What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool? An HONEST Review

If you want to get your blog or website on the first page of the search results in Google, Bing or Yahoo (any of them for that matter), first you need to know what the Jaaxy Keyword Tool is, then you need to know what people are searching for in Google. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how many people search for a particular term or phrase per month? Well that’s not all that Jaaxy gives you. In this review I will reveal all.


what is jaaxy keyword tool reviewIt not only gives you the exact search numbers but also tells you how many other competing websites have used the searched term or phrase on their blogs or website, in essence your true competition.


As a blogger and website owner there is one thing I can’t get enough of and that is keyword research, thanks to Jaaxy. Quite simply it is my bread and butter and I couldn’t survive without it. So naturally I need the best tool around and my God is Jaaxy heaven sent. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, that’s how good it is.


It’s so fun to use Jaaxy because it always uncovers perfect gems to write articles about to get ranked high on all the search engines, not just Google. I find it interesting to see where the most interest lies on the internet. It’s almost like being an internet spy.


Beware of Other Keyword Tools!

First off, most of them provide a lot of useless “fluff” data just to make it seem like the software has a superior functionality. They try to make you believe that you’re getting access to information nobody else has. Wrong.


If you have used one of these bogus tools in the past then you know that you spend too much time trying to make sense of all of the information overload, data, and metrics. The problem I have with these types of tools is that all the extra data provided in the results has pretty much no value. It is all information that you cannot even put to good use.


What you need to look out for before buying any keyword tool…(the following indicate a low quality search tool):

  • If you have to install a program
  • If the tool gives you PPC data estimates
  • If it uses Alexa to determine competition
  • If you find yourself having to do multiple searches because it isn’t also giving you extra related popular searches
  • If you’re having to access different panels within the software to get to the results you’re looking for
  • MOST IMPORTANT: If it doesn’t give you results from ALL the different search engines


The problem with most is that they only return results from Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which you could use anyway, however this is a big ‘no no’ because Google Adwords results are biased and used to sell ads to advertisers so the data is not at all accurate for finding the true search amount values. And of course the competition figures are vague to say the least.


I don’t know about you but when I am about to sit down, research and write an article I damn sure want to know how many other search listings I am competing against and how strong those sites are before going after getting top rankings for a particular keyword. I don’t want to waste my time with futile activities.


There are a lot of scam keyword tools out there that are making money off people who don’t realize it, by providing them with completely useless data that will not help them rank their sites. Besides they are all slow as hell. Jaaxy is blazing fast!

So that being said I will get right to the point…


My #1 Solution to End All the Unnecessary NOISE out there is…

Jaaxy Enterprise. And thank goodness for Jaaxy Enterprise.

You can literally take over the first page of google by finding the low competition, high traffic keywords that are search engine ready. Just by creating some content or perhaps a video around the particular keyword you’ll be on page one in no time.


When trying to find the best keywords for my website topics, I only care about 3 things…

  1. – Is there are a lot of competition for that keyword
  2. – Does the keyword get a decent amount of traffic
  3. – If the keyword was used in a sentence would it make sense

For the first two, Jaaxy gives you the most accurate readings that I have ever seen with any keyword tool.


Easy enough? If you have this tool well then it definitely is.


Let Me Show You How It Works

So I will just pick a random niche that I have never researched before. There are thousands of uncovered niches out there that get high traffic and almost no competition and I will prove it now. You will use Jaaxy to find profitable keywords anytime you wish.


The weird niche I am choosing to go with here is: Women’s Nylons

Here’s what the columns mean…

Monthly Searches = the number of searches performed on avg. per month

Estimated Traffic = the number of clicks you could expect to get on your site if you were listed on the 1st page in the search results

QSR (Quoted Search Results) = This is your competition. This is the number of pages indexed in the search engines that contain that exact phrase in their title of their blog/website.


Only showing the fisrt 20 search results: (there were a ton more good keywords that were found)

*Generally anything with a green dot is relatively easy to rank for on the first page. I tend to use keywords that have ‘Estimated Traffic’ above 10 and a ‘QSR’ of less than 100.

womens nylons jaaxy enterprise

Look At All the Low Hanging Fruit!

There are several “low hanging fruit” (low competition, good traffic) keywords, 11 out of 20 to be exact, which I have marked in blue. We call these “low hanging fruit” keywords because they are really easy to get ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines.


All you would need to do is then create a post or page with the keywords in your title and add some quality original content (about 400 words) and maybe some images and within a week you should see your website on the first page of the search engine results page (SERPs).


Jaaxy is so incredibly efficient that I was able to uncover a handful of perfect keywords in a random niche that could be used to drive hundreds of people to my site every month – in just 1 minute, literally! Manually or using other keyword tools, doing this type of keyword research would take hours and you wouldn’t even find these awesome results!


It really is that easy. Don’t believe me? Check out this video to see it in action. (Just click on “Learn About Enterprise!” at the top of their home page)


OR BETTER YET – you can try it out for free right here!

(You get 30 free searches to find your ultimate money-making keywords)

BONUS: Find Unbelievable Domain Names!

The other major bonus with Jaaxy is that it shows you if an available domain name exists for the particular search term so you don’t have to keep on checking with Name Cheap when looking for good names. It will show you if a .com, .org, or .net is available.


These exact domain matches (EMD’s) that Jaaxy is generating in the results could easily become your new domain name as well. If you find a high traffic – low competition keyword, I would say go for it and purchase it.


The reason for this approach is that Google, for instance, still ranks domains that have an exact match keyword very high in the search results. In short, you could buy the first page ranking in Google this way.


A lot of internet marketers use this as a business model due to the low cost of investment for the potential return. For a $10 domain name you will get thousands of clicks that will lead to sales of products and services.


If you would be interested in learning how to make money once you start getting some quality traffic to your site, check out my #1 recommended community that shows you how step-by-step for FREE.


* Once you’ve tried Jaaxy please come back and let us know how you liked it, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask below. Have fun!

Reviewed by: Lev


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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful keyword tool. It’s what I’m using for my micro job site to get google page ranks and if you get good at using it and finding good keywords, you can make a lot of money by getting keywords listed in the search engines. Every body should use this tool for their business.

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