How Can You Make Money From Blogging – The Easy Way

You might be surprised how it’s done. It really is pretty easy once you learn the right techniques. Some years ago I wondered how the bloggers were doing it. I mean they couldn’t just be writing a blog for fun…right? Well, I found out they were making a lot of money actually. That’s when I decided to get into blogging too. So to answer your question,  how can you make money from blogging


how can you make money from bloggingI’ll be helping you by giving a quick little summary on how it’s done. Then show you the free resource that made it all possible for me. It really is not as hard as one may think or else I for one probably wouldn’t be here writing this today.


You probably found this article through a search engine and I learned the skills to be on the 1st page of Google with the resource I’ll be showing you here.


You are way ahead of the game before even starting if you like to write and share your passions. I mean what is better than getting paid for doing what you love? Plus you get to help your readers out in the process. It really is a win, win.


The way to look at this endeavor is more like a side business rather than making some quick cash here and there.


The way that most bloggers and internet marketers are making money online is by promoting products and services. This is done by joining an affiliate program and becoming an affiliate of a retailer that sells products/services. Affiliate programs are offered by bigger established companies such as


You Don’t Sell…You Only Recommend

What’s awesome is you don’t even need to have your own product or offer any service. There is an affiliate program for everything and anything you’re interested in. Just type “(your interest) + affiliate program” in Google and you will be amazed how many you’ll find.

process of making money online



So What Is It Exactly That We Do?

Okay. As an example let’s say you’re interest or hobby (something you know enough about to write a few articles on) is baseball. While you are writing about something baseball related, you would give a recommendation on a product you’ve tried perhaps a baseball glove or cleats.


The sporting goods affiliate program will have given you a link to put within this article to show people where they can by the glove or shoes you mentioned. Once your reader clicks on the link and they end up buying what you recommend you will get paid a commission.


Depending on the affiliate program and the niche, you may earn anywhere between 3-5% all the way up to 50-75% in some cases.


So basically within your articles (or blog posts), you will recommend certain products to people and when they purchase you get a commission. Like I said some commissions can be in the hundreds of dollars per sale.


But I’ll get into that in a bit. Obviously, there is a step by step process you’ll want to follow, which I’m recommending my top free resources for you at the bottom of this article.


Helping People Builds Trust

Well, it all starts with helping people find what they are looking for online. This is usually information or a product. You need to put yourself in the mindset of helping people first. Ask yourself, “What will they type in Google to find what they are looking for”. The phrases that people type in Google or Yahoo are called keywords. Try using my favorite keyword tool (it’s free) to find out what the popular searches are and how many people are actually typing that particular phrase into Google/Bing/Yahoo per month.


If a good amount of people are typing certain keywords in, then you would consider writing a blog post with that certain phrase in the title section. You would then write in a way that helps give your reader the answers they were looking for regarding that topic.


Pick a Topic For Your Blog That You Enjoy

If you are not good at writing or you do not have the time this can be outsourced as well. But I think you can write 500 words about your given interest with no problems. It is important you choose a niche that you enjoy and won’t easily get sick of writing about.


We all have something, at least one thing, we are good at or know a lot about, this could be a hobby or a past job we did. Basically the knowledge that you have about a certain topic or ‘niche’, as we like to call it, can be your starting point for finding what it is that you will help people with.


Let’s say you are into fishing. And you know a whole lot about this subject. You know you could explain the ins and outs about fishing, even just one aspect is enough to help someone out. Say after using doing your research, you find that the keyword “best fishing line for bass” gets 128 searches per month.


Then you look for a certain product or service related to what you are trying to inform them about. For this example you’d type in something like “fishing rods + affiliate program”. Or has an affiliate program and you can link to them to the product you would recommend. Yes, I said link, which means you need to have a blog or site to use your affiliate link for your reader to click on. That is how you will get paid the commissions.


For starters, watch this video on: “How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained”

the basic process of earning money online

Now I know what you’re thinking right about now…”There’s no way I’m learning how to build a website!” I hear you; I thought the same thing. They have free ready-made websites (blogs) and templates using the simple WordPress platform. Trust me these are practically ready to go. You just need to fill them in with some content. It literally is just as easy, and is kind of like, writing an e-mail and attaching some pictures.


Here’s another video showing just how easy it is to create your very own blog.

“How to Make a Free Website (Blog) in Under 30 Seconds”

create a website in under 30 seconds

Multiple Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging

Since I cannot cover them all here, head over to the best free online business training community and social platform to take the free training courses there, they do a much better job explaining all the different ways to earn a living from blogging.


They have absolutely everything you’ll ever need to create online income generating blog. It is a one-stop shop, literally. They have full in-depth lessons and successful veteran members also teach you the exact steps with over-the-shoulder training videos. This is the place where I started out learning as well.


It is like a big family over there (kind of like the Facebook for bloggers and online marketers), so it is a very social atmosphere. Everyone is helping each other, “liking” each other’s comments questions/answers, private messaging, chat, posting new ideas etc. But the main focus is their top notch training. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful and easy to follow the courses and live video training sessions really are. Not to mention, you get unlimited hosting and blog templates all for free just for joining. So, hopefully this was helpful in answering your question, how can you make money from blogging.


There Are No Excuses…

You have nothing to lose. Just join with the link above, create your profile and introduce yourself. Meet like minded people in the community who were once where you are now. They will show you the ropes and are amazingly generous with their time because they remember what it felt like in the beginning. Start off watching some of the video lessons. Remember to connect and follow people. You can ask anything at anytime 24/7 in the live chat area. See you in there…


  1. hello mr. lev trying to creat an account with your website when i finally filled up all the necessary information needed then when i click continue, it will tell me ant creat your account at the momement because your country is not supported.

    • The free memberships for certain countries aren’t allowed because of constant fraud and spamming that unfortunately comes from these countries.

      You can of course join if you are from the following countries; Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nigeria.

      However, you have to commit yourself to a Premium membership.

  2. Hi Lev,

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have been online for about 10 years. I can attest that WA is one of the best platforms for learning how to earn money from blogging.

    It is also one of the least expensive and with the free starter program, there is no reason for folks not to try it.

    It does require effort though. I am now two months into building my blog. I have never made money online. How soon may I expect to receive steady traffic and make some sales?

    Also, most of my posts are ranking between 50 and 100 in the search engines. How long will it take for them to move up to page one of Google?

    Thanks for the informative post. I look forward to reading some more.


    • Wow, great of you to stop by Devan. It’s great hearing from a newer member, as I’m sure those who read the article are interested in a beginners perspective after joining WA. As with anything worthwhile it does take work and time to learn and set-up your online business. Just like any other real business, you have to have the mindset to treat it like one and stay the course. 

      I remember when starting out, a lot of my time was spent going over the lessons a second and third time. It depends on the amount of time you can set aside to work on your business. To be honest, if you are consistently working on it and going through the course work, I would say you should start seeing traffic after the 3-4 month mark. Things really start picking up after about 6-9 months. So even though it might seem like you are not getting results just yet, you will see the fruits of your labor. It’s all about sticking with it and getting past this initial wall (learning curve). As you start ranking for more and more keywords and adding/sharing content they will all move up in the rankings quickly. It also takes a little time for Google to recognize you. So be patient because once the flood gates open you’ll be glad you waited out the storm.

      I think you also nailed it on the head when you mentioned it’s free and that there’s no reason not to join. It’s not for everyone, but trying it out to see if it is for you can’t hurt and for those who are willing to put in the time…well, they’ll be rewarded handsomely.

  3. Yes, Readers, No excuses, I was once just where you are right now, thinking “Can I do that”, “Can I really make some money online?” “With blogging?”, and as you just thought: “What do I have to write about?” I thought that too.

    Don’t worry, I am now one of the veteran members of Wealthy Affiliate, and helping newbies, like I was helped 4 years ago, to build their appearances online on a website.

    Once you are in, you can look me up under “Loes”
    Lev and I are already friends 🙂 So, you’ll have 2 friends all ready to help you. Take a tour around our premises! You’ll be amazed 🙂

    See you later, Loes

    • Thank you so much for sharing your insight with everybody Loes! Good to see you here:)

      I’ve made it my personal mission also to show as many people as possible that they too can make a great living with affiliate marketing through blogging. I’m currently offering free mentoring, so find me, like Loes said,  message me on my profile page here, and we can take it from there.

      No excuses people! And there’s definitely no reason you should be alone on your journey to starting an online business. Take our advice and take us up on our offers and you won’t regret it. It’s free to join the community as well. So, see you on the inside…

  4. Yes, it’s not that difficult to make money blogging when you actually put in some time to learn about it. When it comes to blogging, most people probably fear of building websites or something like that. I know I was scared of that! Little did I know that you can launch your website as easy as pushing a button… Of course, succeeding at blogging is a whole different thing. It does require a lot of time and dedication, but it’s all worth it in the end!

    • Exactly Rich, thanks for that valuable comment. It’s easy to make money from blogging once you learn a few of the steps to monetize your blog. Technology today and WordPress sites specifically are so easy to run, like you said. “As easy as pushing a button.” You might need to see it in action to believe it. Check out this video on how to create a website in under a minute (scroll to the bottom of the article) using the free ultra slick SiteRubix platform.

      Like Rich said, it does take some time and effort, but if you treat blogging seriously like a real business and consistently add blog posts you stand to make a large income with less and less effort over time, this is what we call a passive income. This is the program that helped me create multiple online passive income streams and is my top recommended free online training community: Wealthy Affiliate Review

  5. Hey lev,

    Great post, indicates such a different view of things as I had before, it has surely taught me a lot in terms of how to make money using a blog, I have been trying this for some time now but to no avail, I actually have began my news blog which is how I landed on your post trying to know how I can make money with it.
    So thanks once again.

    • Dave, I appreciate you spending the time to comment here and i’m also glad you got some use out of it. If you narrow down the news blog to certain types of news only and can then tie in affiliate offers related to that niche using various affiliate marketing programs/vendors, your commissions can be as high as 50%, sometimes more, depending on the offer. If you’re able to generate enough traffic eventually, over around 10k visitors per month in a specialized type of news, you can then begin also selling banner space directly on your site as secondary income stream. Wishing much continued success.

  6. Hello Lev! My brother and I are looking for a way to make money online. We tried a lot of things and we ended up not earning money with it and some of them are scams. We’re becoming more strict when trying new things online. I read your guide about on how to make money from blogging and it got my interest. I’ve been wanting to do this but I don’t know where and start. Your article is full of information and it surely helped me. I will try to share this to my brother and we will try to join wealthy affiliate to help us.

    • That’s great to hear John! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad the article got you taking some action. If you do end up joining for free please search for my profile page under my name ‘Lev’ and contact me there.

      I can mentor you guys and help get you started. Trust me, once you are part of the world-class community at WA you will no longer need to search for any other information about making money online, ever.

      Their SiteBuilder platform is one of the most robust blogging platforms in the entire industry, it uses WordPress and they offer free themes, domains, and hosting too. Most of their video training is geared around earning an income from blogging. Try it out, you have nothing to loose. Hope to see ya inside…

  7. Hi Lev,
    I really enjoyed reading your article on how can you make money from blogging. It is easy with the right guidance and education. I too used the Wealthy Affiliate educational program you mentioned in this article. And I can fully attest to the quality of training, the ease of step by step instructions and the success of the program. I’m finally making a consistent passive income with my blog and I owe my thanks to WA.

    Great article and and a great resource for those that want to learn to earn from blogging.


    • Todd again thanks for attesting to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is the highest quality education for learning how to make money from blogging. My aim here is to help everybody else visit WA so they too can see how easy it really is to start earning an income from their blog.

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