Building Free Website to Start Affiliate Marketing Business + Best Training Course

Building Free Website to Start Affiliate Marketing BusinessPerhaps you’ve been searching online for ways to make some extra cash and eventually stumbled upon a system for making money that’s called affiliate marketing.


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Okay, now let’s explore how to…

Earn an Extra Income with Affiliate Marketing

In order to start an affiliate marketing business this business model is a way for companies to spread their advertising budgets out and to allow for those who understand affiliate marketing to earn good money as well in return for promoting a certain product or service.


How to make money from affiliate marketing programs are based on having a custom link given to the site owner to place within their content or as a banner ad. When this link is clicked on by a site visitor and results in a sale, then the partner company pays a percentage of the sales price to the site or blog responsible for referring the sale. This is pure 100% commission sales that you will earn without even owning or producing your own product.


The reason why many companies see this as a benefit to them, is they can outsource their advertising to people who are more experienced and understand how to maximize their advertising dollars (the affiliate marketers).


The most efficient way for any business to advertise, is by allowing other online entrepreneurs to do it for them, because they’re able to reach the exact target audience with their niche specific website/blog and social followings. This is by far the most cost effective and most efficient way many large corporations have discovered to make money on the products and services they sell to their customers. Even


Multiple Sources for Finding Affiliate Offers

Resources for locating and signing up for affiliate offers can easily be found with a Google search. For example, ‘your topic of interest + affiliate programs’. The number of partnering companies that offer these affiliate programs are in the thousands.


The first affiliate program that most marketers choose to join is ClickBank. The reason is the offers on their site which you’re able to promote, bring in about 50-75% commission based on the product. That is much better than the dismal 5-10% that Amazon Associates pays out.


Many people who are searching online are looking to acquire new information or learn something. Clickbank is a  common marketplace for training material, eBooks and other software and/or membership websites, access to training communities, etc. So if you can put a vendor offer from ClickBank in front of a reader that is reading a relevant post on your blog, chances are when they click the affiliate link, it will result in a sale for you, the affiliate marketer.


The reason why ClickBank is so popular among beginners in affiliate marketing is that there are numerous courses that teach you how to market the products and services sold on their website.


One such course (below) that I highly recommend without a doubt is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a diamond in the rough. The top rated course for promoting affiliate marketing products with ClickBank. If you want to get started right away then this is for you.


But finding other affiliate marketplace websites is fairly easy. Just do a search for something called CPA offers and you will get a plethora of websites devoted to offers that you can put on your website to make some extra money quickly. While you are also searching for these websites you will probably run into several other tutorial websites by “gurus” who teach how this is supposed to work.


**Do not get conned. Stick to my recommendation above. Who you decide to believe on the internet is really up to you, but to be honest I only recommend tried and true programs, so you can rest assured your time is well spent.


Building Affiliate Marketing Website or Blog

However, all of this is pretty meaningless if you don’t have a blog/website to display these offers. As you apply for any CPA marketplace you will be asked how you’ll  be promoting these offers and many of the affiliate managers will probably want to see your site.


Now, setting a website today is fairly easy if you happen to have even the slightest technical aptitude. Many people use a content management platform that is very popular today by the name of WordPress. It’s almost as easy to use as sending emails. This is the easiest way to start and it also happens to be how I got my start. By the way, this site also runs on WordPress.


It turns out many of the website hosting companies have turnkey scripts that can easily install WordPress to your hosting account by just a click of a button. Anyone with some basic computer knowledge should be able to set up a blog/WordPress website, within a couple hours at the maximum. The tutorial below shows perfectly how easy it is to set up a WordPress website for affiliate marketing.


Here’s how to set up an affiliate website in less than a minute…

How to Create an Affiliate Website

Click Above to Watch Video – How to Create an Affiliate Website in Under 30 Seconds


There are numerous places to obtain content for your blog, you could write it yourself, you could hire someone to do this for you for a nominal fee, or you could go all out and hire a dedicated writer for your website. This is really all up to you and your personal budget. The most likely scenario is that you’ll probably outsource this content by using a website that is devoted to create unique articles surrounding your desired topics. It’s important that your writing is original, any duplicate content is frowned upon search engine like Google, and will have a negative impact on your rankings.


A quick Google search for “unique content for my website” will generate at least five or six places where you can order articles for your website.


The Importance of Unique Content

Google loves content that is unique. What this means is that Google loves content that is relevant to the topic and also hasn’t been just copied from another website. Duplicate content is something that will result in a penalty for your website and that will hurt in ranking for the top spots in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for keywords in your article.


The reason why this is important is because if you wish to succeed as an affiliate marketer you must understand how the search engines work and what makes them more likely to rank your website over the rest of the competition. By building a free affiliate marketing website you will be in a better position to dominate the search engines and also make a nice profit as a result, because you’ll be able to recommend products to visitors of your site.



This has only been an introduction to affiliate marketing and not an exhaustive course on the subject. If you’d like to learn more on how to get started in affiliate please read the review I’ve done on:

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