How to Start an Online Business for Free & SCAM FREE!

Right about now, I bet you’re probably sick and tired of searching for ways to earn money online from home, and just want a clear step-by-step approach, without all the confusion and misinformation. If you’ve started to tell yourself, “it’s too difficult” and maybe even close to calling it quits, don’t do it. Please read on…


So, if you’re here to learn How to Start an Online Business for Free… I’m here to tell you that this endeavor can also be scam free…


how to start an online business for freeand fun, as well as an awesome eye-opening experience as well. Discovering all the different ways to make money online, especially ones that don’t require any  investment, can be quite exhilarating, as you’ll see.


Maybe all you’re looking for is to earn a little extra cash, which is great but chances are you just couldn’t seem to find the “genuine” opportunities that are out there. I mean how could you with all the junk offers claiming they’ll make you rich popping up, trying to take advantage of you every chance they get.


Am I right? I know exactly how you’re feeling. Today I’ll lay out a plan that will at the very least get you pointed in the right direction. Now when you think of an online business, you probably think you need an e-commerce site or need to sell physical products through dropshipping or an online retail marketplace. This type of online business endeavor is very risky and capital intensive and can lead to big losses. I have a better idea.


Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

With little to no risk or upfront capital, affiliate marketing is the way to go. You do not need your own product. No overhead, no inventory to purchase or manage. You will promote other people’s products and services for a commission. This business model is highly lucrative. Successful affiliate marketers are making anywhere between $10,000-$30,ooo+ a month on auto-pilot, recurring monthly, with little effort, money, and time invested.


If you are short on time, then just join my #1 recommended free community & online affiliate business training program for beginners. It’s like the Facebook for those looking to earn money online with over a million members… so don’t miss out on the chance to learn from the best. (click below for their official site)

how to start an online business for free


If everything you’ve tried so far has either over-promised and under-delivered, or been an outright scam… then what I’m about to share with you will be the ‘breath of fresh air’ you’ve been in need of.  Finding legitimate work from home and starting an affiliate marketing business online, without the headache of having your own products and inventory is the best way forward. We do not want difficult e-commerce businesses with lots of overhead and unforeseen risks.


This is the business model that Wealthy Affiliate online business community teaches (featured above), and is by far the best method to start with because it is risk free. In this Wealthy Affiliate review I go into detail of all the benefits of joining this free super helpful community and what is entailed in all the different free training courses offered.


The First Lesson

Making money online is all about helping people 1st and foremost. You give people what they are searching for in the form of quality content, recommending other people’s products and services. Oh and before I get into things, most importantly I want you to know that without a doubt you can most definitely earn a living online by sharing what you already know and what you are interested in with people that have similar interests.


help others make money onlineI mean come on, what better way to change your life for the better than by helping someone else out in the process? The best part of all is that you don’t even need a physical product of your own to make money online.


If you can manage being in a positive, helpful mood most of the time, you’ll be well on your way to securing a residual income for yourself online which will eventually be on autopilot. Now if that doesn’t lift your spirits, I don’t know what will!


Here’s to a Fresh New Start…

Let’s put everything behind us, including our prejudices and get rid of the heavy baggage of doubt and all the junk you’ve accumulated along the way to finally get here. Continually, on a daily basis I come across an enormous amount of pollution in the form of scam training products and websites out there on the web, targeting honest everyday people like you and me. That is why I have made it my personal mission to prevent people, like yourself, from falling victim to online scams so you can keep your hard earned money in your pocket where it belongs.


Let me ask you this. If I told you there are unlimited ways that you can make money online and that you didn’t have to spend a dime to pursue it, you probably wouldn’t believe me at this point. After spending a ton of money or countless hours online with no success and possibly even getting misled or scammed on top of it all, this is understandable. But I hope to restore your passion once again.


I’ll even put my own reputation on the line and go even further to say that I’ll show you how to start an affiliate marketing business for free, from scratch and earn a residual income for the rest of your life. Now think big here for a minute. I know the internet can be an intimidating place but it doesn’t have to be for you anymore.


Why Don’t You Just Try Before You Buy?

In this day and age (especially in the online world), before I ever have to pay for something (if there’s a way), I’d prefer to be able to try it out first before I buy. And this is the approach I take when looking for educational opportunities online. In fact, it’s my main requirement. Of course, not all training programs offer this, but they should at least have a very cheap trial offer of like $1. More on this below.


I think of it like an electronics store, where you can pick up and touch, hold and test any laptop, TV, iPhone or whatever before you decide to buy. So, on my site I only review and recommend products/services, not only that I’ve personally tried, but that are either free to try before you ever spend a dime, or are super cheap to test out. I ONLY advocate products or systems that will let you get a feeling for what they are offering before you even think about giving them a penny.


Enough said. I’d like to begin talking about the whole online business success/making money online opportunites etc. and what YOU will need to achieve similar success but first let me ask you this, what’s preventing you form…


Starting an Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Are you afraid of failure?
Are you afraid of success?
Are you afraid to learn and try new things?


The reason I ask is because for most people there is something holding them back, something they may be scared of or some reason why they haven’t been able to experience success yet. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mind me asking you to express your thoughts on why this could be in the comments section below. This will help the visitors to this site and I will be able to understand you more clearly and provide a better service for everyone.


Anyways, maybe any lack of success on the internet is because you were unfortunately involved in an online scam that has shaken your confidence, and if that’s true then I’m really sorry to hear that…but I am going to completely change that for you today and get you walking with your head high again.


In order for you to forget your bad experience, I will lead you only to ETHICAL online programs going forward. The fact of the matter is, the difference between someone who achieves online success and someone that doesn’t comes down to only a couple things. Please stay with me here.


Requirements to Building a Successful Online Business

During my years being involved with the internet world, since 1995 (quite a while back, you can read about those days on my ‘about me’ page) I have learned how to become successful online and a lot about people as well.


Successful people achieve success differently, however there is a common thread among those that earn money online consistently.


(1)    They Aren’t Afraid to Ask For Help

The number 1 reason for people giving up this endeavor is that they get stuck at some point and have nobody to turn to and ask for help. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless, especially after putting a lot of time & effort into your work only to see it die on the vine, so to speak. So where is the best place to get help? You need to have a community of like-minded people to ask ask advice, get ideas, anything.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best free online communities to join if you want to learn how to start an online business for free.


* Another thing I highly recommend, (actually it pretty much is a must have) is having a mentor.

To see why read: Affiliate Marketing Mentor Program + Free Online Training 

(I am also offering free affiliate marketing mentoring directly here)


(2)    They Own Their Own Website/ Blog or Social Media Accounts

Simply put, without a website or a social media page success will be hard to come by. I mean yes you can make money online without a website, but if you want to have an actual consistently earning business, then having a site is eventually needed.


There are other ways to make money online, which I will cover, but hands down website/blog owners have the most success. If you try to avoid this step your online success will be very short lived.


Like I said before, don’t be intimidated please, I beg you! Don’t let this one small detail hinder your success online. It really is not difficult to establish yourself online. There are other ways you can make money without a website which we call Internet Marketing 2.0, but by far the most successful are those that own their own web property.


Here’s a quick video that shows you how to build a website in under a minute. To create a blog or website nowadays is so simple with the ready made templates, it’s crazy.

how to build an affiliate website

Click to Watch Video on How to Build a Website in 30 Seconds


To publish content online (in other words, to create a blog or website), share an article, pictures, adding links, is as easy as sending an email. So don’t, I repeat DO NOT let this step scare you off! It literally takes less than a minute to have your own website/ blog up and running. In fact, in just a few minutes from now if you wanted you could be the proud owner of a website or blog without spending a dime.  You need some kind of web presence.


Remember I told you that we will only be taking part in things that are free to use and try; same thing when it comes to websites. This will be your springboard into running your own online business.


(3)    They Learn New Things Everyday and Put Them Into Practice

To grow as individuals and to better ourselves we need to learn new things and new ways of thinking. Without learning something, we can’t do something. This might sound cliché but like learning to ride a bike, first we are shown how, then helped get on, and so on. Training wheels help you along until you are free. The guidance from more experienced people and through training you are able to achieve almost anything.


The more you train the more naturally you begin doing things. Do you think Michael Jordan thought about every movement he made in order to score? No way, he had practiced and trained so much that his mind and body naturally led him to succeed. Okay, enough of the analogies.


Here is my gift to you for reading this far:

This is my top recommended free online training site and the online business community that helped me get out of my online “depression” and out of the negative mind-state I was in. When you get this top-notch training and when practiced consistently you too will experience great success.


Get Up and Running with Wealthy Affiliate for $0…absolutely zip, zilch!

If you haven’t noticed the theme I am rolling with here is, getting started for FREE.


  • By using a little external help you can then learn the self-sustaining processes to consistently earn good money online. They teach you to fish rather than giving you the fish.
  • For lasting success I believe you will need some friendly help, a website, and training.


This is what you will get when you sign-up for FREE, yes for free…

Personal 1-on-1 Help & Support
– The ability to have access to personal help from myself (Username: Lev)
– Help from a community of 10,000+ users that are experienced in giving help
– 24 hour live chat support
– Ongoing current events and discussions on important topics for internet marketing


2 Free Websites or Blogs
– Ability to choose from thousands of templates,
– Fully functional WordPress websites with FREE hosting
– Optimized for SEO or ready for making money online


The Most Training Material You Will Ever Come Across, I Promise.
– Video Tutorials
– Classes, Courses, Lectures
– Classrooms full of current materials


All of this and far more for $0.00


Seriously, I can’t even write out all the benefits you will be getting at no cost to you whatsoever. Don’t believe me, just go check it out, click the chart below. I want to make it clear that you will not find training that is this fresh and thorough anywhere on the net and definitely not the 24/7 support that is found here. Even the site owners are available everyday to answer your questions. There is also a Premium option that you might consider down the road, or not; it’s not necessary at this stage in your development.


Look below and you’ll see why Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. The “Starter, $0 per month” option is what you’re looking for, choose this and you will get instant access to the community and practically all the training for free. You’ll thank me later…

how much does wealthy affiliate cost

Just have some fun and when you get in there, ask the community questions about the legit ways to make money online and just see all the answers you’ll get. Use that chat and connect with real people that are there to help people just like you. They are paying it forward, you see they were once helped just like you so, know they feel it’s only right to help people back. And I’ll be right there with them teaching you the best ways to earn money online.


*I’ve also done a Wealthy Affiliate Review here if you’d like to read more. I’ll leave you with one last thought. While looking for legitimate work from home jobs, it took me years to finally stumble upon such a gold mine. After checking it out I’m sure you’ll agree that it shows you everything you need to know to start an affiliate marketing business for free.


I’m so sure of it that I can’t wait for you to come back to this page and leave a comment below saying, “YOU WERE RIGHT!” or something to that affect. Then it’d be great if you shared your experience with us.


  1. Hello Lev,

    Thanks so much for a great article. There are so many sharks and scams out there that can catch one unawares and your article has truly hit the nail on the head. I still find it hard to believe that people in today’s educated society, still believe that they can become wealthy with little to no effort. 

    The way you have described Wealthy Affiliate and the support of like minded people is definitely a safe environment for people to learn the art of online business without the major risks of scams and sharks taking all of their money before they have even started. 

    Thanks again.


    • Exactly Richard. Anything ever worth pursuing takes hard work. I mean you wouldn’t choose a career and expect not to get training or for it not to take some time to gain experience. Some catch on quicker than others, I guess this depends on how much time you put in and your technical understanding of how marketing on the online world works. It’s like 5 years later and I still feel WA is the best place to get the education and all the tools needed to create a full time income online. It really is about joining a group of fellow online marketers that are doing the work and can show you the ropes. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Wealthy affiliate is the real deal if you are serious in building a successful online business. The training they have are excellent, they have lot of courses that will benefit your business tremendously and lastly the community at WA is just awesome. Everyone at WA is just rooting for you to succeed and if you need help people are willing to give you a hand. For me I will strongly encourage people sign up the free account and see it for yourself.  

  3. I myself fell prey to a borderline scam program. I say borderline because I think that it offered a lot of quality information, but it led you to believe it would only cost $99 but once you paid it furiously upselled you, trying to get you to pay $15,000. I couldn’t believe it! Luckily I got my money back.

    I’ve since stated wealthy affiliate and it has serially been a breath of fresh air. No pressure, no upsells. Just quality training, answers to questions and community. I second your recommendation!

  4. This is just the thing I was looking for. A program that includes just about everything to get started.

    As a single mother of a 2-year old boy, I’m looking for ways to be able to be more at home so I can take care of my son. A lot of programs don’t have everything, like training, hosting, a keyword tool,… and you end up spending more money than needed.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. The one thing that really stands out about this opportunity is the amount of help that seems to be on offer there. You suggested it’s like a Facebook for people who want to earn online – I can imagine that is quite a helpful community to learn in?

    How hard would you say the education is like there?

  6. It’s a shame that there are so many scams online today.
    You don’t know who to trust and who not to.
    But when your gut finally gets it right and tells you to go with a winner, you’ll know.
    My gut told me Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve never seen so much support and training to get to you where you want to be.
    It’s all about learning and being passionate and patient about your niche.
    This is one you never want to pass up. You’ll regret it if you do.

    • Rob hello & thanks for dropping by and sharing your insights with everybody here! What you expressed are my exact feelings as well. I have found WA to be a safe haven for learning the ins and outs of creating an online business. Being a part of the community there has literally changed my life. Everyone is super helpful and motivating. The best part is you never feel alone in the journey to earn a living online. Ambassador members are always online available to help out.

      In fact, I feel a sense of obligation to share Wealthy Affiliate with everyone I know, friends, family, especially visitors to this site, because I know it is exactly what they are looking for. A breathe of fresh clean air among all the dirty scammy programs out there. I totally agree, no one should pass up on seeing the members area and going through the step-by-step video lessons- plus the fact that it is FREE is absolutely mind blowing. 

      I will do everyone reading this comment a favor; anyone who clicks to WA using a link above will get free access (and you’ll be automatically connected to me). Then once signed in -> Search for ‘Lev’ in the search bar. Find me and message me on my profile page and I will personally mentor you. Easy as that. Hopefully, people will take me up on my offer:!) This should help get you started, no excuses anymore, see you inside…

  7. Hi Lev,
    Am a member of Wa but in Kenya. I registered but the free startup is not available despite my country not being in the blacklist. Advise as I have been scammed once. Also is d9 clubs a scam or legit?

    • Hey there Harrison. I will send an inquiry on your behalf to the support staff at WA. Once they activate your account I will then email you with your login details. I have not heard of the company you mention but will look into it. Let’s try to get you into Wealthy Affiliate first (top recommended program), as it is the only training you’ll need. Be in touch…

    • Hi Harrison, I understand your concern. Kenya is actually on the updated list. See below. If you reside there you aren’t allowed to sign-up for the free membership due to fraud and spam attacks coming from these countries.

      Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam

      Unfortunately, the only way to know if it is an actual person signing up is if you join WA as a premium member directly. If you are really serious about learning from WA I think you should join as a premium member, it is totally worth it.

  8. By reading all this I was so convinced to join wealthy affiliate. But Standard package is not available for indian users. So do you know any other sites that are similar to wealthy affiliate.

  9. It’s such a shame that so many people still get scammed into buying worthless money making products. I’ve been in their shoes when I was first starting out.

    So it’s refreshing to find an honest review of a legitimate training program that can actually help anyone who wants to start in this business.

    I highly recommend WA to your readers, the training is second to none and doesn’t hold anything back, Not to mention the tools that are provided to give someone that edge.

    The information you provide here is golden and will help people to make an informed decision.

    • Andrew you are so right. I appreciate you sharing your experience and that you can identify with the problem of finding legit training online.

      If I can help even one person avoid the scams, I have succeeded in my goal with this site.

      Thanks for your encouraging words to the readers here and giving your endorsement as well. Every positive comment helps & means a great deal.

      Take care and I hope to connect in the WA community, perhaps via live chat.

  10. Wealthy affiliate is a wonderful place for anyone who wants ti start and online business and what makes this community so awesome is that you can start for free no money down. The community is great, the tools are awesome and the community is there to help you all of the way. Many people are now living the dream. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community that is making a big difference in the live of so many people.

  11. I think the biggest most important thing of all when you want to acheive something is to have faith and to be persistent, keep on working and never give up. I think this is what has stopped me in the passed. I lost faith because I did not see results and therefore I quit before starting to make money.
    Do you have any method or any tips on how to keep motivated and keep on working even when you don’t see results?? I would be really happy for any tips.
    Thanks for a great post.

    • You are right Jojo, thanks for sharing with us. I have been there too. It was a while before I saw my first earnings roll in. It’s not necessarily how long you work on your online business, as much as it is about consistently working. Little by little, consistency is key. I have given some tips to stay motivated in this blog post I did recently, you can check it out here:

      I hope this helps put it into perspective for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. Stay persistent!

  12. Hello Lev
    Thanks for your tips on starting an online business at no cost.Many people are interested in getting started online but most think it`s too expensive to get started and make money.
    I think the greatest hurdle most would be online marketers face is the lack of support, you get started but soon there are these pieces that do not go together and you have no one to ask.At this time,some people just decide to give up.
    That`s why I like places like Wealthy Affiliate, you can join and learn all for free without paying a cent.Not only that they help you build your business and you have people supporting you make your website a success.
    Although I must say somewhere along the way, if someone is serious about making money online, they will have to invest, things like your own domain are a must have if you want to take your online business to the next level.
    Very informative post,thanks for sharing.

    • No problenm Roamy. Glad to help. I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Thank you. I can’t add much more to that.

      A reliable support system is crucial to anybodys success. The key to starting a successful online business for me was the motivational support of the Wealthy Affiliate community. It kept me from quitting. Anytime I was stuck or needed advice, I just posted the question and a bunch of people answered almost immediately. Hundreds of experienced Ambassador members are always there in the chat room to help too. Kyle and Carson, the owners, also answer questions and you can even message them directly. It really gives me peace of mind knowing I’m never on my own.

      Like you said, the best part is its free. So there is no excuses; you have everything you need at WA to get an internet business up & running. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with everyone. Take care.

  13. Hi Lev!

    These days, a lot of people are struggling with getting online businesses started up, so it’s awesome that your article is giving folks some direction.

    I really appreciate the essential requirements for succeeding on the internet with a business, and I can certainly see how the right training, support, and also building a wesbite comes into play.

    Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate would be amazing, especially considering, it’s free to get started with and the community has so much to offer any newbie or experienced online marketer.

    I will check out your review on Wealthy Affiliate for sure!


    • Hey Neil, thanks for reaching out and for the kind words!

      I agree that it’s not easy to get started, but when broken down into bite sized steps that people from all walks of life can follow, nothing comes close to the simple training video lessons at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I truly do hope you take the time to head over and read my review on WA and also try their free membership. You’ll see exactly what I mean the second you join the community.

      I hope to see you inside. We support & keep eachother motivated, which is priceless when starting out on this online money making journey.
      Take care.

    • I say go for it Neil! If I hadn’t started you wouldn’t be reading this now. It really isn’t as difficult as it might seem to get up and running with your own online business. The WA training makes it super easy with videos showing the exact steps, you literally build your business as you’re watching the lessons.

      I’m glad I could get you pointed in the right direction. I show most of what you’ll be getting in my review, but there’s so much more it’s hard to list all the features. Just get in there and you’ll see what I mean. The community is the best part. We all keep eachother motivated and are there to help each member every step of the way. Once inside the free members area type ‘Lev’ in the search bar and connect with me. You’ll have direct access to me and I’ll be glad to help you along. See you there.

    • Anita, I’m glad you got something out of this. I enjoy getting feedback like yours and I look forward to hearing back from you after joining. I’m sure all our readers will find it very valuable. Thank you for your comment.

  14. I have to say blogging is one of the best ways to earn money from home. First you get to see if you have enough commitment to own a business with very little money out of your pocket. Blogging is one of the best scam free options.

    • It sure is Chris and blogging also has the most potential to turn a simple blog into a high income producing online business. There really is nothing to lose by getting started, only a lot to gain just by writing articles targeting people with similar interests as you. So in essence you get to share your knowledge and experience with like minded individuals and provide helpful recommendations to make their lives easier. A win win and in the process you earn an honest living.

  15. Hi Lev,
    Just finished reading your post and realized you were referring to Wealthy Affiliate. It really is a small world. I too got started with my online business using WA and I couldn’t be happier with the results. After several months I’ve been able to create a passive income and at the same time help numerous people find their path to starting their own online business.

    This is an incredible in depth article on how to start an online business for free and, as you mention, it’s scam free.

    It’s amazing how many scams there are online these days. That’s what makes it so refreshing to find a program like Wealthy Affiliate that is a true university like education for those that want to create an online job/business/secondary income/etc.

    Great read and thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Todd! I have seen your helpful posts within the community. It goes without saying that I feel as you do about Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is remarkable in there. And you have the peace of mind knowing you will never get scammed again during your pursuit to earn money online. And best of all its free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Cheers and see you in the chat room at WA.

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