Profit Engine Review – Scam? Legit Complaints. Worth It?

UPDATE: Unfortunately Profit Engine has closed it’s doors. Our current #1 Recommendation for making online profits is through the world-class affiliate marketing training platform and community that is open for business year-round. It is free to join, so check it out…

the largest affiliate marketing community in the world

The largest affiliate marketing community in the world!


Who is Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones?
Together They Are: Profit Engine

Profit Engine Review Scam Complaints Worth It About

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Program Availability:     Pre-Launch is on June 5th, 2018   ———>   Launch Day is June 12th, 2018

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Profit Engine Review

My first bit of advice would be to get in before this program is heavily promoted by the masses and admission is closed. Early bird discounts and extra bonuses will most likely be given out to those that are among the first in the group to join.

How much does Profit Engine Cost: $2497.00


Is Profit Engine Worth It?

For those wondering is Profit Engine a scam or if it’s legit, I’ll be shedding light on the owners as well as this program. Okay, so here we go. The training lessons and over-the-shoulder-video lessons are done by none other than the top three highest earning sellers (affiliate marketers) of all-time on ClickBank. This has been verified by ClickBank themselves and this says it all. Their combined know-how of internet business & online marketing is unmatched, while the records and bar they have set are practically unbeatable. Therefore we do not anticipate any Profit Engine complaints. But I will report any that do come up.


But this good for you because they’ll be teaching you exactly how they were able to achieve their remarkable success. Once the doors open, the lessons and education will mostly be given through live video lessons. It’s kind of a novell new concept that allows for community interaction, instant feedback and answers to your question by live experts. These guys are deep in the game, well known marketing veterans, so just have the peace of mind of knowing that they are the most successful marketer to ever do it.


They are putting their money where their mouths are, so to speak, and are confident that this will be the best training that exists, period.


If you are not familiar with ClickBank, they are an affiliate program platform for vendors from all types of industries. ClickBank is host to the highest selling online digital products (mostly online marketing (Internet Business) education) on the internet. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to affiliate programs to join and have been in business for nearly 20 years. Their offerings range from dating/marriage advice, health/exercise related products, earn money online services for photographers, gamers, writers, etc.


Now, Mark Ling from Affilorama (creator of the best-selling product on ClickBank) has recruited the other top two affiliate marketers (Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones) of ClickBank products to join in and offer up their expertise and show new comers just how they reached their unimaginable success. Mark Ling and his affiliates are attributed with brining in over $100,000,000 in total online sales with all the various products they promote. The amount of technical knowledge and skill that he shares is on a whole entire level.


Mark Ling himself has been the #1 affiliate on ClickBank again throughout this year in 2018. Combine that with the best of all minds with Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones and putting their ideas together so that you can put their teachings to good use.


This is all new information that has previously not been released to the public. They will be revealing exactly how the build their passive incomes and scale them up to insane levels. The secrets regarding their business models that they’ll be revealing are priceless and timeless.


I have known these three guys for the past 3 years or so and have been following them because they are “thee” guys to keep an eye on.  This dream team that’s been put together is the epitome of success when it comes to online marketing. I’ll give you a break-down of their accomplishments now.


Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones are both two of ClickBank’s most successful affiliates of all-time since this marketplace’s existence. He has been the top affiliate marketer multiple times in a row for years upon years. One other very impressive hallmark when it comes to Gerry, is that several of his students that he’s coached have gone on to be #1 affiliates on ClickBank and have earned top prizes on multiple occasions.


Let me put it this way, eight out of ten of the best performing affiliates that promote products on ClickBank, time and again, have been Gerry Cramer’s students. How is that for accomplishments?!


What Is Profit Engine About?

This program prides itself on being one of the only ones that can literally take someone with absolutely no experience, from scratch, and have you create a super profitable passive online business selling affiliate products with no inventory.


They cover beginner topics such as, identifying profitable niches, from the ground up. Even experienced online marketers will learn something from this refresher course, on what never to forget when it comes to paid traffic.


Some of the topics covered include elements needed to create high converting landing pages, and techniques on choosing ‘proven to sell’ offers to promote. Developing ads and campaigns that will engage and generate a high click through rate is an essential course that they’re providing.


Once these all-important details are covered, it’ time for building a foundation for running low budget advertising that brings in huge amounts of traffic. You’ll be tapping into their secret sources that haven’t been disclosed before.


The key here will be hands-on testing and scaling the successfully performing ad groups in a way that you’re always staying profitable without coming out of pocket. The trick is identifying the positive return on investment campaigns that are running on auto-pilot at an extremely low level costs, and then beginning to scale up quickly to maximize profit and create a passive income at will.


Who Is This Program Really For?

It is ideal for those that are just starting out in internet marketing. It is said that they don’t have a bias and that they are open to learning without interference of prior habits. Because the material presented is using a new tried and true approach, it may be best not to bring past experiences into the mix.


The teaching pace that they are aiming for is an 8-week intensive program. There is a community that is available for 24/7 assistance and after completing the courses, the goal is to have you being able to quit your day job relatively shortly thereafter.


This is dependent mostly on the individuals learning curve and how consistently they apply themselves with regards to the tasks given. Everyone situation is different, from their drive to the motivation required to take action on what they’re being shown.


Be In With The In Crowd

Just being around the right people breeds success. There will be millionaire marketers in the community helping and promoting the program along with the teachings and providing guidance whenever you are stuck on something.


There will be different types of challenges w/ prizes to create comradery and to motivate everybody to push themselves to achieve their financial goals. You’ll be able to submit your ads and parts of your site for review by the other super affiliates in the community.


There are live Q&A webinar sessions on a weekly basis that are jam packed with actionable gems that you can’t get anywhere else. Think about it, you might see one bit of advice that’s shared or question answered that sets you up for the most profitable time of your life online.


The thing I like most is that they touch a lot on the psychological aspects, both as you the marketer and the mindset of the customer.


Is Profit Engine Legitimate & Why You Should Join

– Live Coaching Sessions during the 8 week program (fast track success with one-on-one coaching)

– Ready done-for-you landing page templates that are high-converting

– Revealing swipe files and other ad copy that have already generated millions of dollars in sales

– Be a part of the Ad Challenge and go back through the archive of past videos

– Superb support from experienced marketers and the ability interact within the community

– Once the 8-week program is over there will be continuing weekly live Q&A sessions indefinitely.


These live webinars are a goldmine and they’ve been doing them every week for years now, and with this new program of theirs they’ll be bringing their previous communities together and linking everyone forming one large helpful community. Hopefully you found this Profit Engine review useful and it will get you moving in the right direction.


So get in while you can, this truly is an elite group of marketers to be learning along side with and an honor to be a part of this movement. If you have questions or complaints, feel there is a scam, then  leave your comments int the section below.


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