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BEST SEO Keyword Competition Analysis ToolPosted: 01.29.2018 – In order to have an edge when ranking you need to have a way to check keyword competition. Make no mistake about it. Because there are a lot of other affiliates & competing sites trying to promote the same products/offers, you need to find low competition keywords and go after the ones that others are not finding.

If you’re looking for the best free keyword generator search tool for all your SEO needs and you also want to find out monthly search volume, frequency, competition analysis (spy on your competitors),  then let me introduce you to the all-in-one software that I honestly can’t live without…and try the demo below (30 free searches).

Analyze Keyword Competition

The tool such as the one I’ll be discuss below (although thereI have not found anything else like it on the market) is absolutely essential if you own a blog, a local business, if you have an ecommerce site, Shopify, etc. or are an affiliate/internet marketer.

A dream come true! Here’s why…

Jaaxy logoWith a database of hundreds of millions of keywords and keyword phrases Jaaxy is unmatched when it comes to speed and accuracy. It has the largest growing database and is the most powerful keyword research platform in the industry.


All Access to All Search Engine Data

We all know that relying on Google Adwords keyword planner tool or Bing for that matter, leaves something more to be desired, to say the least. The feedback regarding competition and estimated traffic is vague at best. The statistics they give you are not very telling and they keep it that way so that you mostly leave it up to them how the serve your ads.

Yahoo Bing Google

Jaaxy obtains & combines real time data from the Big 3 search engines!


If you’re looking for a keyword search engine tool to use for content marketing and SEO you’d never want to use Google or Bing because their results would completely mislead you as far as what you could actually rank organically for. Data is taken directly from the big three search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) which is 99% of all search traffic online.


It is imperative that you have a keyword tool that can generate accurate monthly traffic, along with competition numbers. Also, another way his tool sets itself apart from the competition is how it comes up with keywords that are unique, trending and that are mostly untouched by other marketers. Invaluable.

Keyword Tool Developed by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers

As stated above, you need a tool that is specifically made for the internet marketing community. In fact, the tool I recommend you give a try (you’ll never look for another tool again) is actually an all-in-one keyword and research platform. I’ve found keywords I had never thought of that now bring in the bulk of my traffic for some of my sites. I sometimes think: ‘where would I be if I hadn’t used Jaaxy, would I have been this successful?’.

Give it a try, TYPE IN A KEYWORD PHRASE, it’s free:)


When trying to choose which types of keyword phrases to write about and/or create ad groups for, the last thing you need is to be dealing with the incredibly time consuming manual processes involved with the decision making process.


Check out how much of a breeze this is!

Jaaxy keyword tool search results


With it’s intuitive and clean user interface, you get the most advanced platform that filters out the noise and gives you the perfect keywords with the highest traffic (search volume) and the least competition (low hanging fruit), as well as the SEO score and if the domain name is available.


SiteRank – This Feature Is Absolutely Incredible.

Jaaxy site rankingAnother jaw-dropping feature is SiteRank. It literally shows what keywords your site or your competition is ranking for. This hard to obtain information is invaluable when it comes to out ranking your competition. Use this feature to see where you are ranked and in what position on which search engine.


You’ll also have the ability to track the progress for particular keywords you want to rank for and based on your website activities if you’re steadily moving up in the rankings. You can also track your competitions rankings and compare them to yours. See if they’re moving up or down in the rankings relative to yours. And the best part is you can track these rankings historically over a period of time.


Jaaxy keyword trackingIt is also going to allow you to track your pages and posts ranking in Google Yahoo and Bing and get this, for any site it will find any and all rankings. This is a proprietary feature exclusive to Jaaxy.

With this functionality you’ll be able to monitor changes and be sent an alert when you achieve your ranking  goals.


Jaaxy historical graphYou can track your websites historical rankings while monitoring your site authority.

Jaaxy competition tracking

This the ultimate when it comes to minimizing time spent finding the ‘golden’ keywords to increase traffic to your site with relevant high converting keywords that you’re going after.


I now use this keyword tool exclusively and it has proven to be an asset that my online businesses cannot do without. If you use this tool to drive your SEO & PPC campaigns you’ll be way ahead of the other marketers and you will start to knock them out of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) landing on the top of page 1 in Google, Bing, and Yahoo simultaneously.


Jaaxy keyword management listsIt’s All in the List!

The Jaaxy keyword management system is unparalleled. This really is keyword management on steroids. It’s the easiest I’ve ever used. You can save, share, and export your lists while keeping everything super organized. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to prioritizing which keywords to go after and which ones you have already used.


The Alphabet Soup Platform

This will take any phrase or keyword that you enter into the search box and alphabetize all the variants and related search terms. So from just this single search, you’ll get hundreds of similar results that can be used and at the same time will generate ideas for future topics that you can cover when growing out the content of your site.


New Niches Uncovered

Niches that you never knew existed will be revealed when using the Brainstorm function. Whether you’re looking for a new business ideas or digging down deep within your current niche to fınd untapped phrases, Jaaxy is a monster and will leave you mesmerized. I couldn’t believe the amount of keywords I was leaving on the table that I could have easily been ranking for.


If you’re curious about a certain market niche but don’t want to perform a lot of time consuming keyword, competition, and market research Jaaxy will help you determine what websites are ranking  in the top spots in a certain niche, what SEO factors are contributing to the sites success, and if the market is over saturated and difficult to rank for. This way you can assess how to move forward and position yourself to overtake the competition or move on.


Which brings me to my next point about how to…

Jaaxy competition rankingSpy on Your Competition

To be able to knock your competition out of the top position you need to not only know what keywords they’re ranking for but why and where they’re ranking. By this I mean that with Jaaxy you’ll be able to see incredibly detailed picture of your competitions website structure (content quality/quantity, backlinks they use, if they have any ad placements, basically all of the information that your competition would never want you to have. This enhanced feature alone will give you the edge you are looking for.


Icing on the Cake

Jaaxy domain availability listAs if all this wasn’t enough…as you are searching for keywords you are going to stumble upon domain names that are available for purchase, as Jaaxy automatically lists the availability in the far right column of the search tool.


Now if you’re asking where’s the value in this, these days a good domain name can sell for hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars. By good domain, I mean if it is brandable, relevant, easy to pronounce, etc. These type of .com, .net, .org names are in short supply and in high demand. Just like real estate once you own the web property, if it meets the criteria people will want it. You can build a portfolio of valuable domain names and sell them on site like Flippa.


Affiliate Program Search Function

Automatically searches for affiliate programs relevant to your searches.

Affiliate Program Search Function

 You’ll begin to tap into new markets or grow your current business finding relevant and highly profitable affiliate programs. This search feature helps you find the most relevant offers for your niche by filtering through over 15,000 affiliate programs. Unheard of in this business!


The main reason you need this tool is that it will save you hundreds of hours in research time. This is time that you can’t get back and that could have been better served working on other aspects of your business such as creating content, promotion and setting up campaigns


Also the parent company Wealthy Affiliate offers amazing training with over the shoulder videos showing exactly how to get the most out of your Jaaxy account.


I have done a full review of the Wealthy Affiliate training and community here.


I hope this will be as much of an eye opening experience for you as it was for me.


Use the links above to get your trail of 30 free searches. And experience for yourself the sheer power at your fingertips. Then if you can, please come back after the trail and leave your feedback in the comments section below. Let us know how your experience was. Happy searching.

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