How to Start an Online Business for Free & SCAM FREE!

Right about now I bet you’re probably either sick and tired of searching for legit ways to make money online, or think its too difficult and maybe even close to calling it quits. 

Learning how to start an online business for free

Because everything you’ve tried so far has either over-promised and under-delivered, or been an outright scam…

I’m here to tell you that this endeavor can not only be scam free


how to start an online business for freeand fun, but an awesome eye-opening experience as well. Discovering all the different ways to make money online can be quite exhilarating, as you’ll see.


Maybe all you’re looking for is to earn a little extra cash, which is great but chances are you just couldn’t seem to find the “genuine” quality opportunities that are out there. I mean how could you with all the junk offers claiming they’ll make you rich popping up, trying to take advantage of you every chance they get.


Am I right? If so, please read on as I know exactly how you’re feeling. Today I am going to lay out a plan that will at the very least get you pointed in the right direction.


Getting Started

The First Lesson: Making money online is all about helping people 1st and foremost. You give people what they are searching for in the form of quality content, products and/or services. Oh and before I get into things, most importantly I want you to know that without a doubt you can most definately earn a living online by sharing  what you know and what you are interested in with people with similar interests.


help others make money onlineI mean come on, what better way to change your life for the better than by helping someone else out in the process? The best part of all is that you don’t even need a physical product of your own to make money online. If you can manage being in a positive helpful mood most of the time, you will be well on your way to securing a residual income for yourself online which will eventually be on autopilot. Now if that doesn’t lift your spirits I don’t know what will.


Here’s to a Fresh New Start…

Let’s put everything behind us, including our prejudices and get rid of the heavy baggage of doubt and all the junk you’ve accumulated along the way to finally get here. Continually on a daily basis I come across an enormous amount of pollution in the form of scam products/services out there on the web targeting honest everyday people like you and me. That is why I have made it my personal mission to prevent people, like yourself, from falling victim to online scams so you can keep your hard earned money in your pocket where it belongs.


Let me ask you this. If I told you there are unlimited ways that you can make money online and that you didn’t have to spend a dime to pursue it, you probably won’t believe me at this point. After spending a ton of money or countless hours online with no success and possibly even getting misled or scammed on top of it all, this is understandable. But I hope to restore your passion once again.


I’ll even put my own reputation on the line and go even further to say that I’ll show you how to create an online business from scratch and earn a residual income for the rest of your life. Now think big here for a minute. I know the internet can be an intimidating place but it doesn’t have to be for you anymore.


Why Don’t You Just Try Before You Buy?

In this day and age, especially in the online world, I don’t know about you but before I ever have to pay for something I’d prefer to be able to try it out first. And this is the approach I take when looking for opportunities online. In fact it’s my only requirement.


I think of it like an electronics store, where you can pick up and touch, hold and test any laptop, TV, iPhone or whatever before you decide to buy. So, on my site I only review and recommend products/services, not only that I’ve personally tried, but that are either completely free or are free to try before you ever spend a dime. So, here at I ONLY advocate products or systems that will let you get a feeling for what they are offering before you even think about giving them a penny.


Enough said. I’d like to begin talking about the whole online business success/making money online opportunites etc. and what YOU will need to achieve similar success but first let me ask you this…


What’s Preventing You From Being Successful Online?

Are you afraid of failure?
Are you afraid of success?
Are you afraid to learn and try new things?


The reason I ask is because for most people there is something holding them back, something they may be scared of or some reason why they haven’t been able to experience success yet. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mind me asking you to express your thoughts on why this could be in the comments section below. This will help the visitors to this site and I will be able to understand you more clearly and provide a better service for everyone.


Anyways, maybe any lack of success on the internet is because you were unfortunately involved in an online scam that has shaken your confidence, and if that’s true then I’m really sorry to hear that…but I am going to completely change that for you today and get you walking with your head high again. In order for you to forget your bad experience I will lead you only to ETHICAL online programs going forward. The fact of the matter is, the difference between someone who achieves online success and someone that doesn’t comes down to only a couple things.


Requirements to Building a Successful Online Business

During my years being involved with the internet world, since 1995 (quite a while back, you can read about those day on my ‘about me’ page) I have learned how to become successful online and a lot about people as well. Successful people achieve success differently, however there is a common thread amongst those that earn money online consistently.


(1)    They Aren’t Afraid to Ask For Help
The number 1 reason for people giving up this endeavor is that they get stuck at some point and hae nobody to turn to and ask for help. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless, especially after putting a lot of time & effort into your work only to see it die on the vine, so to speak. So where is the best place to get help? Here’s one.


(2)    They Own Their Own Website or Blog
Simply put, without a website success will be hard to come by. There are other ways to make money online, which I will cover, but hands down website/blog owners have the most success. If you try to avoid this step your online success will be very short lived. Like I said before, don’t be intimidated please, I beg you! Don’t let this one small detail hinder your success online. It really is not difficult to establish yourself online. There are other ways you can make money without a website which we call Internet Marketing 2.0, but by far the most successful are those that own their own web property.


The best thing about technological advancements is that creating a blog or website these days is as easy as checking your email. It literally takes less than a minute to have your own website/ blog up and running. In fact, in just a few minutes from now if you wanted you could be the proud owner of a website or blog without spending a dime. Remember I told you that we will only be taking part in things that are free to use and try; same thing when it comes to websites. This will be your springboard into running your own online business.


(3)    They Learn New Things Everyday and Put Them Into Practice
To grow as individuals and to better ourselves we need to learn new things and new ways of thinking. Without learning something, we can’t do something. This might sound cliché but like learning to ride a bike, first we are shown how, then helped get on, and so on. Training wheels help you along until you are free. The guidance from more experienced people and through training you are able to achieve almost anything.


The more you train the more naturally you begin doing things. Do you think Michael Jordan thought about every movement he made in order to score? No way, he had practiced and trained so much that his mind and body naturally led to him to succeed.


Okay, enough of the analogies. The online business community that helped me get out of my online “depression” and out of the negative mindstate I was in and into the green, literally, is called Wealthy Affiliate University. When you get this top-notch training and when practiced consistently you too will experience great success.


Get Up and Running with $0…absolutely zip, zilch, nada!

If you haven’t noticed the theme I am rolling with here is, getting started for FREE.

  • By using a little external help you can then learn the self-sustaining processes to consistently earn good money online. They teach you to fish rather than giving you the fish.
  • For lasting success I believe you will need some friendly help, a website, and training.


This is what you will get when you sign-up for FREE, yes for free…

Personal 1-on-1 Help & Support
– The ability to have access to personal help from myself (Username: Lev)
– Help from a community of 10,000+ users that are experienced in giving help
– 24 hour live chat support
– Ongoing current events and discussions on important topics for internet marketing

2 Free Websites or Blogs
– Ability to choose from thousands of templates,
– Fully functional WordPress websites with FREE hosting
– Optimized for SEO or ready for making money online

The Most Training Material You Will Ever Come Across, I Promise.
– Video Tutorials
– Classes, Courses, Lectures
– Classrooms full of current materials


All of this and far more for $0.00


Seriously I can’t even write out all the benefits you will be getting at no cost to you whatsoever. Don’t believe me, just go check it out, click the chart below. No need for a credit card. I want to make it clear that you will not find training that is this fresh and thorough anywhere and definitely not the support that is found here. Even the site owners are available everyday to answer your questions. There is also a Premium option that you might consider down the road, or not, it’s not necessary at this stage in your development.


Look below and you will see the “Starter, $0 per month” option, choose this and you will get instant access to the community and practically all the training.

how much does wealthy affiliate cost

Have fun, ask questions, use that chat and connect with real people that are there to help people just like you. They are paying it forward, you see they were once helped just like you so, know they feel it’s only right to help people back. And I’ll be right there with them


*Also I’ve done a Full Review of Wealthy Affiliate if you’d like to find out more. I’ll leave you with one last thought. It took me years to finally stumble upon such a gold mine. After checking it out I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m so sure of it that I can’t wait for you to come back to this page and leave a comment below saying, “YOU WE’RE RIGHT!” or something to that affect. Then it’d be great if you shared your experience with us.

Looking forward to it,

Written by: Lev


  1. I have to say blogging is one of the best ways to earn money from home. First you get to see if you have enough commitment to own a business with very little money out of your pocket. Blogging is one of the best scam free options.

    • It sure is Chris and blogging also has the most potential to turn a simple blog into a high income producing online business. There really is nothing to lose by getting started, only a lot to gain just by writing articles targeting people with similar interests as you. So in essence you get to share your knowledge and experience with like minded individuals and provide helpful recommendations to make their lives easier. A win win and in the process you earn an honest living.

  2. Hi Lev,
    Just finished reading your post and realized you were referring to Wealthy Affiliate. It really is a small world. I too got started with my online business using WA and I couldn’t be happier with the results. After several months I’ve been able to create a passive income and at the same time help numerous people find their path to starting their own online business.

    This is an incredible in depth article on how to start an online business for free and, as you mention, it’s scam free.

    It’s amazing how many scams there are online these days. That’s what makes it so refreshing to find a program like Wealthy Affiliate that is a true university like education for those that want to create an online job/business/secondary income/etc.

    Great read and thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Todd! I have seen your helpful posts within the community. It goes without saying that I feel as you do about Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is remarkable in there. And you have the peace of mind knowing you will never get scammed again during your pursuit to earn money online. And best of all its free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Cheers and see you in the chat room at WA.

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