I’m not asking to get rich off this but am willing to go after this for a good life. I want to be able to make a few grand or more a month to actually be able to be stable and live a little instead of just barely getting by with no time to enjoy. I am not tech smart with websites but will put forth the work if its not to require all of my time everyday as I cannot rely on this solely until I know for sure I can take off with this and forget the tedious low paying work I’ve gotten my hands on. I really want to believe this can be done and I can absolutely put my mind to anything. So I want to know if I’ll be able to get some decent income while using the free access until I am able to pay for premium as in the money from the free membership would help me with doing so.

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for writing. I understand where you’re coming from as I was once in a similar situation. So I appreciate your enthusiasm. To sum it up, the answer to your question is yes, you can begin gaining traffic and generating decent income with a free membership. The main thing is to work on the lessons and take action consistently. It has to become a part of your routine. If you can do this you will make money. It is hard work at first to get up and running and is based on your motivational level. Going premium shows your commitment and allows you to break out into the higher levels of earning such as your goals (a few grand a month). If you believe, then you will achieve, like the thousands of us that are already earning a comfortable income from the WA teachings. Like learning any new subject matter, it will require a good amount of effort on your part to make it happen. It is a step by step process. I suggest starting with the free membership then when you feel comfortable moving on to the next level, you can always go premium.

      • Please i need a clarification on this free membership; Is it just for seven days only or as long as you wish before upgrading to paid membership?
        Secondly, through which medium do they pay commission to members and what is your findings for Nigerians that were denied access as you promised Paul in 1st of April to find out? Please your detail information on this trivial issues will be highly appreciated. Thank you

        • Hi Gonus. The free membership does not end. However, you will only have access to the non-members only areas therafter. Payment will be made to you through PayPal. As far as Nigeria is concerned, please select any country that is available. It is not an important issue to get started. Hope this was helpful.

  81. Hi Lev,

    Thanks for this. After I sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, are there any other costs besides hosting and domain like advertising or getting traffic?


    • Thanks Jaime for your inquiry. You will be using Wealthy Affiliate’s top notch hosting for free as a member. And you do not have to own a domain to get started building a website or blog. In this case WA uses a blogging/website platform called SiteRubix that utilizes free WordPress themes (your domain would look like this for example: So that is also free. But lets say after you build this site you then want to purchase a domain name, this would cost about $10 a year to register. The tech support at WA will then help you transfer all your site content to your new domain once you are ready. The lessons focus on how to set all of this up and how to get free organic traffic by getting your site to show up in the Google search engine results.

      I suggest you start with this video, click here: Create a Website in under 30 Seconds!

      Go ahead and get started! See you there,

      • If you become a member of WA do you need a computer at home or lap top or you can use and ipad or your can work it out of your phone

        • Carlos you can definitely use an ipad to access all the modules in WA including the videos. They have made their entire platform and interactive lessons mobile friendly and they are always on top of the latest technology. And I also use either mozilla or chrome on my smart phone with no problems whatsoever. Give it a try using the free membership link at the top.

  82. Hi Lev

    How are you doing.I have signed up with a free account months ago but never really put anything into it.I know for a fact that many people make a good full time living online and it is a dream of mine to quit my job one day and do the same thing, ultimately spend more time with my family.I recently logged back into my account but cannot access most stuff on the website as my free account Has expired.Do I have to become a premium member now? Lev honestly, does this really work.Will I be able to fullfill my dream with WA.Awating your soonest reply

    • Hey there Gary. Things are good, thanks for asking. And yes Gary the things they teach you over at WA definitely work or else I would not be working online responding to this. If you can consistently set time aside and integrate WA into your lifestyle, it will change your life. It did for me and thousands of us. More time with family, financial freedom…it can be yours, you just have to take action and actually do what all the lessons tell you step by step.

      I recommend at least trying out the discounted one month premium membership (use the link at the top of the page), in order to go through this first few lessons, video tutorials, etc. This will help open your eyes to the possibilities for you. In the meantime I will contact support to see if I can reactivate your free account using the email you provided. If not you can try opening a new account with a different email. Give it a try, I promise you wont regret it. Then you can come back and comment letting everyone here know what you think. Deal?


  83. Hi Thanks for the useful information. I need some clarifications.
    a) I am from India and when I signed in it says for your country there is no free starter. please suggest.
    b) Can I use my existing website?
    c) Will there be any problem with google adsense, if I use this affilate programme as I am using adsense.


    • Hi Suresh, thanks for commenting. First of all, try registering with a different country other than India (for example use United Kingdom). Yes you may use your existing website. From my experience when using Adsense, you must link to your own website first (not directly to you affiliate program site). Your affiliate links will be on your own website. Plus this allows you to get more traffic to your site, resulting in a higher ranking in google.

      This is all explained in great detail in the step-by-step videos and lessons regarding pay-per-click advertising. I suggest using the link at the top of this review and signing up using a different country and getting the 1 month discounted premium membership at least. Good luck, it sounds like you are already ahead. You will do great.


  84. Hi, I tried opening a free account but it always said I already have an account with WA. I don’t remember I ever opened an account with WA. I even tried different name and different email address but the problem still exist. What can I do?

    • Hello Lzai. That is strange. I put in a support ticket to help straighten this out, I will be back in touch with a resolution shortly. Thanks for your patience.

      • Okay Lzai. I have had your account created. Please check your email for your login info. Cheers

    • i also tried to open an account but was told i already have an account,what do i do

      • Hi Jackson, I will look into this and get back to you. Is this yahoo email the one you used to sign-up with?

  85. Nice review, Lev
    Wealthy affiliate is truly a great company offering great service with very simple financial payments, just free and premium with no more product or any hidden fees.
    I joined it over many other companies as I searched for reviews and complaints and found WA to be in the top nearly without complaints

    It can really help people who are interested in earning money online. I wish I joined earlier.

    • Hi Mahmood, thank you for taking the time to give us your take on WA. I agree with everything you said. Some of us are lucky and make the leap of faith by joining. After all, there is nothing to lose. I tell everyone you won’t regret joining, and if you find that it’s not for you, then no big deal it is free to try anyway. But bottom line: It can change your life, I know it did for me and probably for you too. Take care.

  86. I, too, have reviewed and reviewed Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s a scam. There are so many online scam websites out there. They all say the same thing “Pay this much per month/per year and YOU can make TONS of money from home!” It’s also so gosh-darn easy to just post stock pictures online of bank statements, checks, PayPal accounts that have thousands of dollars in them… It’s all just so easy now!

    Even with this Free Account option. It only lasts for 7 days, and is a trial run. It’s not FREE to sign up for it long enough to actually MAKE you money. Just free for you to get an idea of what’s going on. At least, that’s what it feels like to me.

    How can we, the uninitiated and lay, be so sure that this is entirely legit? Where can we see, for ourselves, a real, true, example of this in action? Will it just require us to sign up with Wealthy Associates? Then get suckered? Where is an example of these websites that can be posted and created? I know I sound like a skeptic… maybe even cynical… but I’m of the opinion that if I am going to work from home… AND invest money (Even if it is “only” $49 a month…)… I’d want to know that I would get a return investment. Not just for me… but for my family as well!

    • Hi Matthew, all of your concerns are valid. I was once in your shoes, researching like crazy trying to find a real education source that could teach me how people were able to make a living online. No community college or university course was able to help me. The first company I chose to take the leap of faith with was Wealthy Affiliate. The major reason is, they let you in on the inside before ever having to pay a dime. Nobody else does this. They are that confident, like me. Sign up and give it a good honest effort. Try to get through at least lesson 1 (for free), then you’ll have a feel for how big this opportunity really is. Check out some of my recent responses to other comments and you will see there is nothing to lose, only everything to gain. When you sign-up search for ‘Lev’ in the community, send me a private message and I’ll be glad to help you along.

  87. Hi guys
    Great post about WA!
    I am starting my free account today, just wanted to get some insight if anyone’s actually made any money?
    And if so how much? If you don’t mind me asking?

    Would appreciate the replies quick

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jayden the majority of the community members over at WA are making good money (including myself), most have full-time incomes and I know of some exceptional members able to generate over $30,000 a month in revenue.

      Once you start interacting with the people in the community you will start to see for yourself that most of them have been members for many years, especially the ambassadors. I hope you are enjoying your membership. Chime back in here and let us know how its going. It would really help everyone out. Thanks!

  88. nobody had talk about money tho!!! does anybody earn some money yet?? and if you did, did you earn your money with the free account or with the premium?? i would say that if you don’t go for the premium account (49$ a month) you won’t make a penny because your training will be only 10 lessons that covers the essential… and then you have to pay…. Can anybody give me more info about that??? Thank you all!!

    • I too would really like to hear some solid feedback. All I can find in these ‘unbiased’ reviews are people saying how wonderful it is, but with absolutely no concrete examples, figures or any other sort of ‘proof’. I’d really like to believe in this, but perhaps it is – as the man often says – too good to be true. It’s ironic that it’s all the positive reviews that are actually putting me off. Nothing can be THAT amazing; there must be some at least neutral users…
      Please prove me wrong.

      • Hi Alena, I can understand your frustration. It is hard to get past all of the skepticism especially trying to get good solid information online. That is one of the reasons I started this site with the things I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

        I can assure you that it is not too good to be true, I am living proof. Please read the rest of the comments I responded to today below. This should give you an idea of the reality of this opportunity.

        Ultimately you can’t know without signing-up and trying it out for yourself. Then once in the community ask the people using the materials first hand. You can get your testimonials from the people that were once like you and that have actually paid and are still active members. Most of the members are many years deep. Just open the chat window and ask your questions or post a question to the entire community as a free member.

    • Yes, people like us are making good money online. It is because we started out at WA. Anybody that actually goes through the training and works at it has the opportunity to build a business to ANY level of success online. But like anything else in life’ the actual success someone achieves though is dependent on their actions.

      All I can really say is; Everything you need to create and grow a business online is included within Wealthy Affiliate, the only missing piece is you and your hard work.

        • Exactly Alena! No problem, I’m glad I could help clarify things a bit. Just try it out and see if WA is right for you and I’ll see you over there. Take care.

  89. I am currently receiving disability payments. Due to the nature of my disability, I must keep certain medical appointments but have found my sense of independance and self-esteem take a nosedive. Especially because the common question always is “What do you do for a living” I cannot stand for long periods of time and mobility can be an issue at times. Unfortunately, my monthly payments just don’t go very far and I consider myself to lead a meager lifestylr. As my children get older and begin college and pethaps go on to start a family, I want to be able to be a real grandma and mother. Any feedback or ideas as to how this might work in regards to my disability from other affiliate? More than anything I want to have a focus in life and something to look forward to. Any detailed advice you may have would be appreciated. Also what do folks do in regards to taxes and healthcare?

  90. Hi,
    I opened a account in WA, but its saying that “Hi Vignesh,
    Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!”. please some one help me to get free training.

    • Sure Vicky, to get the free starter account, when registering try using a different country such as U.S. for example. This works most of the time. I hope this helps.

  91. Hey Lev,
    I’m only 16 and live in the tiny island of Cyprus, so I don’t know if Wealth Affiliates would work here. I really want to kick start a fashion youtube and blog but I need advise on how to make it profitable quickly, since I want to help my parents out with some extra money. Do you think signing up with Wealth Affiliate would help? Or is it aimed at other types of websites? The way I think of it is, I could do endorsements for brands. Also, since I don’t really have much money to spare at the moment, do you think I could start making enough money through my free site to start paying for membership soon?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Elena – I appreciate you reaching out to discuss your goals. You are a definitely a perfect match for what Wealthy Affiliate offers. First off, age is not an issue, neither is where you live. In fact, I’m noticing the younger the better because you learn quicker and are already in tune with the internet and social media etc. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly how to create a free blog that earns you money and how to bring traffic to your youtube channel and your blog at the same time. Click the link above and sign up free. Then contact me inside the message system and I will walk you through the process. Start with the free membership, there is a ton of free videos and lessons to get you started. Just go for it, you will be amazed! Then you can come back here and say “You were right!” 🙂 Anyway, if you have any issues or questions feel free to reply here.

  92. Hi LEV, I am currently living in Pakistan and looking for some online work i see your website in internet and i trying to link Wealthy Affiliate program i am already registered but they never support my country as free starter they said “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member! Pakistan is a poor country there is many poor people live here like me i want to change my life style and want to give butter future for my family (wife with five children)but i can do-it because nowadays i am jobless and i never afford $47 per month why this program not work out of US? Thanks

    • Riaz I appreciate your comment and understand your frustration. I contacted support. Please try again, this time they recommend putting in a different country rather than Pakistan. This sometimes works and allows people to get access this way. Good luck with everything.

  93. It was nice reading all you comments. Too bad only the paid premium Membership is available in my country. It would be nice if the starter is available for me.

    • Thanks Daphne for your kind words. I’m glad you’re interested in WA. I will look into this further for you. Please let us know which country you reside in so that I can try to find another way. I will talk to Kyle and Carson and report back here if there is a work around.

      • Hello,
        I am from India and I would like to know is there any work-around for me to get a free membership here in India.

        • Hi there Syed. Please go ahead and use the link at the top of this review. This time when registering, use a different email address and choose another country other than India. I suggest using United Kingdom. Please let me know if this work around does not work.

  94. That was an incredible review. I was literally 60 seconds away from singing up for the A to Z scam when I decided to give a Google search real quick. I found this and decided to give WA a shot instead. Just when I was about to call it a night and crawl into bed.

    • Right on Jaye:)) I appreciate you reaching out and I’m glad the review helped get you pointed in the right direction! You’ll soon realize it was one of the best decisions you could have made. I look forward to seeing your success. Message me from inside WA if you need anything.

    • Thanks for sharing the great news Donna! I’m glad you have decided to take action and are seeing the fruits of your labor. Keep at it and you will be even more surprised at the success you will achieve in a short time. Here’s to passive income! Cheers.

      • Hey there again Paul, try choosing a different country when you sign-up. That sometimes works and allows you to make payment…it really doesn’t matter where you live, this is just a system work-around. Hope this helps get you on board!

  95. Great review, you’ve got all the key points. I’ve just recently joined wealthy affiliate and can say it’s a great place to learn and achieve and since it’s free to join I would recommend at least checking it out .

    • Hi Tejas, yeah joining is a no-brainer really. It is free to use, what more could you ask for? I’m glad you’re getting a lot out of your free membership too. I will say that WA is not for everyone, but if you have a little extra time on your hands and you use the internet a lot anyway, then go for it! Anyone, even complete newbies, can begin learning how to earn money from things they already do everyday online. Thanks for stopping in.

  96. This is a comprehensive. I am astounded by your detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Ben. I’m glad you got something out of it. If I can help just one person my mission will have been accomplished. Hope to see you back reading other reviews. Good luck to you.

  97. I couldn’t agree with you more, the scammers are ridiculous but unfortunately people get taken by them everyday. I found your site to be very helpful and informative. Keep up the good work!

    • I’m glad it was helpful and thanks for your kind words. It makes me so happy to know there are still good people out there who, even after falling for a scam, do not get discouraged. Everything happens for a reason and most of the time these experiences lead you to eventually discovering the quality programs, like the ones mentioned under “The Good” category in the header on this site, that I had the good fortune of finding – as I hope you will.

  98. Hi–I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of months ago and I would just like to say that I am going to be a member for a long, long time. After trying the free membership for a month I was so impressed at what I learned for free, I wondered what I would get with the Premium membership. I can now say from personal experience that it is worth every penny. I paid for the year (almost half the price that way) and will be renewing my membership as soon as it is due next year. WA is the best you can get. It’s like nothing else anywhere on the Internet.

    • Hey Max I totally agree with you, at first it seems too good to be true so it is understandable to just get your feet wet with starter membership. But once you’ve spent time in the community making freinds and see all the progress you’re making it is truly amazing. And everyone is genuinely helpful. I can easily say joining was one of the best decisions of my life. See you in the chat room.

  99. Lev, when I found WA I too wondered if it was a scam. I had been looking for years on and off for a way to make money online with no luck. Then right after almost falling for a scam I found WA and have been ecstatic ever since!

    • Yes James I too wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate much sooner. I feel like we could have been that much more ahead, but it’s never too late. My goal here is to hopefully help people discover WA through this website and get them where they need to be before falling for yet another scam.

      • Your honest replies to people’s questions have convinced me to have a thorough look. Thank you. Are there any affiliates (that you know of) in New Zealand?

        • Thank you for writing in, I appreciate your kind words. It’s exciting to hear that you’ve decided to dive in! And YES I do know of atleast 4 Kiwi members. Once logged-in to the community at WA, go ahead and type ‘New Zealand’ in the search bar up top. Towards the bottom of the list you’re going to see the people who’ve posted from New Zealand. You can message them directly from their profile page. Good luck to you and enjoy the life changing journey. Hope we’ll be seeing you inside:)

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