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In the Pay Per Click (PPC) world of today, whether you’re using Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google or Bing Ads, one thing that still holds true and is the secret to success with PPC, is: Relevence. So when you are creating your ads and targeting your audience, what determines a successful campaign from a dud is the fact that you are earning more than you are spending. Once you create high converting low cost (hint: the more relevant the cheaper the click) campaigns, you can then scale up your budget and increase earnings exponentially.


The method to earn money with Pay Per Click is using paid ads to drive sales is certainly not a new idea. However, with the advent of Bing Ads and Google AdWords the ability to reach a highly segmented and targeted market is now available and at your very fingertips. So in this article I will discuss the ways PPC is now being used for gaining traffic through proper marketing techniques. So read on if you’re wondering…

Earn Money with Pay Per Click the Easy Way

How-to Earn Money with Pay Per Click PPCRather than making little to no money from people clicking random ads within your site and then losing that traffic; internet and affiliate marketers, as well as companies looking for more targeted traffic, are setting up a campaigns to bring traffic to their newly created offers/pages.


This also has a positive SEO affect on their rankings within the search results because of the instant traffic that this creates. This now only takes minutes, however, doing this the right way would take some more planning than just a couple of minutes.


Advertising your business or product is now available to almost everyone who has an Internet connection. But the key aspects of setting up your Pay Per Click campaign for traffic is something that is easy to understand but can be difficult to master. There are a lot of moving parts to any PPC campaign and you should be fully aware of what those parts are before you move ahead.


* I have included a link to a video course that shows the concepts in full detail a few paragraphs down.


The First Step in Any PPC Campaign

The first part of setting up any campaign is finding your keywords to target. The proper selection of keywords is something that may take some refining over time, this is something that you will get better at doing as you get more tangible data to look at. But the most important factor is the keyword tool itself has to give you accurate search and competition numbers. I find this keyword tool to be the most reliable: Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


While most people would think that going for the most traffic available for any keyword would result in more sales the actual opposite is probably the truth. The keywords that have a small bit of traffic are probably going to be the most profitable for you in the long run. The reason why this is the case is that those who are searching for a specific item related to any product or service is looking for the right solution. If you can provide the right solution at the right time for the right people you will most certainly make a sale.

This quick course below shows you how to maximize page views, mastering the flow of relevance, the “double down” approach to PPC, the math behind this model, and scaling for successful long term campaigns.

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaign

* Click to view the Lesson on Effective Use of PPC Campaigns


Getting Down to It – The Text of the Ad Itself

The second part of the PPC campaign is obviously the text of the advertisement. The text should have some aspects of the keyword involved in order to maintain relevancy and keep the automatic scoring systems from lowering your quality score. Having a high quality score is crucial to keeping your advertising budget within normal limits.


You may find there are some software programs that can help you create these ads for you using your selected keywords. This software does help; however, what will get your prospects attention and therefore allow you to get more visitors cannot be automated. Being creative and maybe even a bit edgy can garner a lot of attention for a short amount of time.


The Importance of the Right Landing Page

The third part of any pay per click campaign is what is known as the “landing page” or the page where you end up after clicking on the advertisement. This is another crucial aspect of advertising correctly. If someone says “50% off sale” and they land on a homepage and there are no sale items seen on that homepage then clearly that could be a bit misleading. You want to make sure your advertisement and your landing page match up.


Each element of your landing page should match up with the intent and text of the advertisement. Does this mean you may have to create multiple landing pages for each keyword? That certainly is a possibility, and fortunately there are automated programs that help with the creation of these landing pages.


Putting It All Together 

You will see that the keyword, text of the advertisement, and the landing page all have to work together in concert with each other to garner the maximum result. Even the photos you use for one type of keyword may not help out with a different keyword. Testing various combinations of these keywords, text of the advertisement and the landing pages is crucial to becoming profitable.


What you may learn with any PPC campaign is the keywords and phrases that allow you to make the most money in your field. You can then use that information to target those same keywords for Search Engine Optimization to arrive at the best result for everyone.


Testing Landing Pages 

There are several ways you can test each landing page and keyword combination. The most common manner is what is known as an A/B test. The A/B test is testing the control or the “A” against any changes or the “B” landing page/keyword/ advertisement text combination. These tests are frequently performed by large ad agencies and can significantly garner a lot of information regarding your target market.


PPC advertising is becoming more and more a part of any software platform. Your mobile device may have some apps that allow PPC ads to be displayed on your behalf and as a result you may be a part of much larger ecosystem of entrepreneurs and advertisers that are out in the market.

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Hopefully this gets you going in the right direction.

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  1. The reason why this is the case is that those who are searching for a specific item related to any product or service is looking for the right solution.

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