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Updated: 08.13.2018

For those wondering how to start with affiliate marketing and you’re a beginner, it would be best to learn with a free 10-lessons course including clear concise instructions and over the shoulder videos showing the steps in detail of how to get up and running with this online business model.

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How To Start With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Okay so you’re searching on the internet for ways to make an extra income most likely? Well, it doesn’t take long before you eventually run into a system for making money online called affiliate marketing. So today I’ll be helping you understand and learn exactly…


how to start with affiliate marketingAs an internet affiliate marketer, you will have a website (blog) and/or a social media account which you will be using to promote products and/or services that you would recommend. This can be something you’ve used in the past and would like to share with others, or something you’ve learned about that you know others would be interested in.


Most affiliate marketers write product reviews, then within the copy place links, which are given by the company (affiliate program), these are then used to track the customers who click over to the product site. When your reader clicks the link from your article or review, they are then taken to a page where they can make this purchase. If they go ahead and buy, you will receive a commission. Simple as that.


Some affiliate programs pay out over %50 commissions. So this can be a very lucrative full time business if you can generate enough traffic from your website/blog. I will get into how to do this below…but first you have to decide on a specific “niche” to target.


What is a “Niche”?

We all have interests, hobbies and things that we know enough about to write a few 500 word articles about. For example, if you know how to grow the best tomatoes, this could be your “niche”. You would then build a small website focused on giving instructions on how to build a garden, how to plant the seeds, etc… and within these articles you could recommend the tools and products use used to build your garden.


Finding Affiliate Offers To Promote

There are affiliate programs for absolutely anything. Just type it in Google. First type your interest followed by a + sign, then the word affiliate program…like this: “your interest + affiliate program”. offers one of the biggest affiliate programs around. But you can sign up for any affiliate program you’d like.

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Choosing Your Direction It Starts with a Niche

VIDEO: Choosing Your Direction – It Starts with a Niche

The Foundation For Setting Up An Affiliate Marketing Business


A Website (Blog)

There really is no way around this and it’s no longer as hard as people think to set up a business; and yes, by this I mean a website. Nowadays luckily there is a platform called WordPress which allows you to build a website practically as easy as logging into your e-mail and composing a message to send. In fact, check out this article on how to create an affiliate website in 30-seconds (or click below to watch the video).

Set-up in less than a minute…now just add your content.

create a website in under 30 seconds

VIDEO: How to Create An Affiliate Website In 30 Seconds


People may try to do affiliate marketing without a website using social media, but all eventually fail because you can only get away with spamming offers for so long. Facebook and the rest frown upon this method and have begun shutting down such accounts.


The thing that most fail to realize when getting into internet marketing is that you first need to provide helpful content to people that are searching for certain answers online and these are people that share a similar interest with you, hence your “niche”. This leads me to my second foundation.


Content is King

After you have a website, the next step is to create quality original content. This is how you will be attracting traffic (visitors) to your site from their search results in Google or Yahoo. Google loves original quality content and will reward your website higher up in the search engine results. The search engines also like sites that are built with WordPress because the are Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) friendly and it easy for them to crawl and index your information.


Content can also be comments, videos and audio. Visitors and the search engines like content rich websites. This will help reader engagement and once your readers trust you, they will take heed of your recommendations.


If you are not too crazy about writing the articles or are short on time you can also order original content from writers who customize the articles to your liking. There are companies that provide these services too.


Traffic = $

This is the fun part.

Now once you have your foundations in place, you will need to get the “eye-balls” to your site. So how do we do this. This can be done a number of ways, but the most important way is through your content. The more content you write, the more chances people will have to find you in the search engines organically. This way you will not have to pay for advertising to get traffic. Other ways to promote can be through:

– selling your advertising space to other website/product owners

– affiliate product promotion

– amazon products promotion

Paid Per Click (PPC)

– Getting paid to place Google ads on your site (AdSense)

These are just a few of the ways to start earning a revenue online. For more on how to start with affiliate marketing, see below…

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We hope this has been enlightening and will help you take the next step in pursuit of this lucrative endeavor.

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